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Dancin’ DJs’ single out in July

Written by purplemedusa on June 21, 2005 to .

Dancin’ DJs v. Roxette’s single “Fading Like a Flower” will be released July 25 and TDR can show you pictures from the video and the single sleeve. Roxette and EMI have approved the usage of Roxette’s original recordings and you can also see the video in the background of Dancin’ DJs’ video.

  Roxette’s original version of “Fading Like a Flower”, off the “Joyride” album, was a hit back in 1991 where it ended up on #2 in the US for instance. The video was mainly shot in the old part of Stockholm named Gamla stan (Old town).


Interesting. Perhaps I will buy it to support Roxette in the UK.

I’ll definitely buy it. Roxette in the top 10 in 2005??! Who would have thought it...

I want a couple o’ copies of this release!! (more screen shots)

I’m hoping it gets a release in australia :-)

Hi Everybody;

Endly some news about Roxette. So will I buy it, too, provided it’s available in Belgium.

Still looking forward to sth new from Roxette.
maybe for next year, who knows ?
Hope Per and Marie to make sth for their 20th aniversary .... And please, NOT a best of or sth like that. We really want sth new ....
Wish Marie and Per the best, have a nice holiday ...


@ brunorox

As far as I know it’s only availible in the UK!

Hey Roxers! Where is it possible to see or to unload this video?


@Dancin’ DJs: Be original and write your own songs!

i think any roxette promotion of any kind lately is great for roxette in UK . cant trust there record company can we ?!

I still don’t understand what all the fuzz is about.. but if you like it, enjoy! :)

i dont like it that much, but any roxette on uk tv is a first since umm 1999 LOL

plus if it goes top 5 first time since 1993 for roxette to do so.

i personly don,t like this kind of STEELING
if they can,t write theire own stuff they are no reall artists and its NOT that ORIGINAL anyway

i have always liked roxette,s version better even if the put the most expencieve singer to do it

for me marie,s voice is the most expencie of them all no one can replace her

and please stop trying this is not working
write somthing your self


What is so cool about it?

Is great to dance to though. They have played it several times in clubs in Newcastle and have heard it on the radio. I dont mind- although it was refered to as camp the other night.....

So finally it all turned out great :)
Hopefully, we’ll see it on the charts :) But I don’t like the idea that it is only the UK release...

Is there anywhere online we can hear the full track or see the video? I do have Sky so when I am at home and have the time, I will of course be hanging round the music channels til they play it but I want to see it now!!!!

Send me a mail @ [email protected] & i’ll forward you one of the remixes in mp3 format!

So this has been confirmed as only a UK release?!

It would be good to see this in the TOP 5! :)

Sorry but no comments.....


OMG! it was played on my local radio station, jeez now that is something...

Out Now, how will it chart!


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