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The world warms up to Roxette again

Written by Mr_Sandman on August 9, 2005 to .

D.H.T.’s “Listen To Your Heart” has been getting a lot of airplay on a radio station in Brisbane, Australia. There are no signs of whether the single is going to be released or not. According to radio station Nova 106.9 no record company in Australia has signed D.H.T. as of yet.

  However, a CD called “Ministry of Sound: Clubber’s Guide To America – Volume 1 will be released in Australia on the 15th August 2005, and it will contain D.H.T.’s “Listen to Your Heart.”

  More good news for Roxette fans in Australia: the single “Fading Like a Flower” by Dancing DJs vs Roxette has been released in Australia. Well, not actually the single itself, but the track is available on the CD “Wild Weekends 2005.”

  “Listen To Your Heart” gets airplay in France. It’s not the dance version but the acoustic one which gets airplay on the most important radio station - NRJ. This is the first Roxette song on French radio since “Wish I Could Fly” in 1999.

  Furthermore, in Poland “Fading Like a Flower” is known and played in good Warsaw clubs - clubbers seem to like that remix very much, according to TDR’s sources. The Polish radio station Planeta FM has started to play it as well now.

Krystian and Bibou contributed to this article.


No doubt they’ll be falling right back asleep ;)

Well this is good I guess, would be nice to hear it on the radio here in Sydney!

i am in australia at the moment (doing an exchange semester in graphic design) ... haven’t heard it yet... not on the radio and not in clubs... but i’ll keep on playing attention to it!

Would be lovely to hear it on the Sydney Radio stations. Lucky i’ve got a copy of the single from elsewhere- wouldnt like to wait for Australia to sign it up- would take too long! The slow version is also very nice..

I’ve heard the remix of Fading Like A Flower 5-6 times here, in Lithuania.

I heard FLAF remix the other day for the first time here in Sthlm.

The gay radio Station Joy in Melbourne (Australia) is playing The Fading Remix. Personally I do not like it at all. Maries voice is sped up and is looped and it just does not do Roxette any justice at all. The station promoted is as “Fresh Music from Roxette”.

Why did you say yes to this one Per?


I’m guessing Linnea really wants these songs :)

I think she wants 4 copies.
I would oblige, but my mother always taught me it was polite to say “please”

it was here 5 times more before these. I would say it starts to smell like spam ;) And I also have problems with unpolite people..

Planeta FM is only a local radio station in Poland and it’s not popular radio :(

i would of like to have heard some new stuff on radio more.

You must be kiddin’ about this news form Poland ;) heh no major radio station plays this song... :( Unfortunately, but that’s the truth... Planeta FM, as someone noticed before, it’s a local one with a little impact on music market...
But those clubs in Warsaw sounds interesting =) hehe

major radio stations in poland don’t play this mix because they don’t play that kind of music. Only popular music (original roxette is played regurarly).

Pfffff... so what ? It´s not Roxette that is making in the charts, so why should we care ? Yes, I know it´s a cover, but it´ll basically promote DHT and Dancing Djs, not Roxette.

When MARIE and PER put a top 10 song on Billboard, I´ll be happy, but DHT, Dancing DJs or whatever, do not make my day.

lone gunman, it’s not a cover its Roxette voices but all remixed.

Lone Gunman. DHT is a cover, but the Dancing DJs is a remix, and Roxette will get full chart credit for this one.

it’s better than nothing.

the title of the news is so misleading - thought of REAL Roxette for a moment, with a heart full of hope, but no,it’s just those remixes I couldn’t care less about. :(

Wow! LTYH is played in Poland - that was a nice surprise as I even haven’t heard it. It’s a pity that’s not the original version of the song! I agree the title of this article is very misleading.

How pathetic have we all become when the news of studio producers re-mixing and modernizing 15-year old Roxette songs makes major headlines at The Daily Roxette? Get back to me when Marie is healthy and Roxette is ready to release a CD of new material in the United States…I’m not holding my breath.

In the US? Probably never!

The airplay in Finland is good as it’s the world atheltics there now! so good promotion! :)

Why all the whining? First of all, none of the staff here at TDR know ANY radio stations in Poland, and secondly, if we didn’t publish these news, that I personally find more than OK, what would we publish?? “Still no word from Marie...” There is already a site that does that, more or less.

@ tevensso

Well said! Stop the moaning, no one forces anyone here to read TDR or any of the news articles on here..

I agree 100%. There is nothing happening in “Rox world” at the moment, plus i think it is a great thing that old Roxette hits are being embraced by charts around the world. I think its great that we are being kept up to date with how they are doing around the world.

Imagine if it was a big plan by Per & Marie. They were behind all these big remixes doing well, so people will know their songs again, and when they realise a new album the world will be waiting.......

Nice scenario, but doubtful!

they never stopped playing the originals of these 2 songs, so how is this a re0warming, it would be a re-warming if they played anything off ther 2 most recent compilation sin a descent rotation this is nostalgia nothing else

yes stop the moaning!! This is very good promotion for Roxette!
Do those new users really register TDR just to say “this is pathetic, this is crap” etc!?! Get a life!
Rox music lives again and good music never goes out of style!

Just to be clear... I´m not complaining because TDR put this article here... I think it´s their job... I´m just saying that I (Me,Myself,LoneGunman) don´t care about these remixes, covers or whatever... and I don´t care if they´re successful or not, because it´s not Roxette that is in front of it... DHT is going to get all the attencion, not Roxette... so, it´s all useless.

“DHT is going to get all the attencion, not Roxette...”

Not true. Believe me!

The LoneGunman put it right. If you run this web site you’re probably desperate for material, seeing as how Roxette doesn’t release new material. So I’m not faulting them for the article, it’s just that I don’t care and from the sounds of it, I’m not the only one.

Joy Melbourne has added FLAF remix to their playlist, you can hear the station thru the website so if you havn’t heard it you will on here.

I also think it´s nice, and good news, to see how Rox-songs still hit the charts.

Everything good about roxette are good news.


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