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Interview with Per tomorrow on Swedish TV

Written by Mari on March 5, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - As reported previously, Per will be featured on a TV series in which Swedish artists tell about the influences the 60s have had on their music. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the day when it’s Per’s turn to tell about his 60s favorites, such as The Byrds. That band’s former lead singer, Roger McGuinn, is also interviewed.

  The show will be broadcast at 8pm CET on SVT2 and SVT Europa. It will also be available (perhaps the next day) in streaming format on the SVT’s website.


What a pity that I don’t have this channel.:( Probably it will be available to watch somewhere on the net.

The program will be available to watch online. If you follow the link, on the right column you will see a link that says “Se programmet”

If you click on it, a window will open. On the left you’ll see a WMP or Real player and on the right the list of available programs. Now they have 1-3, Per’s #4, so it will be added in short :)

thanks jud. I will probably miss the original broadcast. oam

Oh I look forward to seeing this...

wow... Per...

What a picture :-)!

It was nice :) And Per was so funny looking on that old family picture.

program seems to be online already :)

Oh will have to watch that again tomorrow... and I enjoyed it so much I will have to see the other couple of programmes in the series! I love the 60’s, I was brought up listening to the 60’s! :) oh some nice GT footage in there as well! :)

Great interview!

And Per looks GOOD!!! (-;

So long hair is gone? Or it was filmed before per forgotten to go to hairdresser?:)

Anyone who has better quality? transcripts?

@ Bunio .... you know I never noticed.... but your right wonder if he has had a hair cut.... I do hope so, so much nicer with shorter hair... :)

To me, it seems like the interview was done a few months ago. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he looks exactly as he was during the summer of 2004. Not to mention that he’s tanned. He wasn’t tanned at the grammies.

And the show was great, I really enjoyed it in spite of the annoying buffering jobs.

Any news? Have mercy with non-Swedish-speaking fans! ;-)

You was REALLY good, Per....!!!!


News??? In a TV-programm about the 60’s??? :D

Thanx very much for those links kibkalo!
By the way does someone happen to know the link (if there is one?) to direct download TV4’s stream of Marie’s docu? Again thanx already.

How old is that interview?

Actually I think that the show wasn’t that good! I found it more interesting when Björn Skifs was the special guest.... :-( But it was nice to see Per though! :-)

It was interesting for me (it’s always exciting to see Per on TV) and a good language practice!!!

SVT1 will brpadcast it again on Saturday - March, 12 - 23:40
The last chance to cap! :)

Thanks for the link. I saw the program recently and i liked it. Per looks so beautiful :) also seems to me that a programme was shot quite a while ago - it’s not the 1st part but the 4th anyway. No clue about Per’s current hairdo, but if it went back to summer 2004 then it would be AWESOME!!!!Muuuch better in such short hair :)

When it comes to the programme itself, not much said by him, but the GT clips are really cute :) Go Gessle!!!

This is a shame. I was anticipating Per being on the show for longer. :(

Yeah, it’s a pity that Per talked so little...

But hey, better this, than nothing, still gorgeous he is :)


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