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New official Per Gessle sites announced

Written by tevensso on September 24, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - New sites have been announced, earlier and have been revealed. But also will be opened shortly. Shortly in this context means about mid-October.

  The sites are constructed by Transmit/Receive from Söderhamn, Sweden.


brilliant - maybe it can be like and be updated once every ten years! FAB!

Son Of A Plumber will probably be updated often in the beginning I think :D

I HOPE the sites will be updated and maintained regularly :D

i hope that these 3 sites won’t be the same.

“Son of a Plumber” may confuse ppl so I guess will direct you to
The .se version is possibly all the same, just in Swedish.

Besides, what would be the point of having 3 official sites? THEN the updating would be a total pain in the arse! :)

good, use the gessle site for gessle lovely and leave roxette for both loving :-D

These are great news!
Hope in a good modern design...

Wonder so what this is going to be :-)
I Hope, and wonders...
What do you think I mean album, turne, site etc. Give a guess

I´M hoping that they will use the “sonofaplumber” sites as promotion sites, perhaps redirecting the gesslesite to one of those.
THEN, when the sonofaplumber era are over, they can make the gesslesite a Official Per Gessle website with all the info you can ever need about the artist Per Gessle. Like al those other artist webpages that exist.. a site that is not tied entirely to a sertain album, but to the artist him/herself.

I think it is a promotion site like to “Finn 5 Fel” but I don’t know
Who knows..

Edit: Gessle ;-)

Please add an ASK S.O.A.P. section.

And...well I also hope that Per doesn’t get schizophrenic....

Greetings from “fan of an ex-mushroom selector”


We need a MODERN side!
Something like

You should see some pages from other artists!

what can I say about it? all that Per does is just perfect and terribly cool! new solo project, new website, new songs coming soon, etc and etc. he is the king! I really hope they include a forum inside the new website so all the Per´s fans can talk only about him there! PER RULES

I also think that both and will be promotion sites and will be the official Per Gessle site.

well, hopefully it will be fan orientated... TDR will still be the reference to all of us... and content-wise will have to be better than fan sites! (the plumbers site! :P)


actually...i now had an idea: they may actually have two MIRROR sites...exactly the same...however one will make references exlclusively to the son of a plumber (as a new artist) and the other to Per established artist... interesting concept...

cool. Can’t wait to see his array of bad haircuts!

in t/r I trust :D

How nice! New site very good indeed.PER you are very cool and keep similing anyway,tihs someting grate!

hello its. my name is alex of peru
i fanatic de roxette
good bye
i speak a little english

Hi masino! You new ??hey
Then you are at the right place :-)
My English is not so very well either, finally I can talk to someone without being all to embarrassed ( I hope ;-)

GESSLES´sites very good idea,let make sites best sites what we have ever seen before,

I like them!


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