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Written by tevensso on August 2, 2005 to .

Swedish tabloid Expressen writes today about how 27 year old Helena Josefsson will replace Marie Fredriksson in a new international music project planned by Per Gessle. Nothing of the above has been confirmed, however Helena says to Expressen “Yes, we’ve been in the studio recording some material, but I don’t want to talk about it at the moment.” Also Per’s manager, Marie Dimberg, claims that things are moving but that no direction is set yet.

  According to Expressen’s “deeply involved” source the supposed album will be released this winter or next spring, and a tour is almost certain to follow.

  Helena Josefsson sings normally in the band Sandy Mouche, but is known to the greater mass as the backup singer on Per’s successful album “Mazarin” and tour.

Helene2000 contributed to this article.


This sentence is terrible: “27 year old Helena Josefsson will replace Marie Fredriksson in a new international music project.” Per can do whatever he wants, specially if Marie isn’t ready, but please don’t build a new duo with Helena! That would be a frosty shower for all rox fans – and Marie as well. Backing vocals are enough... 8-| :-( ;-)

horrible...makes me angry

As long as the project isnt named ’Roxette’ I dont see a problem. Certainly looks like a english solo album now. Marie’s not going to contribute at all? :(

Now I have an even bigger reason to not be a Per fan.

Firstly for me no one will ever and can never replace Marie lets make that clear ;)

I think its obvious that this is just another ’Gessle’ project...does it mean the end of Roxette??!!! Who knows...but while we wait I don’t mind to hear something new and different.

Who knows perhaps Marie has told Per she doesn’t have the strength for Roxette anymore and maybe he should do something different???!!! I don’t know just putting it out there ;)

I know Per likes to do other projects and I have no problem with that. But starting something with another female singer seems awful like replacing Marie to me. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to call it Roxette but let’s face it, it’ll be her singing and him singing and writing...sounds like Rox to me.

Helena sang already on Mazarin, so? It’s not a duo, Helena doesen’t replace Marie. Expressen just wants to write more dramatic.
Can’t wait the new album and the tour!!!


People are clearly taking exception to the word “replace” here. But for me, if Marie wants time to herself and for her family, then she deserves that. And if Per wishes to continue with his international career with Helena than I can only wish them the very best of luck. All the best, Rich

Exactly Rich-Uk!

It depends on what this project is. If it’s a solo record with Helena on backing vocals, then nobody will care. But if it’s a two person band with Helena and Per singing in English...well that is replacing Marie. It would be an insult to her as well as Roxette fans.

Well, if Marie is too ill for a big comeback. Can´t Per do anything then? Who knows, she might never do a big comeback. Is it better that Per doesn´t do anything then?

I´m 110% sure he has asked Marie about this.

This is very very good news to me.

Hope it will make it a little better on the international charts than “The Change” did ;)

GT 85: I don’t care what Per does in terms of solo, GT or otherwise. Of course he should continue his career. But starting a very similar band (if that’s what he’s doing) to replace one that ended because Marie got ill is really poor taste. Go solo or start a completely different band, not a male/female duo. Hopefully he’s not that insensitive, maybe Expressen was just being dramatic and Helena is only a backing vocalist.

**edited to stop ppls misquoting me**


Luckily I managed to calm down. The word “replace” sounds aweful :( But Expressen is a tabloid, so they tend to write something very dramatic. But the fact is here if Helena is not a backup singer in Per’s new project, then she will be the “replacement” of Marie. Even the news that the album is likely to be in English doesn’t bring me any joy.

I didn’t say I don’t care a bit, I said I don’t care what Per does with his career. I just find it bad taste to start a new duo with a new singer (if that IS what he’s doing, we don’t know yet). If Marie has quit, then I wish Per the best finding a new career. But if he just tries to make a Roxette clone, male female pop duo then that’s a bit insulting to Marie whether she supports it or not.

PS. I’m not annoyed, how do you know how I feel when you can’t see me? Just expressing my disappointment in Per if he could just replace Marie like that (again, if that’s what he’s done, if it’s a solo album with Helena backing then good luck to him.)

I’m really happy that Per will make another album.. Of course I hope a “solo” album because its so difficult to see him singing with another woman... but if Marie doesn’t want to do a Roxette project, why not?!

The word “replace” certainly makes my stomach turn! I hope that this is only an error from Expressen’s side & that Marie WILL feature in Per’s future projects!! Hoping that the MAN himself can shed some light for TDR readers as I (and many others) don’t like the sound of this!

no! nO! NO! Please not Helena! But okej...this is what Expressen write...But if its true..How can Per do this?!Is this his way to say that Roxette is over?

The direct quotes from Helena and Marie Dimberg do suggest that it is more than a back-up singer arrangement this time. I would be extremely pissed off actually if Per launched a new duo with Helena. It is an insult to Marie if this happens. Why cant he make another solo album?
I also have no problem if it is a solo project by Helena that he is writing/producing, but a new group would piss me off, especially when Marie is still recovering.

I think it’s a good news ! I think that if Per is doing it it’s because Marie isn’t ready to work again with roxette. Finally I don’t think it’s an insult to Marie. In the very beginning of the band she didn’t take roxette seriously.

Neil i’m a 100% with u! I feel like i wanna vomit right now after reading this!!

What did you guys think of Roxette and The Lonely Boys?

Gyllene Tider had an english CD, then Per left them for another artist, one that was backup-singer for him earlier.

The lonely Boys are a couple of guys, just like Gyllene Tider. Did you hate that too?

A “new” career with a new audience, how can that be wrong?

*Holds a bucket for Purple*

Considering the source - Expressen (which is Swedish for “big fat lying pile of crap”) it probably is their hyped up way of saying Helena is doing backing vocals on Per’s solo album. If he is replacing the cancer patient, then I stand by my earlier posts.

GT 85, nobody has a problem with Per doing other bands. He’s done it for years. What some of us have a problem with is if he created a “clone” of Roxette. He can make as many bands as he likes, but to be in another male/female duo doing the same music would be the same as Roxette.

GT and TLB were nothing alike, but yes I think it would be lame if Per made a 5 member rock group of guys. He’d be copying himself, that’s lame.

I’m sad about this news. Nobody can “replace” MARIE FREDRIKSSON! helena is a nice singer but not a part of Roxette. the people waiting for marie and not helena. i wish her success and luck but not with a formation as duo with per. ROXETTE is not a turn-around-pillow!

What ??

Who’s is Helena ??

She’s NOTHING!!!!

This is so great news. To bad Marie not could make it but ofcourse Per has talked to Marie about this, and I think Marie is not ready for a Album and a tour. I also think she said, -go for it PER!

The last thing I want is that Per should sit and wait for 10 years to se if Marie wants to preform again.

Per has written for songs to roxette for many years now. What do you people think that he should do with them. Throw them away,or give the songs to other artist?

No I dont think so. Helena is a great singer (otherwise Gessle havent choosen her) and I think this is gonna be a great album.

This is *not* about Roxette...

Move on people... Is not bad news, is WONDERFUL NEWS!
It means great music’s being made in Gessle’s factory. Isn’t it all about the music?

Helena sounds like Britney. She nothing special!!!!!

Let’s wait untill we hear something from Mr. Gessle hinself. I can’t imagine he would do anything that would insult Marie.

So wait and see before we vomit...

Don´t understand what everyond finds about Helena, for me she is absolutly nothing special, don´t like her voice at all! Sorry people!

This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard!


Especially not Helena, she seems to me like a kangaroo instead of the beautiful cat-like Marie! And her voice??? Does it exist??? ;[email protected]
And if this will be an international project as a Roxette-clone...then I WON’T even spend a single cent of my money for this shit...

Per can continue with his solo career but I dislike the idea of another duo-project, the comparison between Marie and the Kangaroo would be inevitable...and the Kangaroo will surely lost...there’s no comparison between a goddess and a kangaroo, or not? ;-)


Aaaaaaallllllright everybody. Stop the train right here. You’ll get your answer from the man himself soon enough. And I doubt it’ll start off with: “Considering Marie’s health, we’ve decided that she should be replaced by Helena as the lead singer for Roxette...” On the contrary, I believe it’ll be an English solo album and Helena will just do the backing vocals. Expressen loves to stir shit.


Take it easy folks!

This isn’t the new Roxette. Roxette is Roxette. Marie has been very sick, i dont think she is ready yet.

I think this sounds excellent. Go Per!

And dont insult Helena! Please!

And Expressen isnt the most serious newspaper in the world actually...

FANTASTIC, BadMoon!! (-;

big kiss from germany.


Marie has been very sick.


Kattunge, what is terrible? Per makes new album, so? What’s so terrible with that? You don’t have to buy it!

@Judith: You can edit voices out, since they’re recorded in stereo and most other instruments not, if you invert the phase in one of the channel the voices will be gone since they add up to the other channel that is exactly opposite (result = 0, silence).
But every other instrument in stereo will be gone as well and in general the songs lose quality. You can do this with any wave editor, music editor or special programs that make MP3 karaoke files out of WAVs or MP3. :P

THIS IS NOT ROXETTE- keep in mind this.

i think we are simply talking about new solo album by per in english on which helena will sing some parts- like she did on mazarin.

The news can be wrongly interpreted by readers, because of this silly sentence about marie.

LOL... Superb entertainment.

I don’t think it’s necessary to insult Helena or anybody.. that I don’t like her voice is just my problem, others will love it. As some don’t like Marie’s voice. Fine. But above all.. respect...

*gets the popcorn too* ;)

What are you doing Per?
Why ” Helena “? Never needs her and her voice.

She isn´t big in the music szene.

@crash: ;-) and you have the reason:


I can’t enjoy the show, this is no popcorn movie for me so far. *eating sandwich, desperately waiting for Per’s weekly column*

For some people Expressen seems to be the biggest “truth” in the world.

We will see and hear!

But I never liked Helena Josefsson. In my opinion she can´t sing and her backround voice is such badly.

Marie you are the sunshine for us. Get well soon baby!

Did anyone here know Miss Piggy?

I’ll be very disappointed if Per does something like this. I hope this material will be in Swedish NOT English.

LadyJordan: miss piggy from the muppets?

Zelda: No of course she is not “big” in the music scene. But who is that before they get a chance to be heard by a big audience?

Marie wasn´t that “big” in the beggining of her career either.

I expect people to respect Marie’s decision not to continue with Roxette right now, and I hope that people respect Per’s decision to continue with his career in whatever way he wishes. I hope that it’s a great success. They all have my full support. GOOD LUCK!!! All the best, Rich ;-)

Bunio, you are right.

@DGessle: Yes :)

I also want Swedihs material, not English. But English is better than nothing :)

Per Gessle is getting older nor Marie is getting younger.
The teenagers are mostly responsible for succes in the singles charts. Young single buyers want to identify with the artist. And you can’t with ppl almost reaching half a century. If Per Gessle wants to persuit a new world wide career he needs a new face that’s younger. Cause besides sweden, nobody is waiting for a wrinkled old man. ( losing weight can’t stop aging! )

So most likely it “will” be a renewed Roxette or a solo career for Helena Josefsson.
Per Gessle wouldn’t be foolish to release a solo album world wide since the world according to Gessle flopped and it will only be harder to get something off the ground now. He has no barrow to rely on anymore. Ppl will say: ” Male singer from Roxette? What is Roxette?”

Whatever he does when still wanting to be in the spotlights, he needs to start from the bottom again and which aged artist managed to do that with having such a long break?

English: OK!
But only solo or with Marie!

Heja people!!! I don´t think that Per is making a new Roxette!!! I believe in him- Roxette is their baby and they have to watch on it. If he plans to do something solo with Helena in backing vocals- nothing bad, or??
I don´t think he will give up Marie after this long time. If he hadn´t her he woulnd´t have got all the success.......

Ha ha. Somebody should feels him/herself stupid right now :P
Expressen writes the truth, nothing but the truth, right ;)

I don’t see what the problem is are people forgetting that Marie has been very ill....

I think a few words from Marie would be nice though on this....

Well, a few days ago I was thinking Per and Marie were too silent. So it could be possible they were recording a new Roxette album (may be the last one, be realist).
But now...well...I don’t know what to think!!

1.- Roxette had got backing vocals girls. So Helena could be making backing vocals for a new Roxette album that was intented to be surprise but Expressen has discover Per is recording a new album.

2.- Expressen is correct and Per is creating a new duo album. Well, If this is true I care about Marie’s health and lifetime. Because the only news about Marie were the new album, but nothing about her health.

3.- Per is recording a new solo album (english or swedish) and Helena is backing vocals. Well, It is better than silence. A new transition album to wait Roxette’s comeback.

What do you think about my thinking
Bringback the perfect day!!!!!!!!

dont like Helena Josefsson has a shit voice compared to marie.

People getting overexcited again... It just means Per’s doing a new english album with the mazarin team, nothing more...the rest can be looked upon with disdain.

(and i typed this before I read per’s statement :P)

And we don’t really need to be saying nasty things about Helena to get our point across either.

My biggest concern is, how IS Marie? It was / IS Marie’s voice that carries Roxette. Isn’t Marie well enough to comment on this announcement herself? On the surface it reads like a slap in the face, but until we know more facts and get a statement from Marie, let’s hope for the best. And WISH her well. And pray that Marie DOES have the strength for a comeback. Even if it recording and not touring. Go Marie!!!

well 2 things are true, Roxette are Marie & Per and the other one is that Helena is a great singer. There are 2 differentn things but why Per Can not start another proyect. Would you punish him for doing that, I don’t think so, we, the fans, need their music in any of their ways, solo, gyllene, roxette, lonely boys or whatever they do. I’ll buy that record even if they sing in chinese.

Segla Pa Ett Moln by Per & Helena is MUCH better than the same song performed by Per & Marie, for example.

There’s no “Roxette”, there is a NEW GESSLE SOLO album. It’s like “Mazarin”, Per said and I can’t see WHAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!???

Helena is a great performer, Marie is not able to make something right now, but the sentence of the article is not good, I agree.

i agree totally britinusa & emilio that helena is deff no Marie she hasnt a chance of ever being her i stand by what i say she is crap ! :-P

Im a little surpriced right now..dont know really what to think about this..It sure feels like hes replacing Marie..And im a little sad that marie still dont feel well enough to do something with Roxette.
Im sure Per would prefer to do something new with Marie, but if she cant/dont want to; what can he do. Off course I wish Per good luck with his new project with helena, but it would never be the same as with Roxette...
Guess im both happy and sad about this news..

*running through the room with a sign “I HATE EXPRESSEN!”*

Atic I hope u read the article that followed this one... NOBODY’S REPLACING ANYONE!! Per’s just currently busy with his solo album which will feature Helena Josefsson’s vocals - as with Mazarin.

The project is called: PER GESSLE. it´s about a solo album in english. Helena is just a singer singing backing vocals, that´s all. stupid comment from Expressen, I think.
BUT if Per appears with a new duo (Per and Helena) and a new international name then I gotta admit that things would be really different for us all. I really hope a solo project called Per Gessle.

I won’t add nothing, you have said all. I don’t mind, anyway. I am not going to buy another lousy Gessle record... I’m tired of his empty, no-sense, easy songs. I won’t spend a cent in that.

yea I red that after writing my comment =)

I just can’t get used to human stupidity.

Do you really have to sling so much mud at Helena? How is it possible that people can hate so much about others even if they don‘t know them. And you tell unpleasant things so easy. Maybe she‘ll read it some day... I wonder how she would feel. If you don‘t like her voice - it‘s your problem. This article is not about Helena‘s voice, but about Per‘s new project.

I think Helena is cute... :D

I miss Marie Fredriksson SO VERY MUCH!
And iam soo JEALOUS!!! on that Helene!!! :@
[email protected]

I just wonder what Per thinks now, when he reads that a lot of his fans hate Helena.

its nice to hear that GESSLE is doing his new project with new artist, and i am quite happy about that, but please don’t give the same band name-ROXETTE with her, u have to think other new band name with her , otherwise u may loose your reputation and it will be a insult to dear MARIE either.

Take it easy folks. Do you like Roxette because of Per and Marie or for the music that they have created? It sound like you don´t care about the music. To me that is strange.

I think it´s great that Per is creating new projects. That mean more great music. Is that so hard to understand?

Helena is a great artist with an amazing voice. I think you should respect that rather then to complain.

Oh I almost forgot:

Shine: To me YOU are nothing special.

rox-kuryliw: I don´t like you and i haven´t even heard YOUR voice yet.

Crashroxer & BadMoon: I think your comments really suck = YOU really suck.

LadyJordan: You should get a pair of new ears baby.


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