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New Per Gessle album out November 16

Written by tevensso on September 9, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - In just two months, there is a new Per album coming! The Daily Roxette has just received the press release stating that the album indeed will be in English as predicted, and a “debut”…

  On the album musicans as Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist, Helena Josefsson and Jens Jansson partake. “Without Clarence and Christoffer none of this would’ve existed. I could never have done this on my own.” The project is called “Son Of A Plumber.” The album will keep “Per’s full musical heritage,” according to the press statement.

  “Gessle” and “debut” are two words very seldomly paired, what happened, Per Gessle? “Wow, I don’t know what has happened! Somehow it’s taken me 46 years to dare to make this album. And to be ABLE to make this album. Son Of A Plumber has become some sort of a musical purification bath for me. The album contains all of my musical heritage. I don’t know why that happened, maybe it’s because I bought my first mp3-player this winter.” Per tells us. He continues: “I’ve spent half this year transfering my old records to the computer and rediscovered so much great music I love but had forgotten. It’s been a journey back to Furet and Simlångsdalen where I grew up, into the 70s, stuff we listened to in Gyllene’s first rehearsal studio.”

  Yesterday evening EMI Svenska held a presentation for their partners. They showed a video greeting in which Per spoke briefly about releasing a new album and told it will be out in November. He also showed a piece of paper saying “Son of a Plumber” to the camera, but didn’t tell more about its meaning. “I discovered that if I work under a different name, I don’t have to ’follow up’ Roxette, ’Mazarin’ or Gyllene Tider. Incredibly nice! Here’s something new; Son Of A Plumber! My dad was a plumber. I have become a debutant,” Per says.

  Originally, “Son Of A Plumber” (or Son.Of.A.Plumber) is a studio in Stockholm where some of the demos for, for instance, the “Have A Nice Day” album were recorded.

  “I’ve gotten great self confidence and a lovely boost from the last years’ huge response from the audience. I suddenly dare to trust myself and my capacity in a totally different way than before. Therefore it feels like a ’debut’!” concludes Per.



Oh wow!!! Can’t wait to see and hear what this Album is going to be like!! What amazing news!!! And who knows, maybe Marie will have worked with Per on a couple of songs for this album also!

old news

old news??? Why? This is great news!

great news

That is really good news! Äntligen something new, as I said before, one was starting to feel tired of Mazarinerna playing the same, the band needs new stuff!

Fingers crossed for a tour, even if it is just a small one in Sweden, but please, before I leave the country! Otherwise I can see myself looking for a job here so that I can wait till Per’s tour :)

The question now is... what about Roxette? Hopefully Marie will be singing in any of the songs? (it is a tradition when it comes to Per’s solo albums)

GREAT! These news just made my day! *moodgreatlyimproved* :-D

By the way, I can’t help but having a stupid smile on my face :)

And I guess I’m not the only one, right? ;)


great news ,but i was hoping for few french songs :-))*gr*
right now i’m plumbing in my flat :-))))

Hm, nice but... I have to say that I would have preferred an album in Swedish. :(((

@ Halland: Sure it’s nice when he sings in swedish, but I think it’s more “right” to do something in english now since he has done so much in swedish the last couple of years.

Yeah!!! we are very happy for this new!!

ow lord what a name LMAO

I think Baby-C is right, 3 albums in Swedish in 3 years is maybe too much, though I also prefer when Per sings in Swedish.

@tevensso: why does the article appears as released yesterday at 16:59? It’s from today morning, isn’t it?

It was written yesterday.

Ok, written yesterday and published today, but the time is for when it was written :) tack

You got it. ;) But of course it’s been added to today.

Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!

That really took me by surprise... I mean, it is SOON!!!!!! Nice, nice, nice, what can I say? Lost for words :)

And maybe you’re right English project is nice for a change...although Swedish fits him best. But hell, what am I saying, I’m on cloud nine anyway :) What an amazing start of my day :o)

Thank the pope!!! Have been holding my breath for quite a long time.

Can’t wait... I’m so excited ... I need another pair of undies now... shit >o\ Hehehehe....


*hands ’Ro a hanky*

How did i know he was playing with Metro’s journalists? *Purplemedusa just KNOW these things!*

My Xmas gift list for 2005 (Per take note!!)

Artist/Group: “Son of a Plumber”
Title: “In Gessle we trust, eh...”
Format: 200gram LP | CD | DIGIPACK

Well I just got some bad news from my doctor, this has cheered me up a little.... let’s hope for a little promotion with it also! :)

Nice work Per!

*just screaming*

“The album will keep “Per’s full musical heritage,” according to the press statement.”

... so I presume that this means we’re getting a guest appearance by Mrs Bolyos...

Yay :D In Gessle I trust! :D

mmm... a breathtaking retrospective music bigraphy - that’s what I hope for. so, does working under a different name entails that we won’t see Gessle written anywhere on the sleeve? :) This is also interesting, yet peculiar :)

good news! =)


Again how is it that i knew this before the article was written? I think Purplemedusa is evolving into TDR’s resident oracle! Huummmm... the album title will be, “In Gessle we trust, eh...” humm....

All work and no play makes Per a NOT dull boy! :D

Oh he better be playing (pun intended)!!


this sounds all interesting!! I like the Son of a plumber thing :)

so.. it looks like we’ll have tdr FULL of Gessle for the next months to come. Warning for those who only want Roxette ;)

*sing a happy happy happy happy happy happy song*

Well, son of a plumber will be singing many happy songs I’m sure! :D

The ’harking back to 70’s’ idea doesn’t sound all that disimilar to that behind TWATG...

It’s lovely to get more interesting info update after update of the article :)

The whole project seems very interesting, I just can’t wait to hear something. And the idea of using another name I think is perfect, so that it is not so much compared to the old stuff. It is a new thing and shouldn’t be a followup of The world according or Mazarin (though I love those records, especially Mazarin).

Ooh, so great! Per told on Metro newspaper that he’s not planning to tour on summer 2006, so maybe there will be tour on winter 2006?

or spring 2006? ;)

Stay tuned for more updates...

And now a picture! :D :D :D this is neverending :)))) I’m loving it, don’t stop!!

PS: sorry, I’m so excited that I keep making typos all the time and have to edit my messages... grrrr I’ll try to be more careful :P

Well I asked Per last Saturday when new album would come out, and he did confirm before Christmas to me twice (I didn’t believe my own ears the first time) ;) And he had this funny smile on his face when he told me, hehe.

Well, at least, we’re still getting new stuf from eather Per or Marie in english. Last year it was “The Change”, this year it will be this one. That’s really great.

Now let’s hope the next project will be a Roxette project again.

Don’t forget to click the photo to see it in its full glory!


Crossing fingers that Jonas will be involved with the cover!

Urm single title... and please don’t forget to release it on Cd and not this itunes crap. I really wouldn’t complain if it were commercially available on 12” too!

Corbijn is even BETTER!!!

@ Thomas keep those updates coming! :)

With this being in English, do we expect it to be released outside of Sweden!

He looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Is he not releasing under the name Per Gessle then or what? Or is it more of a joke since they added the “it feels like a debut” I’m a little connfused.


@chrisjankunas - it’s more like a debut because he will use songs from the beginning of his career. And he is now Son Of Plumber, not Per Gessle :)

omg, i don’t check for 3hrs and this happens.

Can’t wait for it :-D

THANK YOU PER! IT’S THE BEST THING YOU COULD DO! You made a fan very very happy these days! You are great! Very cool picture.

Oh my gosh!!! He looks fantastic!! So handsome!!!!

Cant wait!! Its 63 and a half day!! Ooohhh Per!!!!!

Gessle, I thought you wanna make a break! Great news!!!

Are there any news that he wants to make a tour - even if it´s only in sweden? Hopefully he will play also so TWATG-Songs...

maybe he will make promotion in germany!!!!!!! ´cos it´s in english...

hope this “debut” will be available internationally :)

@Bunio, I think that when he says he has been listening to his old records he means the albums recorded by another artists that he bought long time ago... for me the article says nothing about including old songs in the new album, just that is is influenced by music of the seventies.

I think he says it’s like a debut because it’s the first record with this new name (son of a plumber).

yeah yeah!!!! “son of a plumber” sounds extremely cool! :D I love it!!!! We have only two months left. the final countdown starts! I can‘t wait for this. PER IS THE KING, PER IS THE BEST. I can imagine an album with a lotta guitars and strong music! thanks PER, you make us happy every year!

The greatest news in a long time!!!!
I can’t wait to hear that album!!!!



Nice picture! :P

Very great news ;) And a very great interview! Fantastiskt skoj!

Expressens article:

Jag har svårt att tro att det här kommer att fungera på tysk FM-radio, säger Per Gessle och skrattar

THANK GOD it won’t work on commercial radio stations... I’m truly fed up with all this crap that hits the airwaves these days.

Oh holy G(od)essle, I want your work and I want it NOW! Started counting the days already... make it pure, make it special and make it amazingly YOUR - Son of a plumber is already a trademark as we know who’s behind it :D:D

and the picture is GLORIOUS *fainting* this guy can only get better, Per, you’re like a good wine :)))

Great news!!!
Son Of A Plumber!!As tha Per’s own studio?

Per looks better then ever! He shines like a sun!
can’t wait for your album, I need it now! Right now!

Thanks, you surely are the best of all!

It sure does sound different. Well have to see what it’s like!! Excited though!

Per is listening to tysk radio?? Funny! I don’t I won’t care if they don’t wanna play it...**giggle*** KRam till gyllene_tjej... 16.11....what a really really really great nice fantastic choice my dear Per!! :D***Applause***Great news...and a very dangerous Antonmade photo....hjälp...but ehhrm..just noticed the ugly ashtray behind! At least it looks like one. Booo

Definitely fantastic.!!!!!!!! I wanna this cd NOW, I can’t wait it. Per is good looking.

Wow! That’s really great: the new Gessle album will be released on my birthday!

Thank you Per!

Yupiii!!! this wonderful news ;) illuminated this rainy day :D I cannot hope any more! I want to listen this new album right now! :)

this a greatest news, for us!!!!

Is it just me or does Per look really hot in that photo? *submits application to the Gessle Girls*

Wonderful news :) I’m counting the days too...

PS Totally in love with that pix...

The centre of our hearts is PER GESSLE !!!


:’(:’( I’m dying, he is so cute, how can a person look so good when you are 46 years old???!!!!! And weeeeeee that the album will come in november, I’m just so happy! I LOVE YOU PER

pg_91: I wonder exactly the same!! 46 years?! Where??!! He is just so...wonderful!!!!

black and white pix make you look younger. It’s like that! It just doesn’t show every detail. :))) And Anton is a proffessional. (that was just my little try to keep Pers feet on the floor!!)....:D

I just wonder what Per really meant with the comment: They won’t play it on tysk radio?? I mean..if they won’t...YOU KNOW WE CAN CHANGE THAT!!! WE DID IT SO MANY TIMES BEFORE!!! ***evilgrin***



I Just read the news!!


I was having a shitty day and OMG this news has literally put a biggg smile on my face...



Welcome to the world, Zee!


But... we’ve been telling you it’s in English for months before this! :)

What I find most amusing is that he has named the album “SOAP”..... Gessle does it again.

Well, I don´t like the name, but the important thing is that the music is good.

As Shakespeare wrote:

” That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” :)

New releasedate: November 23


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