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“Joyride” is the next remix in line

Written by tevensso on August 26, 2005 to .

Third time’s the charm, they say. Let’s hope that’s true, as the third Roxette hit to have been remixed in a short period of time is “Joyride.” There is a white label 12” dance remix out called “Joyride 2005” that no one knows who has remixed.

  According to some rumors on the Internet, it has been mixed by The Tabledancers. That has proven to be incorrect, as they told The Daily Roxette that it was not their work. This 12” vinyl record has been sold on eBay for as much as $57, but is now available through regular webstores for $9.99 or £6.99.

  Per loves the remix, according to TDR’s own sources.

  A “white label” remix indicates that this is an independent project, done without the authorization of Roxette’s own record label. As royalties are not being paid, the identity of the remixer is kept secret.


Per has good taste :P Its a very nice remix

I had a feeling that if there were to be more remixes, “Joyride” would be the next.

I hope it´s gonna be a official single one day!!

this is the greatest remix yet i think, i love this one, and i dont normally like remixes. The fans love it ,per loves it, lets get it out there mr EMI ! !

Yeah this remix MUST get an official release! Hoping the guilty party will come forward soon!

Great mix... no no... fabulous.... no no amazing... er, you know what I mean.

Thanx Miss M :o*

dare i say it...YUCK, all it is is the song mixed alittle faster thats it nothign new to it at all, we really do need a new rox album soon

great remix, really! I imagine it’d be a great success!

wow, what a surprise. Coyboy made a negative comment!

I think its great, hope it gets an official release!

MEGACOOL! Better than the FLAF-Remix! Hope it will be releasd as single!

better then I expected, but still I like the original one on the Joyride-album better.

A Dance-Version fits better to an uptempo song like this than to ballads.
The mix would be ok as b-side. I think the beat is too loud so it doesn’t fit really.

I like it but, even I have to say there seems nothing special with it....

I was suprised about my reaction...Nice one!! But that wasn’t too difficult to create wasn’t it?

Wanna have the whole version! But...hmmpf..I don’t have a record player and these lovely big black ones are too big for my CD player...:(

Not my cup of tea :/

How can we listen to it??? is there an online version where i can hear it???

Anyone know.......?

ITs Great a very fresh & well done version

check the link above and then click on the Joyride 2005. Enjoy!

what about getting all their remixes like D.H.T,dancing dj’s etc and also this one in the uk
cause i know as many people in the uk would the D’H’T would go really well in the uk
peace and love
mark-andrew graham

It rocks! :D

this sound is good but i thingk, oginal is better

Hi roxette i love the original vasion of joy ride i hope the next remix will be cool as the originl one ; And i wish the could find the c.d in market

I love this one :)

naa. Not so good, but cool.

I’ve ordered it now for myself!


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