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“I dag är det min födelsedag...”

Written by administrator on January 12, 2005 to .

The Man, the Myth, the Concept.

  “I dag är det min födelsedag…” (“Today it’s my birthday…”) Per sang on “Mazarin” and while the song wasn’t written in January, it’s his birthday 46th today. The Daily Roxette hereby extends its wishes of a great one, from the staff and all the fans!

  Per also has promised The Daily Roxette a new project in 2005, so we await that eagerly. Is it going to be a new solo album? We’ll see!


Happy birthday Per!!!!!

I’m eager to hear your new material!

Happy Birthday Per you legend!!!!! Can wait to hear your new english solo album! :D

Happy Birthday Maestro!!

Can’t wait to hear from you in 2005!

Happy Birthday Per, from all in New Zealand! :D

Happy Birthday to you!
Dear Per,
i wish you all the best for 2005.
Hope to hear new music in english from you!
Your fan David from germany

Hey-hey-hey! Happy forty-six, lovely Pelle! Let you stay forever the most handsome, smart, gifted and sexy guy in the world! Let your happiness grow for ever! Hope to see you soon together with Queen Marie! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Happy Birthday, Per.
Enjoy this day!

HEJ Per!
We send you the best wishes from all the fans from Tjeckien! Esp. lot of healt, love, hapiness, songs in your mind... and also so fantastic fans as we are...:)
and if you like also a lot of bottles of Becherovka:) With love, Beatles fran Tjeckien


I really hope to se you back in action again, maybe in 2005, maybe with a English solo album, maybe with Roxette, but what ever it will be its going to be just great!! Do what you feel is the best.

Magnus Wester

Hi and hello Pelle! ;-)

Best wishes from Germany!! I’m counting the days having you back here with Majsan someday!!!
Congrats to your successful tour with Gyllene! Only a comeback of Rox in 2006 would beat it.

See you in 2005 on your solotour with your new album! ;-)

Ba-ba-ba-bye, Bianca.

Hejsan Per !

I jusst want to wish U the best kinda b-day... it’s only once, U become 46 :OP

So : GRATTIS PER... I hope U will have a great day, with all your closest friends & your family around U - HAVE A NICE DAY... & good luck in many years to come !!!

Am, as many others in here - looking forward to find out, what U are planning for this wonderfull year of 2005 !!!!!

Grattis på födelsedagen!!!

I wish you to win all the possible music awards this year!

See you at Rockbjörnen on Sunday!

Puss! :-*

Grattis från Norrland.

Grattis Per! Have a great day. Kram!

Happy Birthday Per! Good luck, health and some new ideas for your music.
Awaiting for The World According To Gessle 2 (or something like that) this year and new Rox pop bomb in 2006 or 2007. Rox on ...

Happy Birthday Per!

Rock on...!

I wish you a very very very very Happy Birthday Per!!!

You’re the greatest and you deserve the best of your days today.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, young man !!! (-;

I wish you the best there is!

Greetings from germany.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Per! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday! :)

Happy Birthday Per!!!!


Grattis, Per!
Let this day be the happiest one in your life! :o))
Wish you all the best!

Happy Birthday Per! Let all your dreams come true!

Happy Birthday - PER!
Me and my friends wish you a very nice day.

Thank you for the music and the brilliant tour last year. You looked so great on stage!

I love you!

Grattis på födelsedagen Per! Inte för jag tror du läser det här men... i alla fall. See ya på Rockbjörnen i alla fall.

English: Happy Birthday Per! Not that I think you read this but... Anyway. See ya at Rockbjörnen anyway.


46/1...a holy day when the worlds gratest man ever was born. Happy birthday to you and I hope this will be a great day for you!

Im so happy about your new project! TWATG is such a great album I think. One of my favorite! See ya in 05!!

Grattis på födelsedagen Per!
Best wishes from all bulgarian fans!!!

Dear Per,

Happy happy Birthday!
Have a great day with your family and friends and maybe Marie???
Thank you for 2004. You are really the king in sweden!

Good luck in everything, honey :)

Puss from Tyskland!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Grattis på födelsedagen!!!

Kisses, dear Per!!!



Happy birthday mr Gessle!

By the way, did you by purpose steel my pose?? (the one with your hands used as guns)

I used it ón the Demo I gave to you in STHML last year, and you never used that pose before that! :-)

YOU´RE GETTING YOUNGER AND YOURGER MAN THROUGH THE YEARS!!!MAYBE YOU CAN‘T READ THIS, but i´d like to wish you ALL THE BEST from argentina, and thank you so much for being in my life with your beautiful music. YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!FOR EVER!!!
[email protected]

Vad är det för en dag?
Är det en vanlig Dag?
Nej, det är ingen vanlig dag
För det är Pers födelsedag
Hurra Hurra Hurra!!!

What kind of day is this?
Is this a normal day?
No, this is not a normal day
Cause this is Per’s birthday
Hurray Hurray Hurray!!!

Happy Birthday...

ät int för mkt tårta nu, spara lite åt resten av oss...

hoppas att du får en underbardag där alla dina drömmar går i uppfyllese och du får spendera dagen med alla dem du älskar mest...

Grattis ännu en gång...

Grattis på födelsedagen, Per!
Har en fin dag!

Ja, må han leva
Ja, må han leva
Ja må han leva i hundrade år
javisst ska han leva
javisst ska han leva
javisst ska han leva ut i hundrade år

hurra hurra hurra


I really hope you don’t get blown away in stormy Sweden or get wet feet in Halmstad....doesn’t sound nice to read about drowning paths in your area...oh oh...SKÖT OM DIG

Happy Birthday Per!!!!! All the best for 2005 (and a new Album!!)!!!

Happy Birthday Per!!!
God give you health and strenght, be the best forever!!!!

Best wishes,

Dear, Per

happy birthday
and i hope that i see you and marie soon again
i love you very much

Grattis på Födelsedagen!!!

I wish you a thousand of ice creams, baloons, boys & girls stories, and na na na´s!!!! with 3 chords!!!!


haha! you’re old!

just kiddin’, grattis. oam

*starts singing*

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Per,
Happy birthday to you!

*stops singing*


*laughs at fliss’s baaaaaaaad singing :P *

happy birthday mr gezzle :)

Happy Birthday Per!

Jag önskar dig: grattis på födelsedagen!
Hej, happy birthday Per! Enjoy yourself!
I´m convinced 2005 will be a great year if you give us new trax!
Germany hasn´t forgotten your sound completely, you just need to remember the (rest of) us- so please come back to Germany again- come alone, come with Mary, come with GT or come with sth. new but come back. Please!

All the best to you from Germany!


...and PLEASE give us a solo-album this year.

Swedish or doesn‘t really matter.

Happy birthday, Per!

All the best wshes and kind regards from St-Petersburg, RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!! )))))))))))

We love you, Mr. G!!!!
Hugs to Asa and Gabriel! ))



Grattis på födelsedagen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jag önskar dig lycka till!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday Per!!!

Hope to see you (and hear you) back in Spain very soon.

grattis på födelsedagen per !!! hoppas du har haft en riktigt kul dag =)

Hello Per,

I wish you a very happy birthday with too much happiness, health and that all your wishes come true.
You are the best :)
Lot’s of love,
Fernanda - Brazil


Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, hope you spend a lovely day with your dear ones. Thanks for all the inspiration you bring every day, don’t ever quit the job!

¡¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños!!!
Ezequiel “PiR_GeSSLe” @ Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

You are the best!!!!!!!

Wow 46! Happy birthday dear. I remember celebrating your 30th birthday! Time does go by quickly.

Hey Per!

How’s it going? Just wanna wish you all the best (health, peace, success, money... everything!)!
We, down here in Brazil, love you and Marie very much! Keep on doing that thing that you do the best!

André from São Paulo - Brazil.

Happy birthday. :)
Oops, too late now. ;) I meant to do this earlier. ;) Never mind!

Per is the King. he is the best. he can´t stop making songs and that makes me very happy.
Happy Birthday Per! have a good time :D

Without Your Music – Dayz are...
“Sadday, Moanday, Tearday, Wastedat, Thirstday, Fightday and Shatterday” So play your music everyday...
Happy Birthday Per, Do the best..!!!


You always make me happy with your music, so you deserve to be happy too today and everyday! I hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends. All my best wishes for you! Regards from Argentina! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

hi per!! happy birthday!!!!. if you read this website, i would like to thank you for being the man (also with marie) who oftenly brings happininess into my life, trhou your neverending nice music.
thank you from argentina!!!! and long life to the king!!!

i wanna wish you the best for you dearest Per!
And remember: “Be in front of you is like being in front of God!!”Your are the best.
Lionel from Argentina.

Very happy birthday Per,i wish you all the best today and always,kisses and hope you get lots of gifts

Happy birthday Per!

Happy Birthday Per :) Have a great one!

Happy Birthday Per!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, Happy Birthday, PER.

Kisses & hugs from
Auryte in Lithuania

@ xarrrr: YOU dare laugh at ME?! grrr


Gratulerar Per!!

all brasilian fan wish you a happy birthday to you per!!!!!




From Costa Rica.... Happy Birthday dear Per, we love you!!!

Happy birthday!!!! my sweet love!!! kisses from buenos aires - argentina -


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