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SVT welcomes Gessle’s offer

Written by tevensso on October 6, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Reading yesterday’s Aftonbladet made Thomas Hall, project leader for Melodifestivalen song contest at SVT, bounce with excitement. “It would be a breach of duty not calling Gessle,” Hall says to Aftonbladet. Gessle’s song would in that case be one of the four “jokers” - songs that don’t have to be selected by the jury.

  “It’s important to point out that the song is the crucial thing, not the fame of the songwriter,” Hall states. “We will contact Per and have a constructive meeting. It would certainly be a feather in our cap to have him participate.”


so great!!!!!!!!! I cant belive this is true=)!!!!! 2 DVD:s and Mabey a live CD, and then the Swedish “Melodi Festivalen”, I think he going ti winn everything, and offcaurse we are going to vote for him, we can have a summerhit from Gessle next year again=)=)=)!!!!!!!!!!

I am very disappointed...

I’d hate having Per performing a song, but writing one is totally OK by me.

write the crappiest song ever and you’ll be in :D I mean those songs are even worse than summer hits.. they are ok for a while but then nobody remembers - except for Eurovision fans ;) *sigh*

someone talk him out of it.....please....

I want him to sing it...

He has one everything else that he can win, now it’s time to win this...

How about that for a laugh.

I prefer PER just writing the song, not performining. I don’t take Eurovision seriously.

I would love Per to write and perform a song for Eurovision... I think he could win the contest with something like HKAK!

What do you mean about “this songs are even worse tha summer hits”, I mean...Per are not going write a “Eurovision song”, he are going to write a Gesslish song!!!!!
And he are going to performe it!!!!!

I have to go through old interviews, I’m sure there is one in which he said he would NEVER do that and even made fun of ABBA for participating. Maybe it’s the age?

Go for it... good luck!

What is this about?! Seems like a foreign language to me!!! What is Eurovision?


Per said he wouldn’t participate there with Roxette, but he’s already written songs for it in the past. Made the last place or something... so why not again? ;-)

Hopefully, this time results will be better. It seems that everybody forgot that as nobody reminds of it.


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