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Gessle reveals upcoming plans in GP interview

Written by Kiwein1 on October 5, 2004 to .

GÖTEBORG - “Maybe the concert at Ullevi wasn’t our best one, but it had everything else: a complete experience, a fantastic audience. With some distance now, and having monitored the editing of the film, I start realizing… how big that was,” Gessle says in an inteview with Göteborgsposten.

  “We’ve found some old, very funny, odd and unique footage – like from the recordings of Teaser Japanese, for instance,” says Gessle. This will be added to the DVD.
The fans don’t have to wait until spring. One of the big TV channels will show part of the documentary (about 30 minutes worth) around Christmas/New Year’s Eve.

  Asked if there will be a live-CD, Gessle says: “There are different points of views. I think that people would like that, but not everybody owns a DVD-player. Other people say that it’s old-fashioned to release a live CD. But hey… we are old. Don’t rule it out though.”

  Over the last couple of months, Per has followed the work of his Roxette colleague Marie Fredriksson. “Her solo album sounds extremely good. Marie is a fighter. I am glad that she is active again, I know that it means much to her after all this cruelty.”
  But he can’t say what her comeback means for the future of Roxette. “Marie and I are very good friends. Roxette is our little baby. Nothing is happening at the moment and we will see if something is going to happen in the future.”

  Next year will be a quiet one for Per Gessle. “I continue to write songs, but there will be no recordings. I mean, you have to stay away for a while to be missed. So, we will see… maybe a ’Mazarin II’ in summer of 2006?”


Mazarin II or Roxette comeback in 2006 sounds very nice indeed! :-) Rich

i hope roxette. i don’t like gt. sorry.

I opt for Mazarin II!!! go Per... :)

either will do fine, preferably rox. It is the reason this forum exists after all....isn’t it?

take your break already ;)

muahahah well said StillFar :P

Just keep resting, man fans also need a break! ;)

Optimistic news!
I especially like his phase “Roxette is our little baby” :) (:

....I need holiday.......this man drives me crazy..

First: “..Oh I will take a break, I need a rest!”
Than: “Hej..I’m writing songs..hey MazarinII..or Roxette..yippieh!”

6 minutes break again eh?

Yea, Per can’t fully rest, he’s a kind of workoholic! He needs to do something all the time ;)

I guess if he comes up with an idea for a great new song whilst on vacation he’s not just going to ignore it ;-)

Yipeee, that’s sound in my ears :-)!!!
Have a very nice and relaxing break Per! I’m sure you’ll come back with lots of lovely new songs.

Mazarin II sounds amazing!
Boxette is OK too of course :)

Well, If I must choose: Roxette!
We have been missing Roxette since 2 years now and knowing that it will take at least one more year, I will be very lucky if Roxette comes back in the beginning of 2006, no matter how much I like Per’s solo-work.

Oh my, please Per, Marie, Roxette have a break - my bankaccount doesn’t support any tour for the next year(s) ;-)

Ok, that’s great news, we’re going to hear something new from either Per or Roxette - not to forget the new Marie-CD

mazarin 2 sounds cool :)
who knows, maybe I will get there this time :P

jeez, we fans are greedy huh!!


PER could have said these things after ROOM SERVICE tour as well. I mean, DVD’s and live CD’s.

Anyway, I’m happy.

I hope and proy for Roxette!!!
Per rules,but i preffer Roxette!!!

all this gt crap i want a room service dvd or live cd ick ick ick

So it looks like 2006 is the earliest for Roxette. Quite a period of time between studio albums then. And we thought the break between CBB and HAND was long. This is going to end up being around the same length. At least we are still getting new material from Marie this year. :)

wonder the Teaser Japanese recordings are? Most probably the making of TJ that most of us have seen. Be nice to find some really rare bonus footage.

Yes rox rules! I want a new album of Roxette.

I need Roxette comeback.


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