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Hotel Tylösand makes big profit

Written by tevensso on May 7, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD - Hotel Tylösand (Tylöhus to the locals) made a nice profit of 20 million kronor (€2.2 million) last year. Owners Per Gessle and Björn Nordstrand bought the hotel ten years ago for a “very low price,” as it was close to going into bankruptcy.

  The odd business partners have plowed down about 200 million kronor (€22 million) into the hotel, and the latest plan is a glass-covered spa with an ocean view for 25 million kronor (€2.3 million).


bargin to stay there i bet LOL

Hey right on. Any time someone can take something in the red and actually move it to the black... that’s a GOOD thing.

Very good news... and I gotta admit cannot wait to see this place again in 2 weeks! I see from others photos it’s changed a lot since 1999!

more money for Gessle ;)

How much costs a standard double room in Tylosand?

Congratulations!!! I wish I could spend my holidays there...

...into the heart shaped ocean...

congrats Per ;)
I guess all TDR readers get to stay there for free perhaps? ;)

a special Roxette arrangement wouldnt be a bad idea ofcourse :P

I would Love 2 c that Place sometime in da future!
How much does it cost to have a Room 4 six People?

Congrats Per!! I agree there should be special offers for TDR readers :o)))
On the page the hotel states that a double room costs 695 kr. per person (in the summer season) which is about 76 EUR.

I have stayed at Hotel Tylösand for a night some time ago, it was nice but not too special. The most memorable thing was all the gold and platina plates from roxette and GT that covered all the walls in a bar!

I am confused. The announcement seems to honor Per because his hotel made a profit. According to progressive thinking, however, isn’t profit evil? Doesn’t it mean that Per has gotten rich on the backs of the poor? In my country, we have a large political party called the Democradolescents who think that wealthy businessmen, such as Per Gessle, are rapacious and sinister, and should be taxed into insolvency. No one should be allowed to be wealthy (unless he/she is a Democradolescent).

You can bet that announcements such as this are great news to the Swedish government bureaucrats, who immediately get out their knives and start figuring out ways to loot Per’s profits from him. We can’t have anyone being wealthy and successful in the world today. No, everyone must be equally poor, if life is to be fair. (Premier Hillary Clinton will tell us more about this beautiful concept, a few years from now.)

Of course people must make money! Without people like Per, there would be no hotel in Tylösand. Per makes money, so he can do more and new things at Tylösand. When he´s doing like that, more people will come and visit Tylösand. When people do that, they consume. So more people = more money = more money to the stat/people through taxes and so.

There are some countries in the world where it´s not okey to earn money, eg. North Korea.

The people there don´t seem to be very happy.

I am not suffering cos other people have more money then me.

And btw, hope they do something about the exterior on the hotel, looks like an hospital.

Please lets stick to Roxette realted topics, and not go into weird political groups and militia’s :P It’s all about the music...

Yes, let’s stay on topic.

@GT 85 Somehow hotel reminds me of hospital too...

Gratulerar Per


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