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Gessle rests into shape?

Written by tevensso on February 20, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Last night Per Gessle and his band Mazarinerna played at fashion house Vero Moda’s secret company gig in Nacka Strand, Stockholm. The band consisted of MP Persson, Anders Herrlin, Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundqvist, Helena Josefsson and Jens Jansson according to TDR’s sources. The setlist was “Mazarin” and Gyllene Tider material mixed.

  About 1,200 people attended the “swell gig.” The band’s sound was super, according to Per. “Fun to play, my throat is hoarse today!” Per tells TDR.

  Also performing at this gig was Swedish group The Ark.

The set list:

En sten vid en sjö i en skog

Juni, juli, augusti


Det hjärta som brinner

(Hon vill ha) Puls

Här kommer alla känslorna

Kung av sand


Ljudet av ett annat hjärta

Gå & fiska!


Tycker om när du tar på mej

Det är över nu


The photo was taken at Per Gessle’s “World Tour” concert in Helsinki September 2003.


more gigs...?
get back to recording your new english album :)

Very interesting...!


Swedish album and tour, please! Would be nice to have also a clubtour and summertour, of course.

gah! I just hate to get news like this. I wanna see them toooooooo....

didn’t he already “reveal” that album will be in English? :)

Judith, yep. But I hope he changes his mind :) Sweeeeeeeedish!

interesting but why?

Per just cannot rest it’s that simple, complete crap about taking a year out, he needs his fix and to get it he performs! that was being Gessle is allllllllllll about! :)

Hope to see some pix of the show...

I hate to read thease news.. I get soo mad when some company gets to see our stars, and not me.. I get avundsjuk !

Oh my god! Im sitting in an airport in Stockholm waiting to come home, why didnt we know about this earlier! i cant believe i missed it!

GT, Mazarinerna, whatever: the same stuff under another name... That’s boring!!!!

We want a new Roxette album!

“GT, Mazarinerna, whatever: the same stuff under another name... That’s boring!!!!

We want a new Roxette album!”

I agree!

No, we don’t want. We want new Swedish album by Per.

We want a new Swedish album by Per and a new Rox album :)

I would love to hear “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” performed with Helena on backing vocals!!!!!!! ))

Uh...Good for him! And the lucky spectators! :)

Anyway, I really hope he’s working either on an English solo album or Roxette material...

Since the last Roxette collections we’ve had his solo album, solo tour, solo DVD and a new GT collection, a new GT album, GT tour and many GT DVD’s...

I am not complaining, but I would really like something ELSE!!

Per go English or hook up with Marie again! :)

miulatz, exactly :) But maybe better time for new Roxette album is winter 2006.

PLEEEEAAAASEEEE NO TOUR! NOOOO TOUR! I have to save some money from time to time..

Per a break: A maximum of a 6-minutes-break I guess.

great for the staff - if they knew how to appreciate Gessle and co :) That makes me crave for some fresh Swedish material too :)

:-) oh my god :-(

No, please!!! No more Gessle albums (Swedish nor English!)...

Nice piece of news!. Every show he does is good. Nice setlist, too.

Why do people complain all the time?!?! Maybe it’s Marie who doesn’t want to rush into a new Roxette album. I’m not saying anything, but maybe they want to wait until next year, giving Marie another year off, so that they might possibly do a European Tour? After Marie’s excellent album last year, which I’ve read comments on that she found it very difficult to complete towards the end, maybe she doesn’t feel up to another year in the recording studio, followed by the usual promotional activities. Not saying anything at all bad about Marie, I love her music etc, just need to give her time. In the mean time, as fans, we should enjoy what either of them decide to release, be it Swedish or English. If Per decides to do another solo album, all I can say is, let it be as good as Mazarin, and I can’t even speak much Swedish!! To all the “fans” who generally like to pick faults here’s a little hint: buy something else!!! To the real fans out there: ROX/GESSLE/FREDRIKSSON ON!!!!!

How come someone NOT want a new ROXETTE album? Are you crazy?

all i can say is YAWN

Robbie Williams gets U$S 1 million for attending a private party like this one, Ricky Martin U$S 0.7 million, and Eminem U$S 0.4 million. How much do you think that Gessle has earned doing this show?

Gessle on!!!

@ gessle-addict - interesting point! I guess the gig must have been lucrative for the 7 of them...

What a beautiful Gibson he is holding! :D

that pic is from his ’03 tour right? so not from this party...

I’m pretty sure the picture is taken in Helsinki concert autumn 2003.

Correct, it’s from the World Tour in Helsinki ’03. :)

LaMan, maybe I’m crazy cos I want Gessle album more than Roxette album. There’s very simple reason. If there’s new Roxette album, there isn’t tour. But if there’s a new Gessle album, there might be a tour.

Hopefully not! :)
I’d take the album, but please no tour this time. The chances for a tour are bad anyway - just think of Åsa and of course that he won’t be “able” to tour with an english album. Don’t think he’d do that in Sweden.

Like everyone in here, we WOULD like a new Roxette album BUT, unfortunately it’s always disapointing because here in the states they get NO recognition for the music, talent, and showmanship-that really sucks! They’ve put out some remarkable pieces of work dance, techno, rock and they still can’t get on the US radio (where I’m from). Hopefully, if I’m correct, they signed w/ Capital records-correct? I thought they would make a difference and a BOOST to get them back here. imean look at Oasis! They’re coming out with another new album and only playing 5 gigs over here (USA, Canada etc..) I think Roxette should do the same-not necessarily a World tour but something that might attract them back in the states. When I first heard “The Look” album (which was my sisters) I couldn’t believe my ears-I played that tape over and over and over. Why can’t we have that again” What’s really stopping Roxette (besides Marie’s recovery). Why isn’t Capital doing something about promoting them? Isn’t that waht Per was complaining for so long? Yeah, I know he made a comment a while back that he gave up on the USA but fans in the US didn’t give up on them-so DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT-here’s a perfect opportunity that’s “knockin’” again....peace

P.S. I’m looking to find some cool posters of Roxette-where can I find them?

about what he gets for such a gig:

When GT played in 1995 in Halmstad at stora torg Gessle wanted 500.000 SEK in the hope that it is too much (because he didn´t want to play there). But unfortunately they payed the 500.000 SEK...

hehehe, very funny. How much is that in US dollars?

$73,000 in today’s value. Less back then.

I was on the secret gig in Nacka Strand. Very nice!!!!!!!


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