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Per says Marie is irreplaceable

Written by tevensso on August 2, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - The Daily Roxette has received a short statement from Per Gessle regarding Expressen’s article today: “It is not, and has never been, an option to replace Marie in what’s been called a ’new Roxette’. She is – of course – irreplaceable!!! I still hope, and believe, that there are great things in Roxette’s future.”

  Per continues to tell TDR that Helena’s involvement in his new solo album has been on the same level as with “Mazarin”.

Here’s the official press statement:

  On account of Expressen’s strange article today, I will hereby give you some information regarding my current musical project.

  I’ve been hyperactive in Christoffer Lundquist’s studio in Skåne off and on since December 2004 and recorded a whole bunch of songs both in Swedish and in English. Some make you dance, some make you smile, some are instrumentals while others have some lyrics in French. It’s very exciting and we have a very good time – eating and drinking well.

  The musicians I’ve been using are essentially the same as on ’Mazarin’; i.e., Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundqvist, Jens Jansson and Helena Josefsson. The album is recorded in stereo and is thought to be finished sometime this fall.

Not ever has it been my intention to try to create a ’new Roxette’, and Helena Josefsson is thus NOT IN THE CARDS as my “duo partner”. I still hope, and believe that Roxette will continue sometime in the future and I’m also of that opinion that Marie Fredriksson is IRREPLACEABLE!

  As soon as I get closer to a finish of the above mentioned project, I promise to reveal both song titles, sleeve ideas and how we tuned our guitars. Until then, all the best from

Per Gessle in Jolly Halmstad

August 2, 2005


Well said boss! Good luck with your project! All the best from Rich ;-)

He seems a bit annoyed.. =)
Great man... =P

Marie is irreplacable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in ROXETTE !!!!!!!!!!! reason to not be a Per fan.

Thank God for that. Seems the expressen article was sensationalist after all, as it definitely seemed to suggest that it was more than a backing singer on his solo album.
Thats a nice statement from Per though....perhaps Expressen should print it tomorrow

Why not being a Roxette AND Per fan?
what’s the problem in that?

I don’t think Per sounds annoyed. It’s a simple correction of tabloid misinformation.

Oohh Per I LOVE you!! I was so angry at you for a moment..Marie is irreplacable!!!!! I agree whit you to 200%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DGessle, who said there was a problem with that?

So Per does read TDR daily, it seems... That was quick reply.

May I say: “TOLD YOU SO!”

Can’t wait for the album Mr G! Hope this will end up involving the whole “behind the scenes” Gessle clan aka Karl-M and Jonas.

Good luck with the rest of the recordings.


I said to Krystian who said: reason to not to be a Per fan..

Ha ha. Somebody should feels him/herself stupid right now :P

Great said Per!!! I believed in you! Thanks .....

You know what... I didn’t think the Expressen article was sensationalist at all.

I think a lot of fans wrongly jumped to conclusions.

Still... we got to hear from the big guy and get some valuable information out of it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH PER!!! you’re just wonderful.

I hope and believe the same.

all the best,

Thanx Per for clearing that up! U rock! Hope that there’s some great suprises for us instore next year with he 20th aniversery!

Looking forward to the new solo album - hope that Marie will make some small contribution to it tho!

Nice work Thomas...

Steven, you dont think this is sensationalist?
“Swedish tabloid Expressen writes today about how 27 year old Helena Josefsson will replace Marie Fredriksson in a new international music project planned by Per Gessle”

Do you think that it sounds from the article that Helena is a backing singer on a Per solo album? I certainly dont. It is very irresponsable reporting

Hmm didn’t he say not so long ago: “everything has returned back to “normal”, i.e. Roxette and my solo stuff. ” So you would figure he is working on it besides his solo stuff.

And now he says: ” I still hope, and believe, that there are great things in Roxette’s future.”
Makes you wonder though.

Also, : Helena’s involvement in his new solo album has been on the same level as with “Mazarin”.

Does that mean, her involvement in a certain new european project is still a big question mark? Or is it already a good planned project? Remember Roxette wasn’t a lucky strike in europe, they already had a plan in working before they hit the US.

You read too much into it: Helena does backup vocals on this album (like she did on “Mazarin”). Roxette will be back somewhen after that. There’s nothing more to it. At least that’s the way I see it.

who said something about Per writing on TDR? :P And how many times do/does we/ Per have to tell that he reads TDR? ;)

It wasn’t necessary to insult anybody in the end, or?

@ Neil:

The key word here for me was “project” and not “Roxette”.

I’m looking forward to the album again now. I had these thoughts of all the Rox-style ballads being sung by Helena. Nothing against her, but she’s no Marie.

If it’s backing vocals that’s cool!!

Well, it’s not the first time that Expressen is trying to stir people’s minds. I don’t think that the idea of Roxette without Marie sounds plausible to anyone.
Marie is irreplaceable. Thank you for these words, Per! Can’t wait to listen to some new music!

Well, those tabloid news are like big balloons - nothing’s inside ;] Per is recording new album right now and it’s great information, unfortunately, spoiled by dumb comments in Expressen... Eh... Helen is a wonderful girl with a lot of talent and with good, let say, voice ablities, but she’ll never be Marie :) At least if she don’t change her name :)

Per mentioned Roxette again :):):)

Exactly. He avoided the ” project”
Everybody just assumes it would be called Roxette. But that doesn’t mean there is still nothing else going on besides solo and roxette wise.

So he can still make another duo or band or whatever in english releasing it worldwide.
And still have this Helena involved in this whole thing.

Hey this whole thing atleast brought some excitement ...!

Whether it was just a “project” or “Roxette”, i think it would be inappropriate either way for him to start a worldwide project with another female singer as a duo.
Thankfully this is not the case, and it has been clarified that it is just another solo album

Ncurran: He didn’t say that.
He said : “It is not, and has never been, an option to replace Marie in what’s been called a ’new Roxette’

This has nothing to do with other things he might be doing.

“Per continues to tell TDR that Helena’s involvement in his new solo album has been on the same level as with “Mazarin”.”

Ok! Thanx Per!
But what about Marie???
We don’t know nothing about her a lot of time!!
We care about her!

Gosh, all this discussion resulting from another poor piece of journalism from Expressen!

Ncurran: That says nothing about other projects she may be involved with Gessle.

REPLACE MAIRE , NEVER ! she is mrs roxette , Ow the thought is horrid, Makes me fell sick the thought of replacing marie sick sick sick ! Or per working as a duo with ’that’ Helena Josefsson sick.

If he says he isnt fine, well will have to wait and see.

Someone0000, i think i understand where you are coming from now, but i dont think you understand the implications of per’s statement....its the language barrier.

If he had simply said, “Helena will not replace Marie in Roxette”, then the possibility would remain that he is planning to launch another duo with a different name.

BUT, he says” It is not an option to replace Marie in WHAT’S BEEN CALLED a new Roxette”
Those 2 statements have different meanings completely, and those 3 words in capital letters indicate his denial of any new partnership as an international duo.

The only new plans he has is for a new solo album with Helena on backing vocals.

Bang on target, Neil.

Who is talking about a duo?
“understanding reading is an art”

Someone0000 “So he can still make another duo or band or whatever in english releasing it worldwide.”

You were talking about a duo.

If he started a new band, i dont think many people would have a problem with it....hes done that before with the Lonely Boys. It was the idea of him forming a new duo with another female that people didnt like the idea of. We now know that this isnt going to happen

it has made my stomach turn all this news ! :-(

oh poor marie , lifes a bitch.

oh boy, i’m so surprised that the article was a load of bollocks.

He said the right things of course, and pronto.

If Helena’s quotations in Expressen weren’t perverted by journalists, then he probably has to admit that her words were indeed susceptible to some renderings; she somehow made it sound as if it’d be more than backup involvement.
And so I’d run the risk of saying that she wasn’t exaggerating - I have the feeling that Helena’s contribution on his new album is slightly more solid than it was on Mazarin. Which I find interesting and provoking, far from being out of place. She has that kind of voice and presence that go well with his solo style.

The fact that the tdr-inhabitants suddenly became restless and made their point straightly and airily has however signalized a direction of the “public opinion”; which he needs quite much, I assume.

(and if he’d go today to the nearest Ica, he’d sure have red piece of paper to sign)

I wouldn’t unhesitatingly plead for an English solo album though. Too much pressure on him and too many rather incontrollable elements when a Swedish personal album will be thrown out on the international market. It’s a bit scary and a bit exciting and the tension does him good, but well, doing it “his own way” is not really compatible with doing it for the whole world. He’s not Cohen, he doesn’t write poetry for being put on music, he writes pop music that fans expect to be “personal” in a different way. Writing personal AND international pop songs involves the strong belief that the world (still) has the same music taste as you have. But fortunatelly/unfortunatelly, this is rather doubtful.
So, all in all, I suddenly became emotive.

Ncurran: Of course he can, like I wrote before. It will eventually happen that Per Gessle will be working mostly behind the scenes. ( Would be wise to start with that now instead of wasting time on a new solo album at his age) How that will be, in what form of project, no one knows. Since you can’t predict the future.
Besides that, You read what you wanna believe. I read what’s more plausible.
Let’s see what the happens the next couple of years.

and my question is: did per contacted TDR himself or TDR asked per to make a comment on this case?

First option can mean that per is reading TDR and our comments :) and when he saw our huge shock he responded :)

GO PER!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST :) waiting for new album and tour all around europe :D and of course new Roxette album! Last comments from Per show that he didn’t forgot roxette! there is still a hope :)

Me head hurts.

No more reading for me.

I rest now.


Someone, i give up with you....i tried to explain it the best i could. I dont think people would object either to per working behind the scenes to help someone launch their career. The objection was to him forming a new duo with another female. He has said this is not happening and that Helena is working on his album in the same way she did on Mazarin....i dont know how you cant grasp that.

Surely it is crystal clear to everyone now with the official press statement?!

The album should be called
“The world according to the King” :)

Great news Gessle.

Does anybody really think that Per used an alternate tuning for the guitars? LOL! :D
This made me curious... let’s see what there to come! :P

Of cours Per reads The Daily Roxette on a day like this. He is major news in the second biggest swedish newspaper. Of course he wants to read what we think.

WOOHOO! Seems Per’s doesn’t have anything better to do than reading our comments! *off to the studio with u, i say!* LOL!

Okey, the Mazarin band this time too. I think this is as much a band as Gyllene tider is. So to call this Per Gessle solo isn´t that obvious to me.

The band must get a name!

I wonder if Per would like me to correct his grammar mistakes before he sends it out to the press? Its funny how he mixes up some of the english idioms....

Its, “on and off”, not “off and on”
and “on the cards”, not “in the cards”

I also like his sarcasm in the last sentence about the tuning of the guitars....basically taking the piss out of the press for their probing and over the top enquiries into his activities.

EDITOR’S NOTE: American English is indeed “off and on” and “in the cards”. – LEO

Thanx Per! :-)

Name for the band: PINCETTE! :P

French lyrics, huh? That’s such a Blondie thing to do.... Rapture!!

Per I dare u to do a duet with, spikey bottle blond, Annie Lennox... wouldn’t that just b postmodernisticly spitefull?!

It’s me messing up the grammar, not Per. His comments were in Swedish. I’ll change the one, but “in the cards” isn’t wrong according to what I’ve learned.

Thomas, OK, i didnt realise you had translated is almost perfect.....:P but the phrase is that something is “on the cards” not “in the cards”, unless he went to see a psychic.....unless of course that is the american english, I’m not sure.

French?!!!! (omg)

It makes me laugh how people always argue with Neil. The guys got strong views on subjects, which are normally right. I agree with what was said. It’s not intended as a new Rox. It’s like World According to Gessle, but instead of having the guys in the band doing backing vocals (and also Per), he’s got Helena (who has got a very nice voice for backing vocals)

Now we know there isn’t going to be a replacement, there’s no need to keep on arguing!

At least the rumours didn’t go on for a couple of days!

Thomas, I just checked. Indeed it seems that “in the cards” is the american expression. In British english it means that a fortune teller told you something would happen.....not a big deal though, you didnt need to change it....i was just being pedantic. I think i have too much time on my hands these days.

Yes, finally some piece of news a bit more concrete.

Thanx Per for clearing things up about projects going on.

No no no, french no! I don’t like the language (please french people don’t feel insulted it’s just the language) Hope the french ones are just instrumentals, hehe ;) , i know he said lyrics so that must be impossible. Maybe a good b-side for a single.

Of course: MARIE FREDRIKSSON is IRREPLACABLE! (Yes in CAPITALS!) So for the least you have to have her in one of the songs and by the way that’s a good habit of your last two solo cd’s. I believe too that Roxette will continue, it would have been great to released something now that TWO songs are flowing the TWO most difficult markets for Roxette and music taste is turning to the guitar sounds again.

Maybe some words from your mouth regarding the recording process in the coming weeks would be a nice touch. :)

Thanx for the explanation - It stopped the massive chaos and panic almost war of the worlds!!!

@ncurran: Yes, reading again after the first exciment it seems to be phrases in french not an entire song. And now that i think Roxette has some french words on Sleeping Single.

Roxryder-V2002 where have u been; i don’t know of any PG solo albums without Marie’s contributions. Hoping it won’t b any different this time!

I dont think it will be whole songs in french, just a few least thats the impression i get from the statement. Why not? Sounds interesting.

@purplemedusa: Those are the 2 Gessle cd’s i really know, i don’t have the others and don’t know all the songs. So that’s why i said having Marie is a good habit... STICK TO IT! :)

french rules!

I’m the operator with my pocket calculator

What do you mean Purp?

He wrote “lyrics in French” to a Roxette song called Sleeping single before :P

If I’m not mistaken Kent released a song as a single with the chorus completely in French a couple of years back in time. Maybe it’s fashionable in Sweden :)

FRENCH? Oj..have Per and Åsa been to Paris too often? Per singing in fantasy just has some problems with that..can we get a B-side in german maybe?? Dankeschön! (just kidding...just kidding!!!) is he a language-genius?

And can somebody fire the “journalists” from Expressen who always pretend that they have heard things from credible sources..and somebody from around Per told them..and..aaarhg..they are sooooooooooooooooooooo damned stupid

I am looking forward to your new solo album, Per!! Also I believe in Roxette´s future!
Many greetings from Prague!

Oh my, so much rumours happened since my last visit (yesterday afternoon)... I can’t believe it, really. Damn Expressen again >:-(

When I first read it at, I immediately got a bit bummed. Sure, Helena is a very good singer and I’m really fond of her, but I would get kinda sad if they would get together as a duo. For me, the one and only duo for Mr.G and Ms. Fredriksson is together as Roxette!
Wish you the best with the new CD! Hope to see you soon on the roads!

Ouch ... this piece of news has made me extremely happy but extremely uncomfortable also.

It’s great to know that The Genius is recording new stuff and that it’ll be released sometime in the future!

On the other hand, standing in either Marie’s or Helena’s shoes by this time, I have the feeling it wouldn’t be nice... Talking about being replaced because of an illness (nothing you did wrong or are to be blamed of) is really sad. Just by mentioning it, it feels disgusting.

Marie is a great singer, artist and human being and I guess none of us is “replacable” like an old machine or a full bag of trash. Roxette = Marie Fredriksson + Per Gessle, that has been, is and will always be the formula. I don’t blame if Per wants to try luck again going international (that’d be nice) and have Helena singing along, but I’d feel a little bit sad and disappointed if he used the name “Roxette” for that “project”.

Helena has proved to be a great singer, I didn’t attend the Mazarin concerts but I have seen the DVD a million times and I love the way she sings. “Segla på ett moln” lets her wonderful voice show. How sad to be uncredited by (an angry, we can tell) Per saying that she is not intended to be his duo partner. And what if she was? That’d be OK for the “project”, Marie had Patrik Isacson for the Äntligen tour and nobody was jelous or worried. But those where different times ...

Anyway, just wanted to post my thoughts on this topic. I hope Marie gathers the energy it takes to make a great comeback sometime in the future with Roxette, while we listen to what Gessle has been recording this time (sure a bunch of new songs we’ll all love).

Always nice reading you!
Ezequiel PiR_GeSSLe
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It´s obvious Per never would dare to “replace” Marie F. and put ANY female singer and go releasing a “new Roxette album...”. Better for him this Expressen article is just another CRAP.
Million ROXETTE fans would be really disappointed if something like that would happen...

BUT I´m sure Per would never do something like this, he´s not that kind of person! I´m really happy with his words, it´ll sure be another wonderful gessle-album (swedish, english, french or whatever). I don´t mind if Per & Marie go solo sometimes, I enjoy their solo albums as much as Roxette... but I wish Roxette to come back in a near future too!

I don´t like Helena´s voice at all, and her live performance is TERRIBLE i.m.o. But, well, I can stand her backing vocals if the song make my day (and it usually does) ;)...


Thank you so much for this statement!

Greetings from germany.

Thanks a lot Per that you stopped all the speculations so quickly by telling us what really goes on.

MR. GEE RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!

I´m absolutely agree with Per and happy because we know some news about his new project. I can´t wait for this!

I thanks god that I have read first this news and not the other one saying that Marie will be “replaced”!!
Go on with your proyect Per! We all will be especting the best, as always.

Wow, sounds so really FANTASTIC :-)!!! We’ll soon dance, maybe into winter, accompanied by lots of great humpty dumpty Halmstad tunes. And French sounds amazing!

But there’s one thing I can’t understand. Maybe, anyone can help me out there...?
Why always this stupid Per vs. Marie discussions?????????????????????????
No one is better than the other!!!!!!!!
Let’s better wait for further millions of great songs whether they are from Marie or Per. So what’s the matter, please???

Stay tuned, folks!!!

YES, Santi, it’s true!

The Kent-Song has such a great chorus in French!!! Well, the whole song is a masterpiece!
You all should listen to it if you get the chance. It’s called “FF” tracked on the album “vapen & ammunition”.

And Mr. Gee will bring another few masterpieces to this world, soon, very soon. That’s what I’m pretty sure about! Are you?

Grasi i agree with you fella.
****** Im in love with marie’s voice, its her voice im after so full of emotion and depth, and with her singing pers simple but wonderful songs full of melody and hooks ! thats why im still here.*****

@LaMan: Who cares about her?? She’s NOTHING!!!

@ crashroxer- don’t be pathetic...

i love the part about guitars! :) bring on Per and roxette!

He’s the KING!!!!

He looks like hes about to have an orgasm in that pic


Per, go on with your project. I wish you the best, but I won’t buy your album, anyway!


I will...

...but not from iTunes.

Per Gessle loved you, I like your music much, thanks for your words. Kisses and hugs from

Vanesa of Argentina, in the cloudy Chile

August 02, 2005

[email protected]

ps: thanks for receiving my friend Martin in your Hotel Tylosand.

Thanks Per for this press statement.

I knew he was not able to do something so terrible with Marie and all Roxette fans.

I love you Per,
Cheers from Brazil!

per, thanx for the statement and good luck with the new project!

with that many people loving per , i bet he never went short when he was younger LOL,2789,680185,00.html

New album already on autumn? Hm, I don’t think so.

I’m still not a Per fan, lol. As I said in the other article, Expressen is Swedish for big fat liars. They deliberately wrote it to sound like Per was starting a new duo so that he would look bad. Glad to see he’s not the insensitive monster he seemed to be in that article. But I’m still a Marie fan hehe.

I said if that article was untrue I’d wish him the best in his, Good Luck with your Career Per! Put Marie on one song like you did on your other albums, and I’ll buy it!

No more tabloid emergencies this morning then?! :-)

Thanx PG for this statement!! Warmed my heart..

Anything interesting in the aftonbladet article? And nothing in Expressen this morning?

Aftonbladet has the same pressrelease as TDR, with a comment or two added from Per, presumably over the phone: “Helena’s and my voices go together like pancakes and jam”... :)

Aha! Thought I saw one or two ’new’ qoutes - but my Swedish isn’t at a level that I’m able to understand everything! Thanx again Thomas!!

He says that Marie is doing well under the circumstances and that they see that people are interested in Roxette again - regarding the success of LTYH and FLAF at the moment.

nice pic @ Aftonbladet Mari, is it brandnew?

LaMan: The picture is from last summer!

The picture in this article is veery smilar:,2789,519403,00.html

IF the album will be in english he wants to release it “internationally”, if it will be in swedish it will only be realesed in the Nordic countries.


Really really thanx Per for this statement. We need that... ;-)
Expressen is never believable as usual... >:-/

@crash: yep...we don’t need to start a war...we are Roxette fans, so we love both Per and Marie cos they together are the best! ;-)


Hope you are o.k. , honey ??

oh I’m ok... ;-) thanx dear!

Fine !! (-;

I like that pic...

yeah it’s cool...lovely Gessle! =>

even Expressen has an new article

Did you have the link ??

“Helena’s and my voices go together like pancakes and jam”

Hehe yummy, I like that simile :)

i really wonder what marie thinks about all this she’s been so so quiet

She probably doesnt give a shit. She’ll still be sunning herself in Spain....thats my guess anyway. Although Perhaps Per gave her a call and they had a laugh about the controversy this caused. I can just imagine Maries reaction, considering its the “Expressen” again.

Where is the new article in Expressen? Can‘t find it...

One thing is clear with articles from Expressen:
Don’t believe it immediately!

*edited because Crash and I sorted it out privately*

I will just clarify my above comment about not being a Per fan:

I’m not a Per fan because I love Marie and her solo music. I don’t even really call myself a Roxette fan. But I think Per’s cool and funny, and I actually own just about everything he’s done which is not bad for a non Per-fan.

90% of what I say here is fooling around, I don’t take this forum seriously, I don’t take being a fan seriously, I don’t take anyone on here seriously. I argue with Tev sometimes but to me it’s all in fun and I think he sees it that way too. (I have even mailed him privately before to tell him it’s not personal).

I did think it was a bit lame and an insult to Marie if Per started a new duo, but it wouldn’t have changed my life one bit if he had.

*edited again, we worked it out ourselves*

Obviously that Marie is irreplaceable. She is the best all over the world, and i know i´ll love her for ever.

Gessle - go ahead and kick some asses outside Sverige!!!! - i can´t wait to hear those horny 3 chords pieces!!!

I’m wondering what a “horny three-chord piece” would sound like?! Can’t wait for it :-)

Nice to hear that Per thinks Marie is irreplaceable.

Now I’m waiting passionately for Per’s new album :)

ROXETTE will be incomplete without MARIE & PER.
so, if u guys have to work with another artist, u should change your band name. please don’t try to give same name-ROXETTE with a new artist ok.

Whatever happens it won’t be Roxette, no worries...

Per, thank you very very much for your message.
Wish you al the best for YOUR album and i hope you know that we love you forever!


I´ve always thought that Roxette was a commercial business. Per made It, and Marie doesn´t believe in this interprise in the beginning. I´m not surprise if that article was true.
But I (and so-many fans) meet Marie´s work and know that your work solo is much BETTER (in Lyrics and voice) tha Per’s music (Except some songs, like LTYH, IMHBL, for instance). Marie doens´t need Roxette and your sweet Gessle-ish songs anymore. I got happy for Per´s explanation, but I think that commercially, a young (Mariah-C - style) is a Good Idea. The way that things change quickly at present, i´m not suprise if younger people didn´t not that Marie wiil not be lead singer in “new Roxette”. :(

Marie. I´m your side, always, Like all other fans. Be healthy! Talk to us.

Adriano from Brazil


just onother sensasinalist news to make us become nervous and sad. it is obvious that per was going to defend marie. and he is all right. !!!!.

Adriano, I don’t understand why are you attacking Per this way.
Of course Marie’s work is fantastic, the same way Per’s work. And yes, they need one each other to be Roxette.
Marie needs the sweet Per’s songs and he needs his wonderful voice to be the magic duo we love. Both are irreplaceable.
I do believe that is not Per’s intention to create a new Roxette and I believe in his words. I also believe that soon Marie will be back and Roxette will shine again.


marie’s irreplaceable, roxette’sirreplaceble, but noone is replaceble. but anyway that words of per are SCARY why anyone is to be replaced? one thing does not make him finish another but as i can see ppl here r bothered maybe him per knows wa he said, ha? we gonna love him and mary and them together or not that’s the main thing

Being absent for a few weeks i didn’t think something interesting could happen. I see i was wrong...
Great news confirming the supposition that Per’s working on new material! I’m already curious to hear from Per a couple of phrases in French. Well honestly i cannot say i’m very happy about the collaboration with Helena, personally i don’t like her voice and think there are female voices fitting Per’s much more. But if it’s only back vocals, that’s ok and will keep me indifferent. Anyway I still believe that during the recording session one day Marie will come to the studio to see Per and between having two cups of tea they’ll record some nice duo. I can’t realize Per’s album without such a highlight and hope they will keep the tradition.

the only things i can say are YES marie is bloody irreplacable and it was because of how marie looked and sounded with the look that i got into roxette all those years ago, but my god, i dont really know what i would do without them, as they have helped me and my ex girlfriend though some really shitty times and i can safely say i understand the full meaning of IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE(BUT IT’S LUNCH NOW)
i hate it when fucked up news paper’s put shit about roxette that is lie’s like they do,,
but i suppose they have to sex it up abit and as per and marie are the most famous musicians nowwadays they will do that!
bastards is all i can say!
sorry for all the swearing but i have had enough of their crap!
peace and love
mark-andrew graham
great britain allla england alla united kingdom”!

Whooo Mark chill....


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