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Written by tevensso on May 18, 2005 to .

There’s a new Roxette track out there. This time it’s not played by Roxette, but by Ginestrakvartetten (The Ginestra Quartet) and it’s a beautiful seven and a half minute long medley of “Vulnerable”, “It Must Have Been Love”, “Dressed for Success” and “The Look”. Ginestrakvartetten is a classical quartet so the medley is therefore performed gracefully with classical instruments.

  This track is from an album that is a bonus CD to the book “Smak av Halland” (“A Taste of Halland”), a cookbook – and more – about Halland, the county that Halmstad is the capital of.

  “Smak av Halland” is written by Tomas Tengby and Stefan Holmström, while the photographs are taken by Bruno Ehrs and Lasse Åkerström.

  ICA, the publishing company, describes the book like this: “Book idea: A cookbook with the raw material of Halland as a basis. Additionally what’s unique for Halland is presented in the text and the photos. Some history, health, food, music and nature.”

Examples of recipes featured in the book:

Small potato pancakes

Potatoes au gratin spiced with blue cheese

Fillet of beef in a string

Salad from Ugglarp with horseradish dressing

  All in all there are about 50 recipes and 60 color photos in the book. ISBN: 91-534-2636-3

Per-Axel Månsson contributed to this article.


OMG! I can see the disc includes a track by Astor Piazzolla (Argentinian comtemporary composer, who died in 1992). I can’t believe that composition was included on that CD! I’m proud, our artists are recognised everywere :oD

Any chance to order this somewhere as a non-swede?

Hmm... What songs does the medley include?

I added that to the article.

Thomas was faster adding what songs the medley included! ;-)

Interesting (and good) choice to have vulnerable as one...

lol, I know what I’ll be buying on Saturday in Halmstad! :)

@Ally: Yeah, take the chance when you’re there! It is actually the only place I found the book so far! :-)

I will! ha ha :)

I’m sooo gonna get it, does it hit all regular shops all over the country, or where to look for it?

and PS. what’s the price of it?

The recipes sound great - as long as there’s no fish in it.. ;-)

The recommended price is 228 kronor according to FORMA.

Hi...If you want som snippets from the recording I can send it to you...I was one of the audioenginers on the recording so you can get som previews if you want to...


@johan_akerberg: Hi! I would really appreciate if you were to send to me some snippets of the recording. Thanks for your kindness.

[email protected] (carlos_e_vas)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

@gyllene tjej: Recommended price is 228 as tevensso says, but in Halmstad I paid 139 SEK for mine.

@lonely girl: It is a book about Halland... so sure there’s fish in it as well. ;) But I don’t like fish either! ;))

139 SEK... wow bargain, if I can get for this price I will buy a few... keep a watch on eBay next week :)

Ally, the merchant! ;)

What a surprise!!!

really nice to grab it in Halmstad then...but then I need to add the SJ ticket price back and forth. Lovely book anyway.

Could I please get the snippets too at [email protected] THANKS!

Can I please have the snippets too?

[email protected]

Thank you 130 SEK 132 SEK

If anyone’s interested.

I would like to order the book. But not all Swedish shops deliver to Germany. And the other thing is, that the book is already sold out in the most shops like

Do you know other shops who deliver to Germany and where the book is not sold out?

That’s really wonderful news and I’d love to have the book as well. We’ll see if I find a way to order it here in Austria.

@Johan: could you also send me some snippets? Many thanx already in advance!! [email protected]

For all the German fans! You can order it at:

Mitterauer Buchhandel;jsessi...

got it and hmm I dislike the violin versions apart from the look,dressed for success

Ginestrakvartetten - Smak Av Halland (A Taste of Halland) (from Alfredo)

The Ginestra Quartet - Roxette Instrumental Medley (Vulnerable, IMHBL, DFS, TL)

After clicking on the link, scroll down to the button with “Далее”


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