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Metro to celebrate 10th anniversary with Gessle

Written by Jud on August 27, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle will participate in a concert the free tabloid newspaper Metro is organizing to celebrate its 10th anniversary on September 7.

  The event, “The Concert of the Decade” as Metro not-so-humbly calls it, will take place at the Globe Arena, Stockholm, and – along with Gessle – will feature The Cardigans and Petter among others. “I thought I’d air out the band,” Per tells TDR, “Nothing big, maybe four or five songs…” TV3 will broadcast the concert the very same week.

  One thousand tickets will be given away via Metro, TV3, Rix FM and NRJ. They can be also purchased via Ticnet, regular price 250 kronor (€29), for Metro club members 125 kronor.

  Update Jul 26: Three more acts have been revealed: Eva Dahlgren, Eric Gadd and Robyn.

  Update Aug 28: Swedish TV3 will broadcast the show September 10 at 17:30 CET. Also, The Hives and Darin have been added to the bill

  Update Aug 29: The final two acts are The Ark and Håkan Hellström. Today, nine days before the concert, TicNet still shows availability “green” and you can still get tickets reserved for Metro members only. MTG (owners of Metro) has made tickets available for other MTG members as well, like Club Rix FM.

Daniel Alvedahl and Tobbe Joneby contributed to this article.


Wonder what he’s going to play.

New album planned this fall... ;)

Excellent! I’m sure he’ll play something new, even if the new album is a bit away yet...

sure he’ll present some new stuff :P

Would be great, Judith (-;

Anyone who will join the show ??

Don´t know! I´m thinking about that now. I think I have holiday on this time, what are the odds! :P

Urm... i fink i should seriously consider this!!!!!!!!

Perhaps a TDR contest is in order... ;)

And with a Metro card you only pay half price.

yep, must be a new album promotion :)

I really hope it’s promotion for a new album... but I also hope that we’ll hear HKAK to :D

Two tickets here... urm and two TDR Tee’s to go with that please!! (But the one T should have TDR’s color’s inverted - purple & green... a size meduim would be fine for this one & make the regular one a large!)

Sounds like you where ordering coffee then!

Hey I won’t say no to a good ol’ cuppa with the above!!

Good news!!! I hope so for a new album ;)

Does he mean that he’ll play 4 or 5 songs? sounds like that atleast :D

I hope I’ll be there. :)

I am getting tempted to go.... gessle live even if it is 4 / 5 songs!

Odd that Aftonbladet or Expressen not have talked about this gig eyet, or the rumours about a new Gessle album.

I really want to know more about what he’s going to be performing, but can’t find any information anywhere!!!

Please play Stupid!!!!!

I thought it would only be 1 or 2 songs.. so when I heard it would going to be 4 or 5 songs I was suprised! Happily suprised =)

I expect something new from Per...

Cool that they have chosen to have just Per on the ad too. I mean, they could have the other artists aswell, but it’s just Per.. nice! I’m going!

Wow Iam going TOO SEE THAT!! IAM GOING TO SEE THEM!!! [email protected]

Could anyone help me get 2 tix?? I can’t read Swedish on Metro webiste and would love to attend! Mail [email protected] if u can help? I’d b v grateful! Steve

The most peoples will come for PER!!!!

and as it will be on TV3, I guess we will get to watch it via there website! :)

nice picture.

judith: Eva Dahlgren added to the bill? Have you booked your flight yet?;-)

It was rather obvious that she’s join with the new single and all ;)

But nope, I’m not going, even though I’d love to see her live @ Globen - will have to do with the TV3 broadcast :)

PLaying stupid? Don’t think so... In front of a general public, he will play his general hits :-)

Someone knows a clean cheap place to sleep in stockholm, near globen? Does someone know how easy it is to get in the centre from airport skavsta?
please mail me on [email protected]

Jaap, Skavsta is really far away, but they have bus shuttles from that “Stockholm” airport. I don’t know of any hostels around the Globe, but try is veeery near. ;) But not cheap i think. is quite near,only a couple of kilometres away, and cheap 8)

thanks so far... Hmmm... with ryan-air it won’t cost TO much i guess.... Now only getting to the airport from my home...

Hej, I am selling 4 standing tickets to concert of the decade with Mr. Gessle:) Because of one fantastic girl on Ticnet, I dont have the right tickets I needed - so, if you are interested, please write me an email. Have nice time, Iva

this sounds like quite an event.....i’m a big fan of a lot of swedish bands. unfortunately, i’ll be in school. if i might add though, DAMN gessle is HOT in that picture!!!!!!!!


tam o are nice sites to visit. By the way, could some Roxette fan record the audio of the concert? That would be cool. I cannot go because I just got back from Spain like three weeks ago and I was their for eight weeks so that means too many expenses to pay off... thanks.

If you could upload the audio after the concert that would rox!


after Eva’s concerts in Helsinki.. I can only predict her performance at Globen will rock :D Hope she sings one of the new tracks besides “När jag längtar”.. maybe “Vänta mig brunt” or “Snö” they both left me :O

I was thinking no at first - couldn’t be arsed, but just checked Ryanair and there are flights for £0.01 both ways - £28.00 in total with all taxes... I could do with a couple of days away and I wouldn’t even have to take any hols either. Anyone else thinking about being foolish? :P

hope someone will record it :)

Yeah, please record this and make it downloadable for us all, I might miss the tv-broadcast coz im on my way home from north of sweden...

Yepp, I so hope it will be available to download somewhere :)

anyvone tried the formule 1 hotel
thats very cheap only 330 SEK for a room with 3 beds
dont know where it is in Sthlm though

“Today, nine days before the concert, TicNet still shows availability “green” and you can still get tickets reserved for Metro members only. MTG (owners of Metro) has made tickets available for other MTG members as well, like Club Rix FM.”

Don’t seem like they are selling that many tickets... wonder why?!

I know why, the concert is on a Wednesday night, all these artists’ fans are school children...

:D Eva’s fans school children? They won’t even understand her lyrics :D

OK, let me rephrase: some of these artists have fans that are school children; Darin, Robyn, Petter, while some unfortunately don’t have any fans left; Eva, Eric Gadd. Some have fans, but they don’t care about a gig like this; Per, The Ark, Håkan H; The Hives and The Cardigans as it most likely will be rather pathetic with 2 or 3 songs played by their artist. All in all, my guess is there will be lots of empty seats in Globen. Who wants to see a motley crew like this on a Wednesday between 7 and 10:30? :)

heh, that’s a good one, tev :o) Quite a mix indeed. I would go for PG and Eva, but 1) it is in Stockholm 2) no other fans able to join me 3) you can still see that on TV - nice :)

even if I would live somewhere in Sweden.. I wouldn’t pay for the trip/take off from work etc for a couple of songs... and then it’s on TV ;)

I’m going to Stockholm only because of this concert. Concert tickets, flying tickets and hostel are not that expensive :)

@Mari: cool then, keep my fingers crossed for you - take pix if you have the chance and wave to us watching you on TV, haha :D

It has to be avail for a download, I can’t wait to see it somewhere...

To everyone who is interested:
He played at second guest (after Eva) and played “Ga och fiska” and “Juni, Juli, Augusti” and then as last one again with “Här kommer alla känslorna” and “Det hjärta som brinner”.
He rocked!

It was GREAT!

if somebody makes it available for download.. could you add the 2 songs Eva played? Tack! :D

if you go to metro you will find today’s edition, pages 22-23 there’s some info about the gala and interview with Per.


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