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Per Gessle to receive “Lisebergsapplåd” award

Written by Jud on April 7, 2005 to .

GOTHENBURG (UPDATED) - This year’s “Lisebergsapplåden” [Liseberg’s Applause] award will go to Per Gessle “because he has made Sweden a happier place in the past 25 years with his sparkling pop-pearls” says Liseberg’s marketing manager Pelle Johannisson in a note published on the amusement park’s website today.

  Per is expected to receive his award in person – a bronze sculpture of two clapping hands first created by Astri Bergman Taube in 1978 – at the Stora Scenen on April 23, the day Liseberg opens its doors for this year’s season.

  “I’ll probably show up a few days early,” says Per to GT, “as my big idol Nick Lowe performs in Gothenburg and I want to see that”. Per also confirms that he’s working on new material. “I’ve been goofing around in the studio with Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist. Slowly but surely we’re putting new material together,” Per says without giving any more details.

  Other winners of this award include Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, Astrid Lindgren and Povel Ramel to name but a few.


award-man hits again ;)


Ahh cool! :)
The reason with “sparkling pop-pearls” was really funny I thought!

Shame is was not May 23rd! :S

Congratulations Per!

“sparkling pop-pearls” - couldn’t have said it better myself :D

Congratulations Mr Gessle!!! ;D

I agree Gessle has made the life happier to live and I love read on Lisebergs hompage about Per so many nice words about a very nice Gessle

great work per, keep them tunes comming!

p.s. does anyone out there know the web adress for repeat records in halmstad? ive lost it and cant fint it anywhere!

Per also made my life happier:)

Gessle rules!!!

Congratulations, Per!

Congrats Per! :) :) :)
Keep on working! ;)

Per has REALLY made me happier!!!!!!

konstpaus why do want the adress? Repet records in Halmstad has shut down as far as I know. It is a hairdresser in the old shop now
Do any know if they have another shop? I heard that they took of because they had the police after them they had copie Rox, Per, Gyllene cds and sold them.I think I have one of them
Do any one know more?

jaaaaaa!!!!!! Maybe it comes a new album soon...:)

Grattis, Per!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

“Slowly but surely” - sounds good:)

Oh, no new album this year please - or at least not a new tour... I still try to reover from the last two years ;-D

’Slowly but surely’ is code for ’it will be ready in a few months :) I dont trust what Per says anymore. I hope whatever he is recording is in English.

Repeat records once had the web-addy: but it doesn’t work anymore...Last summer the shop was still alive
So..and Vollsjö is rocking again! Okay..! Good luck guys!! Would be nice if you also invite Marie....(just a tiny little wish...)

Per has confirmed earlier that the new material is indeed in English.

good stuff! All I knew was he was thinking of doing a follow up to Mazarin, so there was a possibilty of another swedish release.


Take all the time you need Mr Gessle!
(as long as it’s here by August of course :))

Grattis Per.. Du har gjort oss alla mycket gladare...


When did Per confirm that the new material is going to be in English?

Great news, Per! But english please! :) I have enough of swedish in past 2 years :)

Small tour or promotion in Poland would be also nice :) (no, I won’t stop dreaming about it :) )

There’ s nothing better to listen that Per is back in studio. I’ m already looking forward to new material.
Hope, that it be in English. TWATG 2 would be nice. And please, more songs like Wish I Could Fly.

So is this going to be a solo project or roxette?

This is gonna be a solo project.


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