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“The Change” hits the streets - TDR reviews the album

Written by administrator on October 26, 2004 to .

Here we are, three TDR news editors sitting around the table (virtually, at least) discussing the new Marie Fredriksson album “The Change.” It’s her first all-new album in eight years and the first one since her severe illness that took her away from the limelight for two years.

Visa Kopu: Without even hearing the songs, you can really see that this album speaks about her recovery. The titles like “2:nd Chance,” “Love 2 Live” and “The Good Life” are just that. After I heard “2:nd Chance” for the first time, I was a little disappointed. It was so unsurprising.

Judith Seuma: When Eva Dahlgren released “Lai Lai” people criticized the album as being nothing but her comeback and coming out with her love for Efva Attling. But well… what else should it have been, in that situation? But what surprises me is that [Marie’s husband] Micke has written five of the twelve songs.

Thomas Evensson: As you probably know, I’m not a typical Marie fan. She’s always been too dull and sad, musically, for my taste. So when I got “The Change” in my hands, I was less than enthused, to say the least. I was also surprised about Micke’s big role, but even more by the fact that this album has been recorded over such a long time, even before her sickness.

Now, let’s continue with song-by-song reviews:


Thomas: Uh, must be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard by Marie. The lyrics are deep and depressing – naturally – but the music is just strange, obviously symbolizing her confusion and agony. The orchestral version of “The Change” symbolizes, to me, that she’s gone through this change and survived. It’s much more airy and happy… but still a bit strange.

Judith: My first thought was: “Wow, what an intro!” and I’ll stick to that. A dramatic song with great guitars and superb vocals. I already know I won’t get ever tired of this one. It’s one more song for the repeat list. I also feel this song is connected to the drawings in the booklet.

Visa: A dark and loud song. Very different from the orchestral version of the song. Not a thing I would usually think about, but “2:nd Chance” seems a little offplaced after this track.


Judith: I think “2:nd Chance” is a very beautiful song. A beautiful, slow love song with Marie’s touch. It’s a mix between “Tro” and “Waiting For The Rain.”

Visa: This is a song I’ve needed to listen to many times before it has really sounded good. As I already said, I found this a little unsurprising. It sounds too much like the “I en tid som vår” album. Of course one can think it’s just that Marie and Micke have found their own style and are still keeping it after all these years. But now that I’ve heard the song more, it starts to sound like a good choice for a single. But it definitely isn’t a catchy radio song.

Thomas: I have a little bit of the same feeling for this. The words are strong, but the music is too much, too “Marie,” too obvious, and yet somehow it leaves me indifferent.


Judith: A powerful song written by Micke. You can’t really call this a “B-side”, even though it was track #2 on the “2:nd Chance” single, can you? The lyrics invite you to live your life at the maximum. “… you can get a piece of the cake so much bigger and better.”

Visa: Well, I thought this was a rather good B-side and I was surprised to see it on the album track list. The arrangement is little bit too noisy or something. But I like to notice that Marie tries to break out of the Marie & Micke style I just criticized.

Thomas: I agree that M&M try to break out of their “format”, but I don’t think they succeed. I don’t like the song much, and I’m usually allergic to trumpets. And the words don’t really mean anything to me either.


Visa: Yet another “this could be from ’I en tid som vår’ or ’Äntligen’” song. However, the gospel choir is a good spice.

Judith: A jazzy-soul sound in the beginning with gospel at the end. The guitar intro strikes me. Me, a guitar solo lover, and Staffan Astner, a most impressive guitar player. Makes me dream of a club tour or similar. I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy.

Thomas: Hmmm, the best song, so far, but why does it take over a minute and a half before the song really takes off? The guitar is nice, but the gospel choir is terrible. I’ve been in a gospel choir myself and I loathe myself over it. White people can’t sing gospel. This song is about a friend’s breakup by the way.


Judith: A happy funny song written by Micke. It has a catchy chorus. I am all smiles at the end of this one.

Visa: Now we’re talking! The intro sounds like the music in those inserts in the Austin Powers movies. Don’t know if that’s especially a good thing. However, this is the first song so far that sets good vibes for me.

Thomas: Definitely! I really like this intro. But, the words and the dreadful vocal arrangement killed it a bit for me. A big thumbs up for the intro, though.

Judith: Now that you say that, I thought it sounded like the old Batman series track!


Thomas: This is Marie Fredriksson 101. BUT it’s been written by Micke. I don’t like it nor dislike it. However the lyrics are weird, as it’s Micke who has written them from Marie’s point of view. I don’t think it works. If Marie had sung it from Micke’s point of view it would’ve made more sense maybe.

Judith: Another song by Micke, this time a ballad. The first time I listened to it it didn’t fit with the lyrics sung by Marie. Which doesn’t mean the music and the voice and the song in general is bad. Giving it a second listen made me shiver.

Visa: This song doesn’t really catch. I’m not a lyrics person and this song doesn’t have anything really catching in the music. And Marie’s voice sounds a little tight.


Judith: Another poppy song to my ears that feels like the sad version of “Love 2 Live”.

Visa: Hmm, “Many Times” doesn’t catch either. To compare “Love 2 Life” and “Many Times,” I must say that this one is much weaker.

Thomas: The intro sounds stolen from “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. This is a standard Marie song… sounds like it’s lifted off “Den ständiga resan”, which is her worst album ever. Nope, don’t like it at all.


Visa: This one I like a lot. The song is nice and it has a good arrangement. It has again that M&M touch, but this time it’s a positive touch.

Thomas: Oh yes! Finally a great track! This is of course also a standard Marie song, but the good kind. It makes me at least smile. I wish more tracks were like this.

Judith: This one’s also written by Micke. Nice love song which reminds me of the new songs on the “Äntligen” album, including the trumpets.


Judith: Marie has already sung covers of various songs in the past and this is the first time she includes one on an album. She makes an excellent work with “The Good Life”, originally made famous by Tony Bennett and later performed by Frank Sinatra.

Thomas: “The Good Life” is a song Marie enjoys performing live when she’s doing informal concerts, a cover obviously, sounds like it’s been recorded before Marie became ill. She does it nicely. However, the song itself is boring since I don’t like jazz. I guess it’s more or less the same as the original, covered many many times.

Visa: I don’t remember hearing the original “The Good Life,” but especially the intro sounds very much stolen from the original. Or I don’t know if you can talk about “stealing” in cover songs? Anyway, the arrangement sounds much stronger than in Marie & Micke’s own tracks.


Thomas: This one many of us have already heard. The song was “released” a few years ago as a stolen demo. This version of the song sounds a lot like the demo, some parts may even be from the demo. And this song is definitely recorded before the cancer struck. Not bad, probably a Roxette reject.

Judith: “Bad Moon” was everyone’s favorite of the few demos that surfaced. For me it is a like a wish come true that she has included this masterpiece on this album. Thanks, I say.

Visa: A nice song, what can I say. And if Thomas says that it’s “not bad”, this can really be a masterpiece.


Visa: A soft and jazzy song to the end. Even though it’s not the last song, it feels like it’s written to be one.

Judith: Marie has said she has dreamt of making a jazz album and she wasn’t wrong. This song brings tears to my eyes. No wonder the Nissan Jazz Band in Halmstad regretted letting her go.

Thomas: This song just makes me yawn. And if I ever hear an electric piano again it’s too soon.

THE CHANGE (The Orchestral Version)

Visa: As I said, this is very different from the loud #1 track version. Sounds like the arrangement was made at the same time with “The Good Life.” If the first version is autumn, this is spring when the flowers are blooming again.

Judith: I must admit I was surprised with this last track. I expected it to be an instrumental version only, without vocals, so a wide smile showed up on my face when Marie’s voice began to flow in the room. I have always liked it to have different versions of one song. That’s why I also enjoy demos and live versions. This song could have been in a Broadway musical.

Thomas: I’ve already said what I wanted about this track, but I also think it sounds like a “happy-ending-in-a-musical-song” - which it sort of is!

* * *

Judith: All in all, I think this might be one of Marie’s best albums together with “Den ständiga resan” and “I en tid som vår”. Full of feelings, deep lyrics, touching music and impressive vocals. All what I like about Marie in one, together, again. What strikes me is the fact that Micke wrote five of the songs included on this album, but what leaves me amazed is that I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish which ones belong to who if I wouldn’t have read it anywhere.

Thomas: This album is not what I would buy, and I don’t think that the “average Joe” will either. What this album’s biggest problem is, is that there are 12 tracks and more or less 12 different music styles. We have pop, we have rock, we have gospel, we have jazz, you name it. It sounds like a total mess to my ears. Swedes love Marie in Swedish, while they always were a bit reluctant toward Roxette. Same with Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider. This album will confuse the public and that’s not good. Marie has never been great at writing lyrics in English, but I think she’s done a decent job on these five tracks she wrote. In conclusion I would like to welcome our Marie back, even if I don’t like the album.

Visa: I don’t have a strong opinion to either direction. I used to like Marie’s music a lot, but it has sounded too same for too long. There are many good songs with good arrangements, but then there are songs that are too much of a filler. And I have to agree with Thomas with the different musical styles. It’s almost like Marie and Micke are experimenting all kinds of styles without knowing which ones to choose. However, what I’m very happy about is that Marie’s health is better now and she has finally released new music for us.


Great to see an objective, detailed review by the TDR Editorial - thanks! Looking forward to the album ;-) All the best from Rich

Great review. I wish I could join you, TDR bosses :)


I think that’s just pretty terrible to read!

First of all, why is a person, who simply dislikes mostly anything Marie has put out, analysing the new album?

These reviews are generally very negatively orientated - and quickly put together...I doubt that a certain “reviewer” didn’t even listen to the songs more than once or twice, which takes the basis away of those little sentences!

finally a nice picture of marie!

edit: but i think she has a touch of a wax-model on the pic (... like at madame tussaud’s ;)

I can’t see the point of THAT review by Thomas either...but that’s just my humble opinion.

Thx for the review! :)


Truly an amazing journalistic piece. WOWW!!

imo a detailed, objective review like this with “I love it; I’m indifferent; I don’t like it” is far more interesting than “it’s amazing” written about each track ;-) - interesting... Rich

LOL Rich, that might have been the never published review of mine :D

yeh i agree.... whats the point in reviewing an album if you’re just gonna be all “oooohs and aaaaahs” because of who’s recorded it. thats just lame!!!

is it soooo wrong to have an opinion these days???

to the tDR team. thanks :)

LOL Judith. That made me laugh :-) Rich

Sincerely, I really think we don´t need this kind of opinion news...people saying “Den standinga resan” is a bad album...bufff.

I think that neither Judith nor Thomas - a huge Marie fan on one side and a Gessle fan on the other (or anyone of us for that matter) could provide us with a 100% objective review. And by the way, was it really meant to be objective? I don’t think so. After all each of them speaks from their own point of view. There is no accounting for taste and I think we should respect everyone’s opinion. Personally I am very grateful for what I could read, well done guys! It is a review - quite professional to my mind and well, nobody intended to bash the album or take it to the skies.

Whatever reactions there are I want to say THANKS to Marie for proving once again she’s a little miracle :)

good, albeit slightly predictable review.

great ideas there thomas, and well respected (by me at least)... hmmm
I think I’m gonna be feeling the same way you do...

just to make clear, I don’t have a problem with different opinions about her work, but don’t really know what ’white people can’t sing gospel’, ’I don’t like Jazz’, ’allergic to trumpets’ have anything to do with a text you’re trying to create in order to give people insight on an album...

I like the fact Thomas reviewed it... it would be a bias review if Marie fans reviewed it... cause we’d probably all go on about how wonderful it is, even if it is cack! It happens!
I for one don’t do jazzy stuff.
I’ve not been able to order it yet. But I will get it.

I think this was a really great review given from really different persons. That’s how a review should be. Not only critics or praising, but a little bit of both.

What I don’t like is when people have to start nagging as soon as someone might have a negative opinion about Roxette & Co. Please have a look at the news at
so you know what I mean.

Yet again, great job!! :-)

After i’ve read the comments from TDR,what can i say? comment.

No comment... maybe one; Thomas, u seemed like you were having PMS there!! LOL

Did they do this for Per’s solo album, or GT album i just wonder ? or is this the first time ?

Thomas did a review on Mazarin!

about ’experimenting all kinds of styles’

I think that if Marie would record a 12 rock songs or pop songs, you wouldn’t also enjoy it.

You’ll never be satisfied....

@Thomas E.
I don’t understand how a person which writes “”Den ständiga resan”, which is her worst album ever” could be TDR moderator

I appreciate the fact that all 3 were honest about it, but what this is making me feel now is that a “generalized” poor negative views on the album are growing considerably...

Which is sad for me because Marie’s music credibuility has always impressed in both solo and Roxette ... I can call myself a typical Marie fan I do actually find a lot of my person within her songs or in the way she sings that I can relate to somehow...

It’s just that ...there is a bit of dissilusion about this record that I don’t know it’s taking away all its life and meaning to a certain extent...

The Change is not meant to be a commercial success and less not a commercial record in terms of sales’s just a very honest simple compilation of songs that resemble a story, a true story about Marie in many ways besides her struggle over the last 2 years. It is more than normal that she could not be away from it to write songs about It would have not sence and from a songwriter point of view it would been nothing and untrue.... This is just for the music that it is and that is how we at we us that have followed Roxette’s path over the years and not necessarly anyone else ...

So why not just have it on our CD player every now and then and just listen to it and ok enjoy it or not ... but do go beyond there ... this “stigma” of judgment is something to put aside as for this album is what it is and the rest has no importance ...

Yet one of TDR reviews is a fan of per’s music and not marie’s as i understand (fact as i see) , so i think its a very pridictable review really so nothing new to my eyes at all. I just feel more personal opinion than music opinion was included. Its like giving me a michael jackson album to review even though iv never been a big fan.
Never mind all to the own, not a correct review in my book.

Thomas: You are obviously a Per’s fan.
Judith: You are a Eva Dahlgren’s fan.
Visa: Bue...
So...Who cares about what you thinks or who takes seriously your opinions?Are you moderators from TDR,oh my God!!Please God save their souls!

Given that this site is roxeteer’s (I guess) he can do whatever he wants! I know I would (ahem...;) but since TDR is respected from the Roxette camp, too - official or not - I find these reviews somewhat unnecessary and showing kind of bad journalistic behaviour (or whatever people call it).

Let the real reviewers give their 2/6’s or 3/5’s on the front-page - - have the fans show their pointviews at Small-Talk!

General information and insights about the songs would have been good enough! This is too rich! :/

Funny stuff:

Bad Moon a masterpiece? If Thomas says is not bad then IT REALLY IS A MASTERPIECE!!!!!:) Thanx Thomas ...

The different styles within the album: it gives me too feelings - excitement and scepticism. I love the idea of having loads of different stuff within a record (not so much as it was with our forever “beloved hated” HAND lol) but all 12 sounding totally different ummm i’ll wait to see.

A remark to Thomas: emmm would it be OK if u had the “for me” in your opinions like “It’s the worst song ever ...etc” cause this thing with the verb TO BE causes a lot of mess and missunderstanding and creates arguements uncessarly ..if it’s clear that what u think is only what U think than it’s ok than an “almost” pretencious sort of universal statement when it’s not. Don’t take this personal it’s a just a cool way to express ourselves in more clearly and undertandingly. And by the way ... I love “Den Standiga Resan” ..sorry :( LOL

I am not a jazz fan at all but this jazzy feeling Marie has is something slighty different from traditional. But what really moves me are those more sort of spiritual songs with alterantive sounds and backing trakcs and almost acappela singing ...strange beautiful mix ...a swedish Enya in a different verge.

But then ... without the poprock feeling given by Per without all those “na na na na na na na” in the middle ... the meanigless lyrics the fuzz and the happyness and the 60s influecial style and mood on Per’s songs (some of them) ... how could I ever not like him? Bring the bear catch some sun ...

Wow, we should call this site ’The Flaming Roxette’!!!! :-)

You have to remember, each person is allowed there own opinion! :)

@ ally

Yeah, but shouldn’t these kinds of “articles” be more or less situated at SmallTalk?

This review isn’t really helping anyone! Front-page, come on!

To for instance “Maciek”, “TheChange”, “Polisson”, “animalkingdom”: If you now can’t take critics and reviews that are not always glorifying your god/godess, then simply don’t read them! If you honestly think that the moderators of this forum are that “corrupted”, then why are you here?!
Please get a life and face that PG and MF are both normal people and even they can do stuff that some fans might not like.
I for instance really really wanted to like the new songs (I haven’t heard them in full yet though, so I won’t judge the album just yet), but I can’t help not to like what I heard so far. But yet again, that’s an opinion and it is mine only. If you love it, fine!! Noone is happier than me if Marie’s album is doing well!

@ some per

Oh please....!

Like I’d said I wanted to read nothing but just overly sweet-sweet talk about Marie!

I was saying that who needs a review by the moderators - especially when one of them seems sligthly to have problems with Marie’s work!

Overall comments about the styles of the songs would have been more than welcome...and not this!

You don’t put a person who’s into Metallica to review Maroon 5 if you know he doesn’t give a toss about the band! Got it?

Just a tiny bit pathetic really. Some “tasks” should be left for the experts and experienced proffesionals.

I agree with the one who said “front page? .... come on!

arr nothing wrong with abit of a debate :-), when people log off they can put on there album to listern to of there choice :-)

@animalkingdom: Well, I don’t think Thomas is a guy that dislike Marie’s work all through. How many reviewers have for instance heard everything the person they are reviewing ever recorded?

But I truly wonder how many journalists reviewing bands in the newspapers/magazines really do give a damn about the band they are writing about. In special magazines maybe, but not in the big, commersial newspapers/magazines at least.

was it incredibly necessary to make all 3 reviews on the cover page for peopel who aren’t registered members to see all of them so negative. THis IS the daily roxette, and I don’t recall you guys giving anything GT or gessle related this much lopsided coverage a HUGE thumbs down to TDR thank god I dont pay to get into this site I honestly think I would cancle my subscription JESUS

and before peopel call me a fanatic let me say this i have had a hard time warming up to marie solo swedish stuff and yes there are a few tracks on the change I am not fond of but the cover story is lopsided

It´s one of the worst reviews I´ve seen on TDR.
It´s mostly opinion, with very little description and certainly nothing objective.

@Ferdan: Have you ever seen an objective review?!?! I have never done that. All reviews are always based on opinions in the end. There are always someone that think different. You can look at whatever music or film review you want. There are NEVER two reviewers saying the same thing.

As I said before, this is ridiculous. I´m sure that Per or Marie would hate this stupid reviews, made by fans with personal criteria. And what I really hope for the future is that Roxette don´t take into account this source of information as an “official” Roxette-related site, ´cos this is only a 3 or 5 people-personal web doing what they want, saying what they want. This is not for fans.

To the TDR Team: have ever thought in working as a journalists? You´ll make it boys!!!

Yes I have, and those reviews I consider “objective” ...while being objective they include opinion aswell, the difference with these TDR reviews is that opinion and objectivity aren´t clearly defined, it´s all mixed up.

@polisson: Just a question out of curiosity. Why are you still here if it is that bad?!?! Why not do something more useful?

@Ferdan: Ok, now I got your idea! Thanks for clearing that out! :)


@lerina74: The cleverest oppinion I have seen here!!!

I totally agree!!!!!!

I am much more courius than before. I always like Maries music because of her senstimental way to see things!
A review is review and that means that there is an opinion about something which is influenced by personal feelings as a result of personal experiences! At least that what that reviews are.
So thank you for your time to do us for us!

I also think you dont have to be a fan of Maries or Pers solo work to be an moderator of this site.
Roxette is Roxette because of Marie AND Per and Per AND Marie. So (@thomas) if you like Pers music more than Maries its totally ok and nobody can say anything about this. I think your review, like the others, are honestly fair!
The thing about, what some had said about Pers music i say about Maries was kind of misunderstanding and not to be meant that you will do this! Am i wrong?

Man... please... it´s just the guys opinions, leave them alone... if Thomas don´t like it, if Judith like it... big deal... they´re just talking about what they feel and about being a front page article... well, it´s their site.

I love to debate, I love to see diferent opinions, but I hate when people got like crazy just because someone do not like a song-album from Marie or Per. It happens to me all the time just because I say I don´t like this or that song by Roxette.

About “The Change”, after listening to the snippets, I´m with Thomas, the album sucks FOR ME too !!! I don´t like jazz, I don´t like gospel, so obviously I don´t like the album. Simple !!

People have the right to tell their FEELINGS !! Respect that, you have the same right... do want you want but harm no one.

All the best

Here we have one reviewer saying everything is “great”; we have another reviewer saying he doesn’t really like anything; and we have another reviewer saying “uh... eh... I don’t know!”.

So... when us kids in the UK finally get our hands on it, we can expect it to sound “fair” - that seems about right... ;)

and how come Lars-Erik Olson didn’t get his say?

Hmm... is there a little ’piggy in the middle’ scenario going on here? ;-)

Very disappointing!
I am not talking about the album, I’m talking about seeing such poor reviews on the fron page of this site. A site wich is meant to be promoting and celebrating Roxette/MF/PG etc.

We know there are probably going to be a lot of negative reviews out there about the new album, but why continue the negativity here?

hey Letrina you’re not “hearing” anything muahahahahaha

Too up to yourselves guys to do something like this!

True, those opinions could’ve been just part of the Small Talk, like any of us do.

Anyhow, worth the debate.

I totally agree with u Lerina74!!!
Well done!

I am a Roxette fan. Some songs I like, some I don’t. I think Per and Marie could be ugly at times. I think they sound not so good in concerts from time to time. I AM NOT STUPID!! I think people who just blindly follow their so called idol praising whatever he/she does have no input of their own. Just because someone is a Roxette fan doesn’t mean he/she should like all songs. Why do you guys get mad when someone criticizes Per or Marie? Jeez... GROW UP!

LoneGunman-“People have the right to tell their FEELINGS !! “-yes ..but for example can use other word instead of “sucks” ,can’t you??
“”“”“Respect “”“”“

@per_mson: there are fans and fanatics, it’s useless to appeal to the last...

Anyways, I like your comments :)

Thanx for the review!
Someone can like it, someone not.
And nobody at TDR should obviously love ALL Rox/GT/MF/PG stuff.
I think it’s good that the album was reviewed by people with different tastes, from different points of view, and opinions seem to be honest.

However I’ll get my own opinion after having heard the whole album.

@lerina74 & @Faezdel : If you don’t want to hear any comments then yet again. WHY DID YOU READ IT AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE????? Look at another page instead of complaining about everything! Leave the poor people alone and stop being so darn critic about what they write!!

@Antimario: Well, I know some are fanatics and will never grow up, but I don’t think it is fair when they jump on people just because they happen to have an opinion. Nice you agree though! :)

LOL... it’s only a review.... lighten up please!

Thanx for the review! :-) I found it very interesting to read the opinions about the album from 3 really different point of views! I think it’s not TDRs obligation to praise ROX, but to inform and entertain us. A review about music could never be objective, just because it’s always about feelings. So it’s very fair to get 3 different tastes, but all from Roxette fans who know what they’re talking about! I haven’t listened to the snippets yet, but now I’m even more curious o hear the album! And everyone is free to add his personal review... *thumbs up*

Nice 4* review from Aftonbladet :-) I wonder which new snippet’s they’ll stream today (**hopes for Bad Moon**). Rich

I don’t wanna hear snippets... I want the bloody album!


1. Its frontpage news cos its big news
2. you will NEVER have objectivity on this forum. Its a forum by roxette fans FOR roxette fans. If you want objectivity you are in the wrong place.

Have nice days. oam

@per_mson. WHY some people read the reviews and don’t like it? Ok, all I want is to listen to the album, I would take a little more time for me, I am ready to wait. I read the comments in Aftonbladet made by Marie and I just wanted to know some more details about each song (Jazzy? Pop? Ballad and maybe what feelings they could call) Now I understand it was stupid to read the reviews. What does it mean when a TDR MODERATOR says such as “the worst song, I don’t like jazz, leave indifferent ….” About Jazz. I don’t like it either. Generally. BUT Marie Fredrikssons performing touch me every time so deep, I don’t know, it is some thing in her voice, SHE CAN touch whith it…

After all I am disappointed by TDR so much. I am not the only one who wait for the album. WE are all so surprised and looking for every small information about Marie. YOU had a chance to hear it as first. Why to disturb the pleasure with the – early- comments, that generally are negative??? Everyone have right to an opinion, but yours seem to be hard. Let the time show, let THE OTHERS listen too.

One thing enjoys me yet. The different musical styles in the album. It could be great to know Marie from different points of music. And please, all my pretty people, who read TDR. Don’ t be jealous to Micke Bolyos. The man has made Marie extremely happy and always does. He whites music, lyrics, he knows Marie as nobody knows. It is good as it is. The Roxette time will come. Isn’t it nice to have THREE beautiful things (MF/PG/GT/Roxette) together?

Maries new album seems to be a very personal thing after all. It wouldn’t be considered as an ordinary new CD. It would become close to anyone or not. It will be close to me, I am pretty sure. Let’s take time and breath. Let’s enjoy (who is able to☺)

That was a nice honest review. Good on you Thomas for saying what you really think, I respect that.

Here we go again... some of you are soooo narrow-minded and childish... Leave Thomas and co alone, where is it stated that to be a moderator you HAVE TO like everything a person does???? I am referring to maciek’s and thechange posts if you wonder...

I do agree that reviews should be honest, but in this case I think the bad opinions should have been left behind. given the special situation surrounding Marie and the release of this album. I especially think it’s ridiculous to hear from people who clearly dislike Marie’s music - dull and sad Thomas???? There’s a difference between an opinion and just nasty bad mouthing. I’m not a Per fan but I can at least listen to his music with an open mind and find some positive things in his songs. I would have never written such negative stuff about Per’s music even though I don’t like him so much, especially on such a public forum.

Anyway, the important thing is that she made this album and THAT is her victory, whether it sells a lot or whether stupid mindless fools criticise it.

I love this woman...

O.K., I got it!

Marie or Per could have their faces messed up by a lawnmower and people would still say how beautiful they are. If one don‘t, he‘s pittyless.
The next Roxette- or Soloalbum could contain only recorded analgases and people would be like “Wuuooaaah, isn‘t it the loudest fart you ever heard ?”; ” Yeah man, I can even smell it!”
...if one don‘t‘, he‘s no fan and has to be tought about his lack of profession and journalistic skills.
How creativ people can get when they‘re desperate...
“Wuuuaaa, Mumy! Nasty Moderators say heroes not perfect!” - “Oh Dear! Pretend to be mentaly grown up and come up with some stupid formalities and make them feel unworthy the job they‘re doin‘!”

Dear moderators, haven‘t you noticed that this site gives home to many lifeless people only living to serve their Alpha-Humans? If you criticize them you criticize everything they believe in and live for.
Show a little Sympathy. They deserve it!

@goetz: I think I just got a new idol... you!!! ;-) I would never dare to write it in such a brutal way you just did, but I must say you have a big point in what you are saying! Thanks for those words. Let’s now just see how the “lifeless people” here will handle your comment! ;-)

Wow, goetz is feeling bitter!

As I was saying, in this case it’s different from a normal album because it’s more of a diary, and it’s a personal victory for Marie. That doesn’t mean you have to love it...actually this album is musically not my usual taste and I can be quite honest about that. I don’t love every song and I’ll say it.

But to tear it apart the way Thomas did is not good reviewing. Marie said in an interview that she can tell the difference between honest criticism and someone who just wants to drag her down, and I think Thomas just proved that. Visa’s review is a good example of honest reviewing - he didn’t love every song but didn’t feel the need to just shred it to pieces either and found a few positive things to say.

I look so much forward to hear the whole album!

It will hit the shops in Switzerland on 25/11 :-DDD

That’s why I love TDR so much *sarcasmoff*

@sparvogamarie: I don’t get your critics against Thomas to be honest. He simply didn’t like any of the songs. Visa liked a few and Judith liked more or less all. What’s the difference in the way they are writing?? I can honestly say that I don’t like any of the songs either, which I think is sad since I wanted to like them. I guess it is the same for Thomas. If he now didn’t like any song I think he is entitled to write that as well, or not?!?!?!?!

Well I just think that comments like “dreadful”, “dull”, “makes me yawn” ....yes ok he’s being honest, but on the front cover of a supposedly professional website I think it could be a little more tactful, especially considering the special circumstances. I can’t understand how some people are so ready to tear Marie apart, whether it’s over the album, or that whole business about her not appreciating Per, or her chubby face. Some of you guys are so cold to the fact that she has been fighting for her life these past years. No you don’t have to worship her for everything she does...but do you have to attack her?

goetz, you’ve got point! Really impressing someone here can say it so straight and simple. You’re the hero. Hats off :D

Fine, since Marie sucks so much I’ll just have to join you. Look out for my new website

I’m also starting a new petition, asking Marie to quit music because she’s just so bad. Feel free to sign.

I love fight days on this forum...ives me something to laugh at between studying! mwahahahahahah! oam//

@Sparvogamarie: So people are cold when they don’t like her music? Just because she has been sick, which I personally think was a really sad news, doesn’t mean she is automatically doing great music, does it? Then I also wonder when Marie ever said she doesn’t appreciate Per? That’s news for me!
Another thing that struck me in your complaints is the blabla about Marie’s looks. None of the news reporters are saying anything bad about that. If they did that, then I would support you and think they are unprofessional.
Furthermore I think you are being really childish in your last comment about the petition and stuff. It is maybe no point even trying to get a decent answer out of you since you seem to be a person who immediately turn your nails out and bites with stupid comments. At least we all here learned that some time ago already when you complained that it was too much GT news here. A stupid comment when there was only stuff happening about GT. Maybe I should whine and say there’s too much Marie now?! Well, I don’t, cause there’s nothing to say about Per & Co. right now.

Stupid review...the ones who wrote it dont understand a thing. They missed the whole point..
Esp. one of them 3..

@sparvogamarie: Who is attacking Marie? I don’t think saying that the new album is not good is a personal attack on Marie... I don’t like the songs either but I still like Marie and I’m happy she is back... I actually wish her success with the album even though it sucks IMHO.

Mission: I love fight days too =)

Per: wow it’s getting personal now! I don’t know you so I can’t really say anything against you. And I don’t know Thomas so I don’t have any problem with him at all, just that his review was a bit harsh and some things he said were unneccesary. I don’t think you’ll see any personal comments about Thomas in any of my posts because I have no reason to try to hurt him, only disagree with him. He is welcome to share his side and if he stands by his opinions then good for him. There’s nothing wrong with his opinion, it just might be nice if he learns to write more tactfully in a professional setting like this.

The website comment was clearly a JOKE...duh. Trying to lighten things since it’s clearly just becoming a flame fest when it doesn’t need to.

I don’t know what context I said there was too much GT news, but I was probably saying that GT personally doesn’t interest me so the news felt boring for a while. But obviously TDR were reporting GT a lot while there was a lot of news...I’m not gonna argue about that! I’m not a Per or GT fan, but then you won’t find me criticising them on here either. I think it’s a little sad that you try to throw up a past comment at me just because I disagree with Thomas....

Susi: I was talking more generally about those who attack Marie, of course you can dislike the album and that’s not attacking her. I’m talking about in the forum, there’s been some nasty comments that she is ungrateful to Per, that she’s a fat pig etc. That’s what I mean when I say attack.

”.... whether stupid mindless fools criticise it” is not personal?

*sigh* ok my last post because it just gets stupid when it gets like this. That was a general comment, about anyone who makes stupid criticisms - fans, news reporters, whatever. I’m not saying it about Thomas directly, but fine, this is just degenerating.

My only point was that it was an overly harsh review, and I’m sure Thomas was expecting ppl to disagree with him. The thing is, I actually agree with some of his comments!!! I wasn’t that crazy about the album, though I am gonna listen a few more times before I really decide my opinion. I just thought he could have worded it a little better when it’s going on the front page. Like I said I have absolutely no personal problem with Thomas, I don’t know him at all.

Interesting fact: all those who seem to not be dissilusioned by the reviews here are the ones that find hard to enjoy this record ... simple as that and therefore will agree with Thomas ... funny thing indeead as for everyone else who have a bigger praiser for this record think otherwise and clearly don’t see a reason for those comments on the frontpage ...however they are the webmaster here so this site belongs to them first and foremost it was their option least that must be respect.

Ferdan: VERY IMPORTANT POINT! Objectivity in reviews that is what is missing in these “opinion personal sort of reviews” you made it really clear.
Indead objectivity is a veru hard thing to achieve only big professional could do it.

I still find it funny somehow but if I were Thomas I would allow myself not to close “my musical boundaries” and learn slowly to understand and appreciate different and news styles cause that makes one person a true music lover ... I learnt that once I am sure Thomas will one day ...

I agree with Sparvogamarie. You should take to account the circumstances; it isn’t just another common album for Marie, it means much more to her. And if the release day she is raided by negative and very personal opinions in the front page of one of the most important Roxette fan web site, just imagine how could media react. I don’t have anything against these opinions, everyone has the right to speak their minds up, but I think these comments shouldn’t have been expressed in the front page, but in the forum in any case.

“I still find it funny somehow but if I were Thomas I would allow myself not to close “my musical boundaries” and learn slowly to understand and appreciate different and news styles cause that makes one person a true music lover ... I learnt that once I am sure Thomas will one day ...”

That’s a good point. That goes for many people! Open your mind and don’t judge without even knowing what you’re judging on. :)

Funny how some people now might label me a “fanatic”, when I have a past of being flammed by the so called “real fans” all the time. worth name “The Change”;)

It’s the worst review I’ve seen. I love Marie’s music.

@ goetz - LOL, well said !! Fan #2 here !! :)

@ Emil - Man, it´s just my way to express myself... I don´t want to piss anyone off... so, since I give you the right to tell what you think, I want the same right... and the point is that I don´t like the snippets (can´t tell about the rest of the album yet)... I don´t like jazz, I don´t like gospel, I don´t like soul, R&B, so, it sucks IN MY OPINION!! :) But I´m very proud of Marie, she´s a winner !! :)

All the best

Fun Fun Fun till someone takes the crazy rox fans away :)

Great review.
alchemiste says “hi” to Thomas whos contributes are extraordinary (which doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with every single point he makes).


Edit: Smiley inserted. Some bad English removed.

Thank God we always have professionals to do better what some amateurs do thinking they´re the ones...

Who is this Thomas? Who he thinks he really is?
By all I saw his prefered deals is Britney Spears and Spice Girls.

[Edited to remove “flame.” Remember... no personal attacks allowed. You can disagree with someone, but don’t make it personal. – LEO]

LOL. uilian_d, are you OK? Britney Spears? users registered above 8000 are so strange and funny :D

Anyways - he gets out - you have no news and try that on your own. Ready? Go ahead!

Dear uilian_d,

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

TDR offer a great news source. All the effort that they put in should instead be appreciated and not bashed by people like you.

Are you so narrow minded that you can’t understand that people have different opinions about the album?

[Edited to remove “flame.” Again dear readers, please be nice to each other. It’s OK to disagree with someone... but don’t cross the line. – LEO]

Dear robban,
Although all the efforts, this doesn’t mean their opinion is always correct.
“...should instead be appreciated and not bashed by people like you” this is a real demonstration of narrow mind.

All the work made in the TDR is praiseworthy, yes, but in this point it had an imperfection.

I’m only questioning the real validity of the criticals, having in view that they are not professional with the necessary ability to do that.

Try to compare with what was made by the professionals in fact. The difference is highly notable.

I think you have no idea who is professional and who is not. Tabloids are for sure in your opinion. Live with that and news they post everyday.

Doing a review on music is the most difficult thing to do. Everybody’s got a different taste. So guess why Aftonbladet gave Marie 4 plusses, but Expressen only gave 1 bee? So in the end it’s good to see that three completely different ppl made the review for TDR. I appreciate that.
Indeed, I think that Thomas’ choice of words wasn’t too professional, but he isn’t doing that as a job, but for fun, so why should he be professional in that? :)

Of course everyone is welcome to have his own opinion and I respect that. But just imagine MARIE reading this reviews. SHE has put all HER feelings and strength to the album and now it is thrown away.

PS I didn’t get surprised that Expressen gave just one bee... You know, all those courts...

hm, that will maybe sound weird, but I think everybody took this review too close to heart :o))aw, nevermind, hey, it’s just another review! go, surf internet and you’ll find much MUCH worse reviews! hell, yes, I didn’t like it too (I mean review) that’s too much subjective and based on private opinions, but don’t you think that it’s really hard to make an *objective* one? I think it is.
I’ve read somewhere, that this album is too much personal...yes maybe, but isn’t it great, that Marie’s all right at least and is here, with us? :o))

I don’t want to take any side, I’ll better go and listen to Marie’s album, coz it’s great. :o)))

This album is THE BEST Marie has ever done!!!!
Forever and longer “Den Standiga” was always the most INCREDIBLE piece of work I thought she ever done, but “THE CHANGE” has topped it by 110 million %!!!! A true MASTER-PIECE!!!!
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo INCREDIBLY PROUD on her - she has blown me away once again, just when I think I can’t get anymore OVERWHELMED by her - she does this!!!!!:-)
I NEVER have to have another Roxette album EVER if she continues to make albums like this!!!! SO, SO, SO PROUD!!!!!!
What a triumpf for her!!!!!
I am so dissapointed that Thomas and Visa can be so horrible and cold in these reviews of HER should know by now, your opinion means NOTHING!!! Its just dissapointing that you can be like that - I’d like to see you both do better if you could!!!....don’t think so!!!!
Keep in-mind that she made this FOR HER FANS - so if you don’t have anything good to say, rather keep it for yourselves!!!!
Its completely unfair to review something if you have no liking for the artist, and it really feels like that in these reviews - its not fair of you to do this to her!!!!
Imagen I had to review a PER/GYLLENE TIDER cd - yeah I wouldn’t have anything constructive to say either, so I rather wouldn’t do it...maybe something to consider for the future!!!!
Imagen HER reading your negative comments....because afterall this is the only comments/review posted here....truly heartless!
She obviously wants everyone to love it, she obviously is PROUD on her songs and this cd and here you go ripping it to pieces!!!!
I think the TDR should consider to leave the reviewing to people who understand her style and writting....not people who makes it out to be the worst album ever!!!!
Like I said before, she has grown and come so far, this album is a MASTER-PIECE!!!

WoW!!! Electra!! Bravo!! I’m joining you in every single word!!!!
*GO MARIE!!! You’re the best!*

@Autumn...thx for the support, Lord knows we gotto stick together to SUPPORT and defend her, she really didn’t deserve such a horrible review!!!!

It’s a great record for those who love it and Marie’s fans, not that good for Per’s fans and for all those who dislike it. Period!!!!

I#ve always thougt that Marie’s own stuff is so much better than anything by Roxette. This album does a lot to support my feelings.

It’s good that a new album “The Change” is in english language because in swedish i don’t understand... Next album wish be power pop songs...i hope so...

Yes, this album is lightyears better than all that GT shit...


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