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Per decides against the Song Contest

Written by Helene2000 on December 7, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Earlier this fall Per Gessle opened a door toward participating in the Swedish leg of the Eurovision Song Contest. “Why not,” he said, “that may be fun now that I’m older!” Swedish Television were overjoyed at the possibility of getting the world famous star as one of four jokers in the contest.

  Now Per has changed his mind and closed the door. “No I’m not interested. What if I write a song and don’t win? I don’t need that kind of stress,” he says to Aftonbladet. “It’s like Michael Schumacher joined a go-cart race. And lost! Everybody would think ’damn, what a loser!’.”

  Thomas Hall, project manager at SVT, is still hopeful: “I can see how he feels he has done enough this year, but maybe another year?”

  Photo: Thomas Evensson for TDR.


funny comparison..he seems confident :D

smart move, I don’t blame him

What a coward answer from Per!, He feels insecure about that contest. He´s always been doubtful since early years in Roxette, and God!!!, it´s been such a long time since then, and he still is doubtful, I think he needs a therapy to overcome that conflict.
P.S. Let me tell you that I´m a big fan of Per, but sometimes I get tired of these things.

Im so glad he decided not to participate! Its just a commercial stunt with one purpose, and that is to make as much money as possible! I dont think Per is fitted for that part of the music scene, he’s a much bigger musician than that! go per!

Well, if he doesnt want to participate, fine...
But he shouldnt have brought it up at all then...

hahaha Per vs. His own ego, what a funny fight!
I support Per, was a smart decision.

Isn’t this just hardly “news”?

Somehow I understand PER. HE is invited because everybody wants to win. PER like had to write a song which should have won. It’s too much stress for one person. Just imagine, if PER participates in this contest and loses, how many of you would blame HIM etc.

Well, it was a smart decision. PER is too good for Eurovision.

Oh, I almost forgot. This news was reported on MTV News!!!

btw: great picture :) i really like it :) (i mean picture on the right:) )

Thomas pics are great yes, we are not the only ones thinking that ;)

I’m glad that he has canceled it. The Eurovison Song Contest is a chance for amateurs or unknown musicians and not for Superstars, yes Per is a Superstar in Sweden!

stupid idea and a stupid excuse...sometimes, I don’t understand mr. haakan gessle...what’s the matter if he loses? many artists give their faces to ridiculous situation on tv today and become more popular...come on per...that’s not even ’tough-european’’s ’tough-per-in-a-bad-mood’ style...get bent!

and zelda, sorry but...he looks like a ghost or a zombie in that pic...WOOOO!! I almost threw my heart up...!!!

@tinytim; That´s not true! Per is amazing!!!!!!

Um, I’m pretty sure Per was joking when he said that!!! Don’t take him seriously!

I hope he was joking because it sounds a bit strange to hear s th like that from a star with the claim to support new musicans

PER its ok you are a star and dont need to participate in all that commercial issue,congratulations

I think, PER is enough popular. Why to waste time and efforts in such contests?

If he writes for Eurovision now after all he’s criticised it he’ll have a bit of explaining to do.

He is right though if he looses he won’t look too good. Besides it would be like reversing the process:

The usual
1- you use Eurovision as a pathway to international success

2- If you win the door is open, let’s be famous.


1- Already famous but decaying internationally

2- Let’s use the Eurovision contest to see if we can recover.

By the way, does anyone know where Natasha Thomas comes from? Is she Swedish? She is an Ace of Base clone!

I think she is from Germany. Strange question.

No, she’s from Denmark - Copenhagen, to be exact!

Thanks guys.

The question just came to mind because I though she was Swedish since she sounds exactly like Ace of Base.


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