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Per appointed “Artist of the Decade”

Written by Jud on September 8, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per was appointed “Artist of the Decade” at Metro’s “Concert of the Decade” in Globen last night. “It is a fantastic distinction, but I have had a great successful decade with Roxette, “Mazarin” and Gyllene Tider, so it’s actually right,” he says laughingly to Metro’s reporter Axel Björklund.

  Eva Dahlgren opened the show with her new single “När jag längtar” and the well-known “Ängeln i rummet” and was followed by Per and his band, who performed “Gå & fiska!” and “Juni, juli, augusti,” and joined the stage again at the end of the show with “Här kommer alla känslorna” and “Det hjärta som brinner.”

  As reported earlier by The Daily Roxette, Per has been recording various things in the past year, and he is not sure what his new project will be, he claims. It might be a “three-chord pop” album, in English, Swedish or even French, or a soundtrack “it’s one of my dreams to do a full soundtrack to a film, it could maybe be in Swedish, I don’t know,” he explains. It isn’t sure if it will be on a national or international level, or both. “I am 46 and don’t
feel so much like repeating what we did in 1989-91, when we flew 260 days a year. I’m not ready to give that much up for a new international career.”

  Whatever the new release will be, he says he’s not planning to tour in 2006, “but when you look at U2 at Ullevi, it’s all coming back to me. When one has been there, one wants to go back.”

  Yesterday’s concert featured both new and older/established artists, of which Per is more familiar with the latter. “I bump into Håkan [Hellström], The Cardigans and The Ark professionally, like this concert, Grammisgalan or Rockbjörnen. Since we do the same thing, I consider us sort of colleagues. I only know Eva [Dahlgren] privately. I have never met Darin, for instance… Maybe you meet them in the hallway and shout ’great album woohoo’ or something.”

Additional photos by Tobbe Joneby.


4 songs ain’t bad for all those who decided to see the show live. And Eva performing one of my fave songs too...nice :) I’m waiting for TV3 to broadcast the show then :) Hopefully these of you who went there could tell us a bit more.

Hmmm...a Swedish soundtrack to a film sounds really intriguing, why not give it a try? And don’t forget to put a French sung song as a B side :D:D:D. I’m really anticipating the album it really going to be out before Xmas? Gessle rules!!!! :o)

Article continues...? Where?

Now that was weird, must’ve been a hanging around in the other area... I’ve wiped it now. :)

“Three-chord pop” album in English sounds great, but I admmit it would be fun to hear Per singing in French :P

sounds like he hasnt decided what he wants to do , if i was him id spend it more with my famliy , he always seems to never to a real break !

NO TOUR IN 2006!


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - I can’t take this news.....

**runs off in floods of tears.... **

I was there...

It was lot of fun. Per’s songs sounded quite good. The band look very elegant dressed in black, compared to GT25 or Mazarin’s tour: I hate Christoffer’s flamenco shirt (where did he get it from, Per’s old wardrobe?).

But I feel I’m starting to get tired of listening the same songs all over again. Mazarin’s tour, GT25, and now, Metro. Please, give us new stuff!! I really hope that the next piece of news abour Per is something new (solo or Roxette), and not another gig for another company or whatever playing the same songs... yeah, I admit, better this than nothing at all, but I think that it’s getting to the limit!

About the other bands, I have to say that the Cardigans where really deceiving... it was all playback! I think they where the only ones playing playback, plus Darin (I’m not sure, I was not listening so much to him).

It’s good that thanks to the concert I have discovered very good stuff like last Robyn’s album and the Ark (they rock), and both of them where great in the concert, though I think people didn’t pay that much attention to robyn, as to any of the artist playing on the small stage, or was it just my impression because of being too close to the big one?

By the way, while I was waiting for the gig to start inside Globen, a woman came because she wanted to check out my t-shirt (the one from GT25 with Billy lyrics). She asked me where did I buy it and if it is possible to buy it somewhere else. After a few seconds she came back and asked me ”får jag fota det?” my swedish is not that good, so I understood ”får jag få tag det?” and didn’t know what she meant (maybe she wanted to buy it from me? hahaha) so I didn’t know what to say, and then she repeated again ”får jag fota det?” this time showing me a mobile phone with camera, so I understood: she wanted to take a picture of it, and so she did. Funny, isn’t it? :P

So I think that there where some Per fans in the crowd. There where at least 3 guys near me, plus that woman that was with another guy to the left, plus some more people also on the left, and sure many more. So, whose are the pictures on the dailyroxette? I even think a saw after the gig a Polish girl that is on the Marie’s DVD...

ktoto: I was one of the guys. It’s my pictures ;)

There were MANY Per-fans in the crowd!

Per should borrow Ola Salos clothes once.
He ´d look great. :)

Tobbe, both of us were very close to the stage but the spotlights ruined my pictures, at least yours look better.

By the way, what did they say about Roxette when the talked about 1995? I didn’t understand it...

Kattunge, I think that Per and Ola have many thinks in common. David Bowie is one of Per’s heros, and I don’t know that much about the Ark, but Bowie must be obviously their major influence. So maybe Per could explore the glamourous dressing style some day :D

Yeah, my pictures were veery dark, but Thomas ”photoshopped” them ;)

What the speaker said about Roxette? Hm, i dont remember right now actually... ;)

Edit: Typo...

I like the photos nice work people.... :)

Oh i just love it when Per plays with the media!!

I forgot to say that the keyboard sounded horrible in gå och fiska. It has to be played with a Farfisa, not a Yamaha! I missed Göran then...

By the way, Clarence was wearing glasses. Maybe it is one of the first times he does so in a performance? (apart from the Bergen gig)

Clarence is just getting more handsome every year - remember perving over him in the Mazarin doc! LOL!

I don’t mind if there’s no tour next year. If only we get something new from Mr. Gessle ;-D

I suppose the tour is not really a big deal, I really need to save my pennies!

It was so great to see Per again. I started to cry when I saw him on stage :) Nice evening, but I want more Gessle and new stuff.

very well said lonely_girl and Mari :) :) :). How much we’re all craving for new stuff - until someone starts to moan again that this has nothing to do with Roxette of course...

Now, I’m whetting my appetite for Saturday night with Bunny......sadly only on TV ;);)

Really cool for all of you who could be there yesterday!

I’m back from stockholm/globen and what shell I say?? It was fantastic!!! :P Took lots of photos right in front of him and he looked fantastic! when is the next gig??

I need peace to write my thesis next summer :-S A new record is welcome, a tour not so much...

Great show! Or no, Gessle was great, the other ones I would have been better of without actually!

Thanks Per for the smile, the wave and the ’plektrum’ :)

I was there too... I tall girl with glasses in the front row, just a couple of metres to the right of Tobbe. :-) If someone wanted to know that.. *smile*

Anyway, I think the concert was great. All the artists were good, but unfortunatelly it was kind of hard to get the right feeling for the artists that were on the small stage. It was very hard to get good pictures I think. Either they got very very dark, or totlally blured from all the movement in the crowd which is just to be expected though...

I’m sure Per will decide to go out on tour next year!!Per will rock the 2006 summer again!!

I’d love to see people’s photos

Who cares about Eva Dahlgren?

Gessle for President!!!!!

@crash: I care about Eva, and I know I am not the only one, or what ;). For me she is number 2 female singer :) No1 is not that hard to figure out :)

Yepp, I am also hoping those who attended the show will be so kind to share the pix with us :) *waiting* :o)

The Cardigans played PLAYBACK?!! How disappointing! It’s not like they’re trying to play “Stars” or something, their music is very well-suited to a live performance! Aaaah, well...

Marie is the NUMBER ONE!
She’s the BEST in this buisness!!!!


Photos from TV show:

Pietro, contact me, where to upload videos..

Thank you for the pix :)

Is this on the TV3 site to view...

Crashroxer, you should get a life as soon as possible. I can’t believe you think Marie is the only talented singer in the world. She’s not the best if you ask me. You act like a complete idiot.


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