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New Roxette-inspired Single in the UK?

Written by onlywhenidream on April 12, 2005 to .

LONDON - A hospital radio station in the UK has a tentative release date for the dance single by Dancing DJs. The track is a remix of Roxette’s 1991 single “Fading Like A Flower” and is slated for release on All Around The World recordings for May 2nd.

  It is titled “Dancing DJ Vs Roxette: Fading Like A Flower 2005.”

The promo includes the following mixes:

1. Dancing DJs Mix

2. Alex K Bounce Mix

3. Hardino Mix

4. Discode Mix

5. Alex K Extended Mix

6. Hardino Radio Edit


if you wanna hear a snippet, found this file on this

to be honest: it sounds very much like a remix called “fading like a flower 2004”

bring the guitars back!!! Roxette, come back!!!

The best mix since Listen to your heart by DHT. Good to hear more Roxette on the dancefloor!

gross more noise to give me a headache what the hell

It´s not so bad, but PLEASE, COME BACK ROXETTE!!!!
We need new sound from you, before they cover your hole stuff!!!!!

If this starts to remind people of Roxette, I think that’s good. Of course these remixes can’t compare to the original, but those silly rave-heads don’t care about real music, do they? :)

Well, I wonder if this will see the light of day in the charts. Recently there’s been loads of 80’s/90’s pop rock dance remix’s doing big business in the charts so, it might have a chance at doing well. Then causing new interest in the “original artist”. I can but hope............

Is that true that Eric Prydz made cover of FLAF? Was it released as single?


The Alex K. Bouce remix is already on the internet, if i’m not mistaken.

I found it on DC++. The file name is Fading Like A Flower (Alex K Remix). Just not sure if it’s the same one.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Coooool !!!! :P

Roxette still rules the music world!

I prefered the other version ... Too much noise in here, it’s sad that such a good song is “destroyed”. You’re right Mikalek, Roxette HAS TO COME BACK for, at least, their 20 th anniversary next year. May be sth new ?

Please, Marie, Per, tell us ...

i dont like dance :-( , whats wrong with the oringal ? ?

The remix is not so bad.
I miss Roxette too.

I totally agree with Mikalex1 “We need new sound from you, before they cover your hole stuff”. Please, Roxette come back!!!

why dont roxette do there own version to remix and release and promote i UK i cant do with all these releases mixed by other dj’s

I’m surprised, it’s really not bad! would love to hear it on the dancefloor. but still, bring some new stuff, please!

I hate the way the UK music scene has gone. Toss like this just goes to show that there are NO ORIGINAL IDEAS left. Eric Prydz’ Call On Me? Ripped wholesale from Stevie Winwood’s classic Valerie. Cabin Crew? All I can say is that Boy Meets Girl want to be getting a hefty slice of the royalties with that.

For crying out LOUD, Per, Marie, come back to the UK and SAVE US!!!


sure, this flaf-remix sounds good => it’s Roxette in it ;-))

i’m really longing so much for new Roxette-stuff, i miss Per and especially Marie. just imagine: seeing both of them live on stage... how wonderful would that be?!

Hello Roxers!
I came to think of one thing..
Does Per get any royalties for those remixes?
Do the people who do the remixes have to ask mr G for permission? If that is so I dont understand why Per gives the permission? Can anyone explain that to me? Or is it cash that is talking here? If that is so the question is, does our good Per need more money? ?
Rox on!

Wow! Definetely a great mix!!! I love it! The vocals are great, if you pay attention.

I am a bit confused... Did all those DJ’s, included in the list, make a (re)mix of Fading Like A Flower?

mz mz mz mz...sorry..not my taste..cheapest mix I ’ve ever heard. Reminds me on Scooter and Scooter makes me sick.......

SilverBloo: Well, Eric Prydz comes from Sweden...

Since I don’t go to discos/clubs, I really don’t care about this kind of stuff. I’ve listened to the snippet and I can say it’s not my cup of tea... The original song is good enough for me, I don’t need this “remixes”. Even the original “Gatica remix” was very poor. Original version, the best one!

Dancing DJ’s... these *#^% guys ripped/ stole our track which was released almost a year ago on Secret Service Records (can be listened to at : The original Artist is : 2-4 Grooves and the tilte was : Rock Set.

We are very angry!

Urm Secret Service... very professional of you to use such language! But just for your information... Dancing DJ’s have actually used the ORIGINAL track by Roxette to create those mixes!! It’s NOT a cover version!!

Dear Mr Angry SecretService..

If you want to start shooting your mouth off in such an undignified manner then pop over to our forum and we can disscuss anything you wish on any level you like :p

This is not the place..

So which mix will be the single?

Well, for a techno or dance track it is quite good. It has got the right BOOM in it, so you can feel the music in your whole body.

But I still prefer the old-fashioned songs. I don’t like too much Equalizers and too fast music.

Guitars, Bass and Drums are my favorites.

Well, of course the DJs will get Per’s Permission or how will he get so much money to be treaten to pay a million euros for taxes?

And as I remember, one group (groove coverage) already tried to use the melody of a Gessle song (Jefferson) without permission and nearly all money goes to Mr Gessle.
Don’t be so childish to think, Per is doing everything for the music. He is one of the best moneymakers in showbiz. He is human and so it is a natural behaviour.

For those of you who are interested: the song is on
a CD called Fresh Funky House Anthems (2CD)

its trach 15 on the 2nd CD Dancing DJ’s vs Roxette - Fading Like A Flower

I bought the CD at ASDA, and it’s available in all record shops and online stores in the UK.

personally I think it’s quite good (I have bought the CD as I am into funky house music) I haven’t heard it out and about clubbing though. But if I do I let you know.
Is it worth buying? Well try to get the single, as judging from the comments I take it that the CD wouldn’t really be to your tastes. No point of wasting all that money for just one song.

From what I’ve read some fans think this is a “new” cover of the song. In fact it is only a remix of the song. The difference between DHT and this song is that DHT actually sung the song, not had the entire song remixed, so this is not a cover

But it is STILL interesting that it is getting radio play and having many people interested in Roxette, you know?

You people amaze me. We go on and on about Roxette getting more exposure and getting them back in the UK limelight, and as soon as a hint of them appears what happens? Many of us start complaining! I find this truly unbelievable. The Dancing Djs have made a fab remix of a great Roxette song. They even keep Marie’s voice in it instead of having someone completely different singing it, AND in the video, there is footage of the original Roxette video with both Marie and Per!!!! I think that is fantasic! Not many dance artists do that- where was Boy Meets Girl in the Sunset Strippers and Cabin Crew videos? Where was Alice Cooper in the Groove Coverage video?? Dancing Djs are keeping the song about Roxette. We shouldn’t be complaining about it, we should be bouncing off the walls screaming THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR BRINGING OUR BELOVED BAND BACK!!!! Thanks to this remix, it’s on all the music channels and will be on the radio. People will remember Roxette and this may well promote a UK comeback for them. Isn’t that what we want?
I certainly do and I am not ashamed to adore this remix. :-D

I am one member of Cabin Crew... and to tell the truth... we had the vocals re sampled and re sung for us by Boy Meets Girl... but they had no come back planned and did not want to be in the video for reasons chosen by them...

However, they greatly loved our version, and Sunset Strippers, well they’re our enemy ;)))

So... I just wanted to put the record straight...

However, I love this track! It’s amazing :)

Armand / Cabin Crew.

I couldn’t decide on which remix version of Waiting For A Star To Fall I liked best... so I bought them both!! Fabulous!

Bring on the Dancing Djs!!

I’ve never heard the originals of neither Fading Like A Flower nor Star To Fall... But for those of you who are into dance music (if any), aren’t the best releases the remixed classics? Eric Prydz has done a great job on Fading Like A Flower, and Cabin Crew’s remix of Star To Fall IS the best!!

I knew the truth about the vocals already, so what! It only provides better quality! Besides, the video is really great, and I have to add 02:25 is hilarious LOL!!

It’s all about people’s taste for music, Armand (and the rest of you), and YOUR remix is definitely the best, in my opinion! The arpeggio is something special :)

I’ve planned to buy the single with all 5 remixes and the video. THAT should satisfy me!! hehe... :)


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