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Gessle receives Liseberg award in front of 5,500 people

Written by Jud on April 24, 2005 to .

GOTHENBURG - Per Gessle received the Lisbergsapplåd award yesterday in front of the first visitors to Gothenburg’s amusement park, which had just opened its doors for this year’s season.

  “It is a honor to receive this award. I actually didn’t know it existed,” Per said to Göteborgs Posten, “but when I saw the names of those who received the award previously, I felt very flattered.” Per also explained that Gothenburg has played an important role in his career with Gyllene Tider, Roxette and as a solo artist.

  Per is busy these days with various projects but he hesitates when it comes to revealing more. “I have a frame, an external skin that I try to fill with content. The feeling is similar to the one I had when I worked with Mazarin, something I do for my own, without compromises and much involvement. A feeling of freedom. We will see what it will result with,” he tells GP.

  Per had a bit more to say to the Official Roxette Fanclub. He explained that he’s writing in both Swedish and English and working with Clarence Öfwermann, Christoffer Lundquist (both producers of Mazarin), Jens Jansson and Helena Josefsson (who played on the Mazarin album and tour) in Christoffer’s studio, The Aerosol Grey Machine. What will this turn out to be? He doesn’t know yet.

  Per also explained that there’s nothing planned with Roxette right now and that Marie has recently bought a house in Spain, where she plans to spend a lot of her time.

  Last, but not least, there are plans to release the Gyllene Tider documentary on DVD this summer. The documentary was aired on TV4 in January and was supposed to have been released at the end of January. Per said that there will be additional material on the DVD – goodies for all Gyllene Tider fans: all the TV performances they have of GT in the ’80s, a concert from the ’80s, as well as the “Teaser Japanese” video.


Oh bugger!

So no Roxette in a long long time, I suppose.

Congrats, Per!
(“didn’t know the award existed”...must he confess?) ;P

well done per, he should enjoy it for a while, he always seems in such a rush to do things hehe.

Maybe..Marie will visit “Ballermann*6*” ... who knows (-;

’I didn’t know it existed..’ Ouch! Thats a laff. good article, nice and informative judith. oam

“It is a honor to receive this award, I didn’t know it existed”
Honest confession ;) Pure Per! :D

Helena again?? Not sure I like her high voice...

wow! another GT dvd. Why not a Roxette live cd?

so from what Per said there, it sounds more likely he is making a Mazarin 2 and not a solo english album.

Marie... going to spend a lot of time in Spain? What’s going on? Ok so I respect the swedish listeners but c’monn enuff already. Time for an English album! :s

Sounds like he’s going all out and recording both a complete english and swedish album...

But I think it’s definatly time for an English one first, save the mazarin II till next year

Nooooooooooooo BRING ON MAZARIN II! :)

Wow, another concert, and new material both in swedish and english this is AWESOME :D
Could it be the Rock 300 performce with SOS? :)

I’m glad Marie is taking her time to relax...she shouldnt rush anything

*Auryte dreams about an English album*

Per is the best there is. I guess he´s gonna release a new solo album in english this year and another solo album in swedish on the next year. about the GT dvd he says: “it will include a complete concert from the 80’s that hasn’t been released before” and now I say: wowwwwww!!!!!! I wanna watch that concert on dvd!

What shocked me more was the idea of Marie leaving Sweden. I never imgained such a thing.

Actually the idea that Marie bought a house in Spain was also a big surprise to me. On the other hand, the weather in Spain is better for the health, I think...

Per wears torn blue jeans! just like me!

Like colinvdbel said, I’m glad that Marie is taking her time to regain strength and the most important is that she feels fine!!

I think Per should have given the award to Pierre Gaffel at the ceremony! :P They should reward him for the free advertise he gave the Flumride ride ;)

Now you drive me real CRAZY just by being born!
Have a Nice Day!
Iam going to see him i Globen!

haha jag är svensk hahaha jag kan prata me honom! XD
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