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“Heart” does well in the US

Written by Elysa_Gardner on July 26, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - One of this summer’s fastest-rising pop tunes is titled “Listen to Your Heart.” But the message the single offers music-biz execs is to listen to the guy who works in your mailroom.

  That’s how Cory Robbins, president of Robbins Entertainment, came across Belgian duo D.H.T.’s cover of “Heart”, a power-ballad hit for the Swedish duo Roxette back in 1989. D.H.T., which features 20-year-old singer Edmée Daenen alongside MC/DJ/writer/producer Flor “Da Rick” Theeuwes, has soared to the upper reaches of commercial radio formats with a dance mix and an “unplugged” ballad rendition of the song.

  The single is presently at #1 on the Dance Radio Airplay chart, #5 on the Billboard Radio Monitor mainstream top 40 chart this week, #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #17 on Nielsen BDS’ national airplay list and is expected to climb even more.

  Like everyone who works for Robbins, mailman Matt D’Arduini was invited to the Monday night meeting of label executives. In early 2004, he brought D.H.T.’s “Heart” and played it. Weeks later, Robbins offered Theeuwes and Daenen a deal.

Robbins didn’t expect the ballad version to garner much airplay. They sent the single to pop stations, and one station in Saginaw, Mich., WIOG-FM, had enormous success with the unplugged version. Robbins said, ’I don’t care. We’re a dance label; get the dance version played.’”


EMI what are you going to do now? Nothing?

What does EMI have to do in this???

Anyway, I’m glad that the cover is doing great.

Hi every one,

on the dht website, some people dont seem to know it’s a Roxette song, like someone on TDR said before... They think it’s dht !

and, how can this band imagine the unplugged version wouldn’t get great success (I think but don’t remember LTYH was performed at the MTV UNPLUGGED in 1993 ??? )

and if they said they don’t care about the unplugged version success because they’re a dance band. So, why did they choose it and make that version ?

so, gonna get dressed for success ? Shaping up for the big time ? :-)

I have the record “D.H.T. featuring edmée Listen To Your Heart”, and I like it ;).
In the booklet you can read the story of the group and the disc, and it tells you that LTYH is a Roxette’s song remake.
Do they have a new version of the video?

@ bruno....this is all you can expect from young ones these days but there is a positive side to all this & that is that while these remixes are being played roxette are getting some much needed publicity,if you live in the uk you’ll know what i’m about,so if you are against all this remixing just think as to what i’ve said bearing in mind marie has just gone through one of the most frightening times of her life

Yes, there’s a new video. It’s not yet on any website we’re aware of.

You can see the video at


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