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“Pretty Woman” out on DVD - again

Written by tevensso on August 30, 2005 to .

HOUSTON - Yes you heard it, “Pretty Woman” is out on DVD - again. This is the fourth time it’s been released on DVD. First the regular one, then the “director’s cut,” after that the “10th anniversary edition” and now the “15th anniversary edition.”

  “Pretty Woman” (at first called “$3,000”), danced in $463 million worldwide (€390 million) at the box office, and Julia Roberts was Oscar-nominated as best actress.

  On this new edition, there is yet another commentary track with director Garry Marshall, where he says that the fairy tale of “Pretty Woman” didn’t have to be believable, it was enough if the viewers wanted to believe it, writes the Houston Chronicle. This time around there is a blooper reel, travelog vignettes and a video from the wrap party “Live From the Wrap Party.”

  The previous edition of the DVD had 15 minutes of deleted scenes that are missing from this edition, what is there instead is the music video for Natalie Cole’s “Wild Women Do” - that barely was in the movie. Houston Chronicle writes that the big hit of the movie was Roxette’s ballad “It Must Have Been Love,” and continues to write about Roxette instead of the “Pretty Woman” DVD:

Though the Swedish duo hasn’t been on a major label in the U.S. in a decade, it’s been huge on the world stage, especially in Asia and South America long after “It Must Have Been Love” drove the “Pretty Woman” soundtrack to 9 million sales. “Roxette: Ballad & Pop Hits — The Complete Video Collection,” a new DVD sporting 37 songs and two one-hour documentaries, is a great introduction — or reintroduction — to the band.

  If anything, Roxette’s best work has come since its U.S. heyday, with the albums “Have a Nice Day,” “Room Service,” “The Pop Hits” and “The Ballad Hits.”

  The videos on “Roxette: Ballad & Pop Hits” are a mixed bag of styles and gimmicks, but the music is consistently hook-heavy, polished and emphatic. Call it lightweight commercialism or call it pop genius, but Roxette’s songs are catchy wonders, from the energized, infectious pop-rock of “Stars” and “Real Sugar” to the soaring, stirring balladry of “Anyone” and “Salvation.” America’s music biz may have missed that boat, but for those willing to search, it’s still setting sail.


Funny! The author seems to be quite a fan. :-)

finally a very nice statement out of the u.s.!

Very good advertisment if I may say :) especially for the territory of the US where Rox needed it!

Is it just me or is the world just SCREAMING to have Roxette back these days?

And the only people that can’t see it are, well, ROXETTE?

I‘m totally with you on_a_mission and I really hope that they will at least do something for they anniversary next year. but with per‘s upcoming solo project you can never know :(

the dvd is getting bashed by critics in the states for having basically nothing new on it and yes its long overdue for something roxette based state side, they should release a double digi pack of hand and rs

It’s time for a Roxette-Comeback - even in the US!

nice article :-))

Seriously, how many times can you re-release a DVD?

@ on a mission.......i think the only people who can’t see it are emi

“is the world just SCREAMING to have Roxette back these days?”


sorry, the world is not really screaming about roxette. but the industry is thinking they can also earn a dollar on the little wave of success of ltyh from d.h.t.
they are pressing the fruit once more and maybe the last one.

or the hype is going really big. but that would not change the situation roxette is. marie can’t or do not want to go back on a worlwide stage. i don’t know if her ever will do that once more. just my opinion.

Okay guys, ’fess up... which one of you writes for the Houston Chronicle?? (-;

RoX is in the air...

Was that a DVD review or a promo for Roxette??

Good read anyway :-)

Bruce Westbrook is a long time fan of Roxette.

(He’s communicated a few times with me through email to confirm various Roxette facts).

And it clearly shows through his excellent writing/reporting.

Nice one Bruce!

Well done Bruce.

I agree with you both on_a_mission and plectrum :)

Anyway, good news :)

Wow, I still love this film, even if there where not a Roxette track in there.... I think I’ll be buying this DVD!

I’m just waiting for EMI UK to re-release IMHBL love again to celebrate this release. I wouldnt put it past them.

Is this already released....


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