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Gessle’s album may feature a falsetto blues

Written by tevensso on August 3, 2005 to .

GöteborgsPosten (Gothenburg Daily) has an interview with Per Gessle today, regarding the press statement released yesterday. They have gotten some more info about the forthcoming album.

  If the project will be a solo album, a new group name or what language will finally make the cut, Per doesn’t want to go into. However, he gladly mentions the wide spread of material they have recorded. “I have recorded so many different kinds of music, a musical testament if you will. Instrumentals, westerns, horny three-chord pieces, some green country, a nine-minute bubble gum pop medley, spiced with a falsetto blues. We’ll see where we land. Everything is very spontaneous, fun and exciting,” Per says to GP.

  Per estimates that they need another 30 studio days. When the album will be released is not yet determined, however, it does seem to be followed by a tour, Gessle seems eager: “Of course it would be great to meet my possible audience again!”


looking forward to whatever is to come :D

He probably wouldnt tour the UK tho :(
Well a new album and hint of possibly more roxette keeps me happy to import and whatever :) Rox and Rox people forever ! Solo and or together!

Judith stole my first post ! ;(

A nine-minute bubble gum pop medley sounds so Gessle :D

and how all this music can fit to one cd?:) Let’s release DVD or at least 6 cd box :)

I think I need to save up and some overtime, Per on tour *again* YES PLEASE.............. :)

Depending purely on my finances at that time, but I’m almost certain that I’m gonna attend (but I won’t be alone)!! *dreams away*

and what do you think: will he tour outside of sweden? of course in case the album will be in english.

Groovy! :D

Per could be a good PR-guy - this atomsphere built around forthcoming album is just great:) He took my mind away... :):):):)
Well, there’s no other solution than to go to Sweden and see all this concerts

horny three-chord pieces, all sounds like a little mashed up album ! should be umm interesting !

things are starting to take shape.

YAY! :)


Ooooh... this is all so very exciting!!! I could just pee in my pa... oops, just did. :o>


Count me in, and thanks for all Gellner, you’re one of a kind! Keep my fingers crossed for another overwhelming success!

Sounds good!
I hope the album will be in english. After 2 great swedish albums maybe an english one could top it.

it wud be gr8 see per live again, but what about rox’ comeback??

hopefully hwe put the bland stuff on his solo album and keeps the real gems for roxette

@coyboyusa: We’ve seen that normally is the other way around...

By the way, so many styles... I don’t know if that will make a very coherent record. I think the guy’s got time to try so many different styles thru the years to come. Hope he keeps the weirdest pieces of music for b-sides and doesn’t make it sound like some kind of collage...

I wonder what the air smells like in that Scanian studio, maybe smells like a familiar Amsterdam breeze... :D

Aha?!? I already wonder how it’s gonna be... ;-)

Per, I really love your voice...but ...eeergh..not in falcetto...really..that doesn’t fit you..your name is not Bono! Sorry!!! But well..okay..first listen than judging. But I have my problems with “Sakta dina steg” for example and with...”jag svävar hööööögt över marken...”

Anyway the rest sounds really interesting! I just miss the really rockin’ stuff!! Would be nice to get the leather jackets out again, don’t you think? Crashing guitars you know!!

... a nine-minute bubble gum pop medley —> typical Gessle ;)

Although I’m not the biggest Per fan, i look forward to hearing what he has to offer. I’m not a huge fan of his swedish stuff, but “The world according to Gessle” was a great album. If I like it, i may also consider the trip to sweden for the tour, money permitting of course.

I’m still waiting news about Marie

Per can´t stop making happy to us all. he is the best and his new album will be a success just like all that he does. thanxs Per for the last news!


Didn’t know he was speaking french, apart from the “toujours l’amour” from sleeping single.

Am I the only one thinking that this whole “new project” is just a diversion to the real thing: Per is actually working in the new Rox album with Marie ! I think this “new project” is too suspicious to be just a solo album. And I doubt Per would go for a new band.
I think that Roxette is on it´s way back.

I´m agree with Per!!!! he is the best and I believe that work will be a success!!! thanks Per!!!!

Yes, It will be great! I hope it will be an international release. Falsetto will be funny, think of the intro from “Min tjej och jag”...

I really hope it will be an international release!

It seems that Per doesn’t have so much idea of what he want to do =P
But any way it takes, I’ll be especting ansious!

I don´t want Per stuff, I want ROXETTE stuff!!!

Marcelo B

I can’t wait to hear all these wonderful songs that are being recorded. I wish it was a mixture of Swed
ish and English. A perfect combination for me!

And I adore Per’s “jag svävar hööööögt över marken...”

Looking forward to hearing from you.
This will be a great album, i know.
Thanx Per for making music for us!


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