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Per taxed 1 million Euros in 2003

Written by roxeteer on February 21, 2005 to .

GOTHENBURG - According to Expressen, Per paid 9,563,784 SEK (1,049,800 Euros) of taxes in 2003. With this figure he was the second biggest tax payer in Halmstad. Expressen’s Western Sweden edition listed 2003 tax figures in today’s paper.


Oh My God!!! And I thought my end of year tax bill was high!!!

Probably gone up a bit since then too...

And we need to know this because..... why?

I don’t post my tax stuffs up here... that’s noneofyourdamnedbuisnessthankyouverymuch.

I’m upsethe wasn’t the biggest in Halmstad - let alone Sweden..hmmm

we need to know this because someone maybe interested, and those who are not doesn’t have to read it...

I too was surprised that there is even a bigger taxpayer IN HALMSTAD.
Aren’t Sweden’s cities supposed to be tiny? And still there are at lest two persons alone in Halmstad, that pay more than one million euros of taxes?
I definitely have to visit that place... :-)

I think it’s a tax fiddle & #1 is Per’s goldfish ;-)

Taxes always suck.

Daniel: Post your tax information up here. I’m interested in seeing how much YOU paid.

See how retarded that is?

I think it is good to see Per paying taxes in his hometown/land and not in monaco or liechtenstein. Nice manners, Per :)

Spooky: Per is a celebrity. In Europe it´s “normal” papers tell the readers such things. No need to get angry.

n-Somnia: a society without taxes is impossible.

I wish I were that rich...

WOW £689,003.68 .... big difference on mine!

haha yea ofcourse it’s a big difference to our taxes. I would have to work for more than 47 years and not pay any tax at all during that time just to get that much money.... So I can’t even start to imagine how much Per must earn every year...

swedish income tax is HARSH! who on earth was first????
Ah well, he’ll get over it, or has done, probably. oam.

LaMan: I’m not angry. I’m just sayin who are WE to NEED to know this information.

I don’t see anyone here offering to post their taxes for everyone else to see. I already told you WHY I’m not posting mine. If you need a recap, I’ll tell you: Itsnoneofyourdamnedbusinessthankyouverymuch.

Tax figures are public information and I thought this is was an interesting fact to know. But I do agree, we don’t always need to know everything.

I consider this article interesting!
I don´t need to know how much per pays, but that information (as well as any info about our per) is always welcome.


mazarin: indeed!!! :)

it‘s someone Lars Göran Svensson who is the first -10 612 729 kr, heaven knows who he is.

btw, what is the tax scheme in Sweden? Is it progressive - the more one earns, the more one pays?

Hmm so how high his income must be?

@Mitya: Yes, Sweden has progressive tax system.

the highest band of income tax is something like 83%, right?

If Per had lived as a ’tax exile’ for the last 15 years or so he’d probably have been alot richer. but obviously some things are more important. oam

the question is would you prefer to be very rich or be rich & pay your way through society?

I‘ve heard Swedish petrolium magnats pay from 80 to 90% of their profits

.....and who care about thoses damn taxes????

does someone know which is the highest “Tax-rate” in per-Cent % ??? (in German: “Grenzsteuersatz”)

I guess his high tax is not because of his income as an artist - it´s because of the money he already have from the Roxette-times....

Is it in Sweden also a progressiv-tax for companies like “Ltd”? I guess Per have a lot of companies and the 1 Million EUR is all together....

would be interessting because I work at a Tax-consultener in germany....

His taxes should be much higher. It’s the duty of those who are successful to pay for, and help support, the rest of us who are not successful. It’s not fair that Per or anyone else be rich, as long as there is a single hungry child in the world, or anyone who does not have health insurance or retirement savings. We are all equal and we should all have exactly the same (equal) things, income, assets etc.

@Oldag75: stop dreaming:(

Per is equal??:))) Oh no, I can’t agree, he is song-machine! :)

Anyone that hasn’t experienced Swedish taxes can’t imagine how it is. So Per makes money, does that automatically mean he has to feed all of Africa?? Keep it on a real level please. The only way to avoid being taxed to death in Sweden is to make A LOT of money. I don’t make much and I get to keep just about nothing.


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