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Gessle at Melodifestivalen?

Written by tevensso on October 5, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to an interview with Aftonbladet, Per Gessle might be interested in writing a song for next year’s Swedish leg of the Eurovision Song Contest. “Have them [SVT] call me and we’ll work something out,” Per grins. Per has changed his mind about the Song Contest as it’s more pop now, before it was just strange, Per thinks.

  Also, Per is currently working on not one, but two Gyllene Tider DVDs! The first DVD is a live recording from this year’s summer tour and it will be released in the beginning of December. The second DVD is a documentary about Gyllene Tider’s tours and it will be released in January, 2005.

  Aftonbladet meets Per at his studio/office in Stockholm. They notice that the door to Per’s apartment is barred by a locked gate. “We had to do that because German Roxette fans slept here,” Per says. He mentions that he’s writing new material, in English, and that Roxette may well use these songs if possible. “It’s all up to Marie, I don’t know if she has what it takes anymore, or if she wants to. It’s a big machine releasing an album abroad. We haven’t discussed it.”

  Per tells Aftonbladet that he sees Marie now and then, that they eat together. He also mentions that he loves her new album. “It’s really great. Some of the songs are amazing! Her vocals are terrific! It’s unbelievable that she’s made the album,” Per says.

  So Per may be off, but he’ll be back, maybe even in a few months…

Robert Thorselius, andersb, m-cvk and frodi contributed to this article.


finally a official comment about the german fans... i dont think a locked gate is something the family like to have there.

Cool we will get a documentary DVD as well!! :-))

“German Roxette fans slept here”.... And I who thought they are so normal nowadays.... at least a certain letter claimed that some time ago...

It would be nice to hear that Marie is willing and that everyone is 100% confident. I really don’t want to see the end of Roxette.

LOL..... that bit about the fans made me laugh.
back in a few months?! sheeeesh this guy’s gonna make me broke!

Hi! I’m a german fan. The last time I slept in Sweden was 1981. I was 4. So much about generalizing people. Cheers. ;-)

So, this is his idea of having a break ;-) How typical is that!?!

I’m looking forward to the 2 DVDs, can’t wait!

...and no comment to the Germans from my side


Ooooh. This could open a can of worms...

YEAH, without exception positive news, thanx!

His face looks so strange.
Bad plastic surgery?

roxette will always go on ! they will never split just stop releasing albums international , it would be nice, but marie has been through so much, they is no rush i say :-).

So that´s the point: The future of Roxette depends on Marie Fredriksson.

Bad news, having in mind that Marie is only doing a taped documentary for promoting her new solo album.

But, on the other side, I don´t agree with Per that releasing an album abroad as Roxette is a big big machine. He must assume that the concept of the group need to be changed. I think that the last big promotion efforts Roxette did was with Room Service (at least here in Spain). But we don´t need Roxette in the TOP 40 anymore. We just want another album, perhaps more mature Roxette album, to be heard. Great artists -I´m thinking in Annie Lennox, for instance- don´t promote their albums but they still keep with their projects.

And I´m sure that, even without a big promotion campaign, Roxette will do well in many European countries, ´cos they have a big fan-base around who is seeking for another release. I mean, a great album with litte promotion steps (Marie doesn´t need to be everywhere, just Per...) would do fine for Roxette.

Anyway, I´m extremely pleased with Per Gessle and his capacity of work. It´s amazing...we will have to learn from him definitely. Moreover, I´m looking forward to hearin “The Change” by Marie, since the positive review Per has done of it (what would we expect from him, hehe?).

In the past, when Marie and Per said they loved their fans, I always thought it was a “correct” position, to please all of us. But now I can feel they are sincere, ´cos they try to go on with their careers no matter what it happens. And we, the fans, should be eternally pleased for that.

Take cARE.

Man, i’m gonna have to have a whole shelf dedicated to GT DVDs soon :)

Pity the Rox shelf is comparitively empty though :(

yea, quit sleeping in his garden....psychos. good news though

[edit] it doesn’t look that different in aftonbladet. the photo is just taken at a really funny angle in a weird light. the article is quite big though, worth picking up if you are in Sverige. Don’t think its a surgery issue, he’s hardly Micheal jackson is he...?

on_a_mission why isn’t Aftonbladet worth of picking if you are not in Sweden ;)
I’m definetly gonna buy it today, and I’m not in Sweden.

Not every German fan behaves like that - keep that in mind while generalizing people! :)

kiwein1...I was BY NO MEANS...intending to generalise or berate every German fan. I apologise if it appeard that way. However, I still don’t agree with doorstep sleeping no matter WHERE you are from!

And yes, if you can read any Swedish or are a heavy collector I’d get todays Aftonbladet.

Take care folks, oam

“However, I still don’t agree with doorstep sleeping no matter WHERE you are from!”

Of course NOT! I sure agree!

I guess it was Aftonbladet at first who generalized people by writing it. I still can’t believe that Gessle should have said it exactly this way..

And I NEVER EVER would sleep in anybody’s doorstep.

Hi Kiwein1 ;-) I don’t see the problem with the article. There is no generalisation in these words: “German Roxette fans slept here”. It is a factual comment in the past tense about an event that has taken place. These words represent nothing other than an informative statement which says that two or more German Roxette fans have slept there at some point. There is no implication in this comment that many or all German Roxette fans have done this or do this on a regular basis. Therefore I see nothing wrong with the comment by Per Gessle or the reporting by Aftonbladet unless the event did not take place or the translation is incorrect. All the best! From Rich

Yes, but you know..”our” reputation is bad enough as you can see by reading the comments, immediately while reading this article people start generalizing again..doesn’t matter..I wouldn’t sleep there - so I actually I shouldn’t care about it, haha!

Best wishes to you! ;)

EDITOR’S NOTE: OK... and with THAT exegesis... I think we can let the whole “German fans” part of this article drop. Everyone understands that the actions of a few people don’t depict an entire group (or in this case countrymen)... but that they only reflect poorly – and often in an exaggerated way – on that entire group. So let’s let that go...

Feel free to post comments on anything ELSE. Thanks for your cooperation.

wow, really good news: 2 more GT-DVD’s coming up. Looking forward to it.
Nice Christmasgift!
And i really do hope that, when Marie is fresh again and her new album has worked out positive, she will have energy to continue with Roxette.
Roxette for ever!

I suppose I’m gonna spend my whole Christmas-money on Per & GT... :-)

why 2 dvds??
question to Mister G.
could you please give me the money to buy TWO dvds?
thanx in advance

BTW im looking forward to it, even if i dont know how to finance ??????

edit: forgot something
why not placing the GT-videoclips on the 2nd dvd??
i would really love to see them all.

Do you know that the first DVD is from Ullevi?? I guess I’m the only one who truly loves the picture. Stop those “surgery comments”. It’s really silly, as silly as sleeping in front of the door. I don.t care what your nationality is, never sleep again. You ruin first of all GABRIEL’s life.

im sick of all the people who say they cant afford to buy the odd rox or rox-related releases cdon isnt that expensive so if you cant afford it too bad i dont wanna hear about it!

Not everyone is so rich as you are.

What is exactly “Melodifestivalen”?

“im sick of all the people who say they cant afford to buy the odd rox or rox-related releases cdon isnt that expensive so if you cant afford it too bad i dont wanna hear about it!”

im so sorry that i have some more things to pay for than just roxette or gt
maybe you havent, but i do!!!

otherwise, this was a JOKE!!!

do you know that word?

“Melodifestivalen”. I think it is Eurovision Song Contest.


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