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Per awarded by Swedish music publishers

Written by roxeteer on October 31, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Swedish Music Publishers Association (SMFF) had their annual Swedish songwriter awards in Nalen, Stockholm on Thursday. Per Gessle received two awards, for the composer of the year and for the lyricist of the year. Povel Ramel received the lifetime achievement award, a hefty 10.8-kilo glass statue.


and two more to whipe dust off ;-D

No, honestly, congratulations, Per! Well done!

(I wonder how many will follow this autumn/winter...)

yay for gessle! :D

*WELL DONE* How about the kids’ choice award? Wasn’t it supposed to be broadcast tomorrow on TV4????

Very good, Per.
You deserve it!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Per get only one award and not two?

The award is for “the composer of the year and/or the lyricist of the year”. Not always the same person writes both the music and the lyrics. But you’re right, this time it actually was only one award.

OK, I was already wondering if I had misunderstood the articles when the nominations where given out, expecially since their page says something about “six categories again this year”...
BTW: Wow, you’re here early! ;-)

What can I say ?
*Well done, Per !* HE‘S SIMLPY THE BEST !!!

“lyricist of the year” ?
Well, the rest of the competitors must have been analphabets. ;-)

Well, if one can read there are a lot of advantages...


Congratulations, PER. I’ll never get tired saying this. :):):)

congratulation per. i already known that u are the best!


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