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D.H.T. covers “Listen to Your Heart” in the USA

Written by mgershk on February 7, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - The band D.H.T. has covered Roxette’s #1 single “Listen to Your Heart” and it has been released to North American radio stations via Robbins Entertainment Records.

  D.H.T., from Belgium, has been a live act since 1995. Their Roxette cover was previously released in Europe, and appeared on various compilation albums as well. Robbins, a dance label, is joint-venture with BMG North America.


Has anyone managed to listen to it? How is it like? Hope they didn’t ruine it...


It is a danceversion of the song. On this page you can listen to short parts of the song.

@shine: thanks for the link!

Oh my God... how can they do this to LTYH ??? :(
I can’t stand it !!!

Me neither! I don’t like this cover. Maybe just because, I don’t like dance-music.

no scent of magic of the beauty that’s been. miss you marie.

Works for me.

God, I miss the real thing...

well - you never know - if this does well it could pave the way for another re-release! LOL

*rolls eyes*

Should I have heard about DHT?
Who’s that??

Get lost with those stupid dance-covers.
I want the original, that’s 1000 times better.


OMG iv just heard it , roxette could do a well better remix and release that !! !! !!

PS the vocals suck huge time.

i was going to download it, but after reading you all...

Hey! I kinda like it ... sounds good to me!!!

The “Edmees Unplugged vocal” version Of DTH sound nice to me!.

I havent listenened to it but I doubt it will be a hit in the US, as it is dance...

Just listened to them snippets, not really impressed. Don’t really like the vocals, as others have mentioned. The only thing that makes it good, is the classic piano tune!

I think it’s cool
You have to take it for what it is
When your big people want to do covers But the real is better ofcourse nothing is like Roxette

It was kind a good.. But original is better..

not into dance music,never have been & never will be & i’m not a lover of dance covers but it can’t be that bad,i mean at least roxette will be getting some sort of recognition & who knows!maybe it could start a roxette revival.

*shrugs* what do you expect from a dance remix?
good enough for what it is...

I agree with Seba. Edmees Unplugged vocal NOT ON THE CD is really good. It is more of a ballad then Roxette’s ! Tho I prefer the toughness and bitterness of Marie !

Hi Everybody,

Oh punaise, my god !!!

Let’s say, it’s a pitty to “destroy” such a good song to make it a “dance hit”. But in the other hand, I got to say t is surprising that a ballad can be remixed as a dance hit.

the original one sounds much better. Roxette can be proud that this band use this Roxette song and give it an other dimension. In my opinion, this is just a question of taste. You like it or you dislike it, it’s like that.

I’ve got to add that for some nostalgic people, it’s a good “souvenir” and it’s a way to younger people to discover Roxette. It would be sad Roxette to be forgotten by “the young generation”.

Are those MP3’s for free?

Yep they’re for free, but they’re only snippets of a minute or so.

I think the remixes are pretty cool. Just imagine a big dance arena, thousands of ravers and this song... Bruno, you are right!!

BTW you can even buy the cd-single on for only 7 USD.

I think it’s cool that great songs like “listen to your heart” get remixed and covered, but I hope the DHT give credit for it to Roxette and mention where it came from.I think we all believe that that is the fir thing to do, after all, covering and remixing is supposed to be a kind of a tribute to th band that originally scored with the song.I can’t wait to listen to it, i hope it’s good and not another poor cover.

In my opinion; it IS another poor cover..


Sounds good! It’s the first cover wich I like... (-:

It’s not that bad!

I know it’s off this subject(i’m new here) can anyone of you tell me if Roxette ever released “Crush On You” as a single and where I might be able to find it? I found “Wish I Could Fly” single and “Anyone” unfortunately at a used CD/DVD store but it was a treasure for me! Again, can anyone help me out on this or any other singles like the “rock” version of “Stars”? etc...

or singles like “Happy Together” etc...whatelse is out there from Roxette thats been a b-side single or extra?

@aaservice73 no, the single Crush On You was never released. Check out “Discussions” section about this! And about b-sides. Well, The Pop Hits & The Ballad Hits were released with CDs with b-sides.

Even if this song become no 1 all over the world the younger generation would still not know who Roxette is

Ask any youngster who was crazy about DJ Sammy’s “Heaven” who Bryan Adams is.

They don’t know

Highly fragmented. No smooth transitions or flow. Repetitive. The portions of “Listen To Your Heart” that they did manage to wedge inbetween their dance cliches feel secondary. I think i’ll pass.

CRAP! Complete & utter CRAP!
More proof that talentless groups have to use other people’s songs to get into the charts. What on Earth were they thinking?? If i was Per i’d be crying at how my song had been totally ruined.

Sorry D.H.T but it was a BIG mistake.

For me those mixes sound quite OK.

The unplugged version in the video is very good!! Actually the beach in the video looks familiar to me as well. :D

I haven’t heard this song on radio or TV at all yet. Has anyone else? Doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a hit. That’s a shame because I wanted this dance version to do for Roxette what a dance version did for Bryan Adams with “Heaven”.

D.H.T’s version of Listen To Your Heart is number 9 on the US Billboard Dance Radio Airplay charts this week, which I don’t think is that bad an effort.

I am a kid discapacitado and each time I sit me wrong I listen toRoxette and give me desire of living, owner to Marie, owner to Roxette, and prayer all the given so that God care much to Marie, I want you Marie Fredickson, please escribeme..!

i love mucho

I thout it was pretty cool,but they could do better.

D.H.T. why did you go and make the worst but then agian the best mistake of your life,every bodys talking bad abut you why don’t you fix the first mistake and make another albumn.O.K.

douse any body like the song listen to your heart,I suorda do but they can do better in my opinion,what do you guess and girls thank. I hope they come out with another albumn,besides theres other bands to listen to why did they even come out with that cd if no body in the world well besides me and a couple of others why did they even come out with the cd.


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