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Written by tevensso on October 13, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Like The Daily Roxette reported a while ago, due to technical issues the album has been delayed for one week; the new release date is November 23.

  However, the first single will be - in good old Gessle-fashion - a double a-side featuring the tracks “C’mon” and “Jo-Anna Says.” Per comments to TDR that it has been hard to find a single as the album goes in so many directions, and that he didn’t want one this time. The album has to date not been fully mixed and mastered.

  The release date is November 9 with a radio date of November 7.

  On a sidenote TDR would like to point out to anyone that hasn’t already noted - the official Son Of A Plumber and Gessle sites have cracked the door open with the forum so far. More to follow we’ve been promised.

  And yes, the album is a double… but priced as a single album.

  Per says to Aftonbladet “This is the most beautiful and important album I’ve ever done.” He has recorded around 24 songs, but some of them are shorter than a minute long. He describes the album as original. “And weird, many people will probably think it’s weird. It’s sort of a homage to the music I grew up with 1968-1972.”


Good good. Looking forward to November :-) All the best, Rich ;-)


Point out that the album is going to be DOUBLE.

We already did, in the previous article. Doesn’t anybody ever read what we write? :)

Clearly I’m not the only one that missed that bit of info...!!

Twice the fun we expected :)

OK, I admit it wasn’t 100% clear, but still:

Per & Company have recorded no less than 26 songs, and when this reporter asks for a double album Per seems intrigued, especially if there’s a vinyl edition. “Vinyl? Great idea! A double vinyl album? Son Of A Plumber’s white album! Ha ha!”

Yeah Thomas, but due to the limited space on a 12”, I thought they’d split the album like with tourism etc. My mistake... but a pleasant one I might add!!

Sounds fine! :-) A little bit strange that there’s only 2 days between airplay and release date...

Aha? Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! :-D

a double a - side ... c’mon, I want to listen to it now!

I want a double double CD...I’s it called when you have DVD on one side and CD on the other?? C’mon guys give us some funny scenes from Skåne again! :D

CRIZ u mean a double-sided cd... mmm interesting!!

You mean a “DualDisc.”

There we go - DualDisk! (had a blond mo’!)

YES..THANX!! DUAL DISC..I just forgot the name...
Hm..had a stressful day brain needs a rest.

PER...we want a DUAL DISC...OKAY! :D ??? Be nice..

I’ll admit, I completely missed the double album thing, too... I thought Per had revealed that he recorded 26 songs and Thomas was trying to coax him into giving us a double album! Re-reading it now, I can see it always was a double album, but Thomas was trying to get us a double 12” record set... that would be awesome, but since it was news to me... YAY!! A DOUBLE ALBUM!!! (-:

And the title “C’mon” is very Roxettish, I’m hoping for something unabashedly poppy and fun, with Marie duetting (-:

...and a biathlon season starts on November 23 in Ostersund... What a nice day!

where is the sleeve?? i can’t wait any longer :)

Jipeeeeeeeeee, really awesome!
And what’s one week of waiting in thought of, that the album could have been released not before winter or even spring...!?

Lots of success for the finish of the album, Per, you’ll make it even better, I guess :-).


I can´t wait for this album! I am so excited:):)

a double album??? what???!!! I never thought it would be possible! PER IS THE BEST!!!! I cant wait for this :D

I´m guessing there´ll be no videos :-(


Double album!! Really really amazing

“Jo-Anna Says?”

I thought Per said “farväl” to ol’ Jo-Anna...
maybe they made up.

I really can’t wait the album!!!
Any connection with “Joanna Farval”?

Ok,is this single release in other countries,too? Jo´Anna says,sounds Simon says jump! Iwaiting , waiting,have nice day,Per!

*Giggles* I’m so exciiiiiiited!!!


ehm...OK. Good. “C’mon” and “Jo-Anna says” are probably up-tempo and a middle-tempo maybe...the 2nd is probably slower.

“the album is a double... but priced as a single album”

that sounds good! ;) I’m really waiting many tracks to listen to...Gessle is a real machine! =)

Great news!! :D

Pedrito Gessle, uf
Gessle, Gyllene, SOAP....
What about Marie? Anyone knows how it feels Marie?
Seems people forget the best female singer ever, Mrs. Gun Marie Frediksson
Per only think aout the money, money and only in the money. This is the reason of the hate Gyllene´s band to Per.

Yeah, Peris only making this album cause he’s broke ;)

There is no Marie news. Get that.

Many of us is very very happy for these news, but I’m sure that no one has forget Marie. I think of her every day and pray for her every day to!!
And how can you know that Per only think of money?! Do you really think he doing this album just becuse he want more money?
Hello you fool! Wake up!

Jo-Anna says: Feels like a mix between “Jo-Anna Farväl” and “Julia says” from Wet wet wet. I also wonder if there’s any connection with “the previous” Jo-Anna. Funny.

Can’t wait to have it, people.

“What about Marie? Anyone knows how it feels Marie?
Seems people forget the best female singer ever, Mrs. Gun Marie Frediksson”

There IS no news about Marie to tell. If the was, I’m SURE you would be able to read about it here asap. I’m getting really tired about this.

And about Per only being ointerested in the money.. He’s not, busso what if he was? Haven’t you ever done something “just for the money”?

And the reason for you to bring that silly old “Gessle vs Gyllene”-topic back to life is just because you wan’t news about Marie... which you can’t get, so then you have to complain about Per... patetic!

Sorry if I offended someone here, but I just telt I had to get this out of my system....

I’m so extremely happy!!! It’s gettin’ darker and colder here, so it’s wonderful to have a warm feeling inside about Per releasing a double album. And, as I can see, I’m one of those very few who expected it to be a double album :D

Oh yeah, winter will be very hot !!!

Just because it’s a double doesn’t mean it’s gonna have a long total running time... the point of the double album is to recapture the feeling of an LP.

I imagine each disc will probably run at around 30 minutes, so both discs together still won’t reach the total runing time of a CBB for example.

Just speculation though of course :)

@ Zargo: That could be true... but would that be annoying or what?? Having to go to your CD-player every half hour.

It’s to beg people to burn copies with ALL songs on one disc...

It’s not illegal to burn your own CDs for yourself. :) I will almost certainly burn one for my car for instance.

Sorry, my English doesn’t help me to much these I don’t really get this sentence: “the album has to date not been fully mixed and mastered” he still working at its final shape?

Wonder if all songs have been written during this year...I mean, wow, he’s being even more creative than he used to be in the past...if that is even possible...a double album is a double album...regardless the length of the songs, we’re talking about at least 24 different tunes...And I am imagining he is very pleased with all of them, othewise he would have only picked 14 of them and that’d be it...So it’s gonna be big, that’s for sure...
And I am also pleased with the eventual weirdness of this album...wonder if it’ll make waves among roxers...i think it will...what if it won’t hit the usual tastes of roxette fans?...I guess it’s exciting and I really truely believe in a “weird change”.

@tevensso: Believe it or not, but if that CD’s copy-protected, it actually would be illegal in Germany! Something about having to get around the copy-protection to be able to make the copy - extremely stupid IMO! And I’m still wondering if the people who passed that law were bought, totally clueless or both...

@Star: I think Sweden has the same stupid law now. I couldn’t care less. ;)

but wasn’t it that you could make a copy for yourself of these copy protected cds? :S

Anyway, this copy-protection doesn’t work at all. I don’t know why they paid so much for such system..

@tevensso: Same here! ;-)

@Judith: No, copies (or encoding the songs to e.g. mp3, for that matter) of copy-protected CDs aren’t allowed here no matter if you own the CD or not and no matter if they’re for private use or not! That’s the funny thing about that law, it basically begs people to break it...

The webbie is looking good!

I wonder if the single will see a vinyl format....

Yep, i was right... 30 minutes each disc.

Gessle says on SOAP:
“c’mon is a glam rock guitar driven 3-chord singalong chorus type of song i sing with my sweetets high pitched falsetto voice. i guess it’s not the most “obvious” song on the record but i like it to be the first people get to hear (together with jo-anna says) because it sounds different from what you
expect..... i think....”


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