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“Listen To Your Heart” breaks onto US dance radio chart

Written by steven on March 30, 2005 to .

European group “DHT” and their cover of Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart” has entered at number 9 on the Billboard Dance Radio Airplay charts for the week of March 19, 2005.

  This is the first Roxette-related track to feature in any American chart at any position since “Wish I Could Fly” in 2000.


I know it’s too early to make any predictions on this and I understand it’s the airplay charts rather than the sales charts, but...’s certainly positive exposure for Roxette and maybe they can capitilise on this if things work out?

Great cover btw!

I’ve been watching this songs rising in the Billboard Dance Radio Charts for weeks. It’s great to see it enter the top 10!
Let’s see if will enter the Hot 100 Single Charts, too...

Do you know what this means? Another Greatest Hits in the US :))

okej maybe that cover is good but nobody can do it better than roxette....

but in the actuell charts it does not appear in the Top 10.

No doubt, no one can perform it better than Roxette

And I thought anything related to Roxette was doomed in the USA.
Its faaaaar to early to predict anything, but I dont think theres a harm in re-releasing DBU 2000 in the USA, nobody bought it the first time anyway!

And what do you think about this polish cover of LTYH? [5,64 mb]
(lyrics are in polish, but it’s still worth downloading)

It’s made by Kasia Kowalska, one of the most popular polish singers. This cover was a success in Poland in 2003.

Ahh, if only it was any new rox song performed by rox themselves!!! :D I am dreaming again!

Great! =D It’s very good to Per Gessle...

I heard the polish cover. I like it :)

Wow, any notice of Roxette-related in the USA is great:) I just wonder if anyone mentioned that it was Roxette’s cover.

I‘ve just been to their website and noticed that NOWHERE is mentioned that LTYH is a roxette song! I know it is one of the most popular rox track but i‘m afraid that the young listeners may think that it‘s their song!! What a shame ;p

Why didnt Roxette remix the song themselves better and release it ? ? ! ! Although its perfect as it was first done :-)

Polish cover sucks big time! Kasia Kowalska is one of the worst singers on this planet. She looks like a man dressed in the women’s clothes and she can’t sing at all. I have no idea why she’s so popular. Teenagers just love her. On the other hand many people hate her voice :D

@Spooky_Roxie- her voice is still better than per’s :D

But speaking seriously, Kowalska has many really good songs. No doubt about it.

That “DHT” group sucks. I have downloaded “Listen To Your Heart” and they have destroyed that song, with those “crash” and “bump” dance sound. I didn’t listen the song in its entirely, I couldn’t stand it.

Would you buy a record by them if “LTYH” wasn’t released there? I wouldn’t, their sound is horrible. Maybe not for dance-music lovers, but I don’t like that kind of music in a general aspect.

at least Per gets some money :D (I suppose?).

Staffany can it be that bad? :)

@Staffany- I totally agree.

@LaMan - yep I also think that per hasn’t done it only because he is so kind :)

Bunio - I disagree :D I don’t think Kowalska’s songs are good. And many people would agree with me.
But I guess this is not a place for those kind of discussions ;)

@ leila: lol the polish version sounds exaclty like a per gessle demo,

whaaa. igit. what is that?

ok, the success is nice, but the song is ............
i have the same feeling like i had with the roxette remixes. roxette’s songs don’t fit in techno style. the melodies are too strong for a arrangement like this, that does never fit.

sorry, for me the song is really awfull.


per has not to say yes or no. everyone can make a cover without ask the owner of the song. he has only to pay for it.

@kroeby1: really? i always thought that the author’s approval is necesarry.

BTW: how much they are paying per for such covers?

They are not paying Per or MP, but they get all the royalites. When this song is played it’s like Roxette playing it.


as i know there is a key how the gains are distributet. 1/3 for the singer or band, 1/3 for the composer/owner of the rights and 1/3 to the record company.

but this is a information from a magazin a few years ago.

@plectrum: is almost the same thing

although i’m not a huge fan of this’s getting quite a lot of airplay on NYC radio’s still nice to hear that familiar piano...reminds me of the good ol days when you could hear Roxette on the radio (for real)

And I love the topic of the video.

It’s great to know that a roxette related track is going around in the US radios.... but do not dream, no one in the states remember that LTYH was a roxette’song in the early ’90... I’ve ben in contact with american teens last week and when I said that to the young people, they used to say: really? I don’t believe it!...
So... we still must have some hope and pray that Roxette will not desapear...
What I find really scary is that even in europe roxette’popularity is begining to desapear... e.g. in france it’s really hard to find new material like The Pop Hits or the ballads hits...I think this is the result of so many years of silence or just compilations... Per and Marie need new material right now!.. At least one DVD with live performances or the MTV unplugged, even the LOOK Sharp live performance at the castle.. All their fans will love to have the complete version on DVD!
I know that Marie is still recovering but I am sure that there must be a lot a songs never edited that they can use for a new rarities album.. that kind og things always help to keep your precense on the music bussiness...

Forgive my naivete ... I thought Roxette, my ALL TIME favourite band was history. Is this post inferring or saying that Roxette is back? With a new album. I’d read somewhere that Marie had suffered a brain problem within the last 1-2 years but I never hear any news of them. I see nothing new on Give me some REALLY GOOD news!? Robert

Hello Robert. Yes, as you heard, Marie had really bad health problems... She had a brain tumor. The tumor was removed and she passed trough a strong chemiotherapy. It was just at the time that roxette was sopoussed to tour after the edition of a doble greatest hits album called The Ballad Hits and The Pop Hits.
It was really shocking for everybody... When she was recovering, she did a new solo album called “the change”, the first one in english for her. It was full of very personal songs about life and love, and despite that it was not a hugh success, it was a big price for her... you cannot see pictures of her in the album cover (she had a strong image chance after the treatment... mostly because of the medicins that she took) so we are still waiting any news for her. She is recluded right now and all this matter was kept in as private as possible. You can see pictures of the new Marie at Mary Jane website (the company that Marie and her husband Mickael shared and the one responsable for the album).
Keep in tuch with roxette fans! Bye

I just wanna let you know that they did play that song here on the radio around 11pm on a weekday. Im in Houston TEXAS but my brother was the one that heard it on the radio and this is our conversation:
Brother - Hey i heard roxette on the radio, but it was like a remix or something. I was gonna call you ....
me- WHAT? Why didnt you call me!!!!
brother- i dont know
me- it wasnt roxette. it was some band singing their song!!
brother- No..,it was her, it sounded like her...
me- GGGRRRRR!!!!!No it wasnt!! i wanted to hear that song!!!
brother walks away!!

i hate brothers.....

I am *not* a fan of this new version at all. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek but ultimately serious “open letter” to the group “DHT” and posted it on my journal, for anyone who is interested.

Unfortunately DHT’s cover strays from every interesting and creative impulse that made Roxette’s original great.

I thought this song was released a few years ago and on the website it said it was released in Nov ’04 so why is it getting radio play in the US about 4 months after it was released?

Just listened to the polish version. Kasia tries hard to copy Marie’s intonations but she often fails. Marie is the best pop-singer in the world :)))

Still Kasia can’t take away the style of the song, because Listen To Your Heart is just brilliant :)))

Listen to Your Heart by DHT is at #5 at Z100’s playlist, which is New York City’s and state’s biggest radio station. The song is the 5th most played song on the station.

Here’s Z100’s DHT biography:

With the 2005 single ”Listen to Your Heart,” D.H.T. became the latest European dance act to find its American footing via Robbins Entertainment. The New York label had previously helmed singles from DJ Sammy (”Heaven”) and Lasgo (”Something”) to success, and the Belgium-based D.H.T. (singer Edmee Daenen and DJ Da Rick; various producers) featured a similarly propulsive blend of accessible NRG/Euro-dance rhythms, plaintive female vocals, and progressive house texture. It was D.H.T.’s glossy Roxette remake that really caused a stir, like Sammy’s cover of Bryan Adams before it.

Take care.
Carlos E., New York.

Hey everyone i need ur help i know it’s listen to your heart but is there another name for the song that is for hurricane katrina? And where could i download that?


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