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Bryan Adams: “I’m sorry Roxette”

Written by tevensso on August 24, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Canadian rocker Bryan Adams’s new album “Room Service” will be released later this fall. Not only is the title Roxette-ish, but the album itself is like Roxette’s “Tourism” – songs recorded in hotel rooms and such.

  When Expressen tells Bryan this he replies “I had no idea Roxette had done this before. It certainly wasn’t my intention to steal anything! Tell Per and Marie that I’m sorry. I just thought it was a really neat idea.”


ggggrrrrrrrrrrr - Roxette should watch their back - I hear he has plans for a new album called Boom! Bang! Crash! - also, he has never heard of RS? Seems like he is not alone in the world! lol

ah well, most important is his music.. which rocks :D

@ Judith. Totally agree. If there is one thing that we Roxette fans know, it’s not the image or the name or the gimmicks, it’s the music. Well said!

”...had no idea Roxette had done this before” - Crash!

Probably thought he was being really original. ;)
T’ain’t much can be done about it... I dunno why he’s saying sorry, roxette don’t own the words ’room’ or ’service’... Hmmn, but I reckon he’s having a dig, at ’Run to You’. ;) :D


hey alla!!!!I remember that bryan adams had written a song called “run to you” before crash!boom!bang! is released, but BRYAN ADAMS: I DON‘T BELIEVE YOU!!!you have copied!!!!tell the truth!!!!! please write me friends from all over the world to [email protected] I AM from argentina, my name‘s jorge and 26 aged.....thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!ROXETTE FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry BA, it ain’t original Rox beat you to it 12 years ago!! ;)

Bryan Adams. Goodness gracious, everyone in the US has been WONDERING what ever happened to him.

Now we have more information about his new album. The sleeve looks like this:

I was absolutely surprised when I heard he starts his European Tour in Dornbirn (Austria). In this case we don’t have to drive too far to go to the concert (only about 30 km). Also we will not be able to hear any of the new songs before the concert. The album will be released 1-2 days after the first concert.

“Room Service” will be followed up with an acoustic CD entitled “Stripped” which includes 14 original songs, some of which are acoustic demos from the Room Service CD. Both CD’s were recorded on the road in Europe, in hotels and backstage at concert venues.

Nice memory from the Roxette “RS” Tour:

Same Title, (unfortunately) not the same artist:

Anyway nice to see they both picked the same theme. I like it. Let’s see if we can compare these two shows. Is there anyone who’s also going to one of B.A. shows?

Lol @ the news title onhis site, Bad news... it shouldv’e been Bad (music) news. Never liked the whimp, anyways!!

Could be a worse musician than Bryan e.g. one of those POP IDOLS. *arrrggh*

@Oliver: I have pinned my tickets beside the monitor. In front of many other memories which are important for me.

At least he didn’t say “I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are talking about” ;)

I thinks is funny because i’m a bit fan of bryan adams, not such like rox of course but is a very funny story. Maybe they should make a song together or Per singing summer of 69 and bryan the look...

I’ve always liked Bryan Adams a lot, and I don’t care if calls his albums like Roxalbums, I like his music anyway.

I wonder if he really did say Per and Marie... he’s probably one of these that think Marie is actually called Roxette... ;)

i dont think he think so... he topped the charts in the same time that Joyride aldum did... so he should remember Roxette as a pop duo...

@Denstandigaresan : He must’ve learnt Marie’s and Per’s name from the booklets of Tourism and Room Service! ;P

i‘m not particulary a fan of B.A., but i can understand that he had not knowlegge about the RS album, which i have myself. First, it‘s hard to find a roxette album and second, even harder to find someone, in Canada, who knows Roxette, so, i can totally understand...


People don’t remember who Roxette are in Canada? I disagree. Over here in the Prairies, most people I know remember who Roxete are. Of course, not many people remember them fondly, but they *do* remember who they are. :-) And there is still an audience for them here, because why else would EMI Canada waste their time and meager budget on producing CDs and DVDs of a foreign band, when they could be producing homegrown talent instead?

As for Bryan Adams, I like the guy, but really, he is way more popular in Europe than he is back home, I think.

who really cares if bryan called his album room service,good luck to the fella.he does’nt need to steal from anybody.anyway the guy’s done the decent thing & appologised for which he did’nt have to.GOOD LUCK BRYAN ADAMS

It’s really nice that Bryan Adams apologized ROXETTE. The title of the can’t be changed for sure. But I’m still a bit sad cos the idea of TOURISM is so unique. It should have been the only album in the music business... But now one way or other it is copied...

i think its nice also that he apologized makes a change when someone says sorry out right.

He, he, he...
Im sure Bryan Adams is a big Roxette´s fan..but nobody knows....
And the new tittle album is a good tribute... ;)

Im happy for this new release of BA!!! :)
I like him too...!! But not so far as Rox.....

@brolin_es: I can can just imagine Per doing Summer Of ’69. Cool idea!

Well, Roxette “stole” the Tourism idea from U2... :)


I mean, it can happen that two artists come up with the same songtitle or even the same album title. Roxette and BA have both a song called “run to you”

I was certainly surprised when I saw an advertisement in the newspaper saying “Bryan Adams - Room Service live in Dornbirn...”

:-) :-)

It could also be argued that Roxette “stole” the title Look Sharp! from Joe Jackson, who also had an album by the same name... :-)

I like Bryan n’all, so I’ll let him off ;)


How does it feel to be the second!!! He meay be good but never will be better as Marie And Per!!!


Hey c’mon.....there are so many similar songs, titles and what so’s not only Room Service once used by Roxette.....
Leave the man alone....for those who just can’t accept that Bryan is now having an album out with the same name.....
He obviously apologized and as someone said before...he could have said ” who is this?, never heard of them” but he seems to know who he is talking about so just accept it....

There is so much going out in music business and Bryan just had his very own idea because he IS on the road so often....guess he’s done a lot more live gigs in his lifetime than we all can imagine and he is still out there on the front and doing great!!!

For those who like both,ain’t it great we all have something to look forward?

There is Room for Bryans Service everywhere and so is for Roxette,so no battle,no war just take it as it is......


*believe me,THIS record will be out!!!*

At least Roxette’s album cover had something to do with the title, being at the hotel and all. But with Bryan’s cover it could be any title!....

Can’t wait to lay my hands on both this and the acoustic record! Will think of going to one of his gigs as well :) Bry, you are forgiven for the name, no worries :o)

I think the “apology” was a bit tongue-in-cheek... I mean, he’s not really *apologising* for the coincidence, I think it’s just a classy way to respond to a dumb media comment. And certainly there’s nothing wrong with having an album with the same name, but I think most artists would prefer to choose a name that hasn’t been used by another high profile band (especially one that has been used so recently). Haven’t liked much of what BA’s done in the last ten years or so, but he’s Canadian so I’m routing for him anyway (-;


think about it big room service was in us?

that’s quite noticeable from BA argument...had no idea roxette had done it before...but now, media even us media, will give a little closer attention to an old roxette album...that’s great, coz I wonder what us music listeners wonder about what happened to roxette, coz they’re disappeared...and we all know they’re huge fans so far, as long Roxette starts to play on radios again...

Aren’t titles the only things about songs etc that don’t go under copyright? This was at least mentioned once on the RML in some context. So all those arguments about so-called stealing don’t really make much sense.

Q, where did the name ROXETTE come from?

A, Dr feelgood

Q,Where did the name joyride come from?

A,Per read an interview about paul mcartney saying it’s like being on one big joyride

need i say more?

Cool, a new Bryan-CD!! (and NO best-of-album ;) ) I think I will buy it.

I’ve seem him live and he is.. :* ... You can FEEL how he enjoys playing music on stage.

:-) ... an excuse ... or that?...

Marksufc: And Crash Boom Bang came from Elvis, so you’ve made a good point, Per has been “stealing” for a long time before Bryan! If you listen to the music Per likes you will also hear a LOT of similarities between his music and the stuff he listens to (the intro to Joyride “c’mon get your tickets in” is actually taken from the Magical Mystery Tour!)

There’s also a jazz’n’blues album called Room Service. Using a title is nothing - though the idea of a tour album recorded in hotels and on the road was Roxette’s idea first!

it could as well have been.

Reporter: “did you know you copied roxette’s title and idea?”
Bryan: “who?”


Maybe I may sound sarcastic but it seems that many people would like to run or something. I really have no problems with the title, but the idea of the album... Bryan Adams now may feel a liltle uncomfortable. Now everyboby can go on teasing ROXETTE & PER.

PS What’s that story about U2?

Guys!!!!!! calm need for all of this.

I’m pretty sure that Bryan didn’t mean to copy anything. And he only chose this album title because it fits!!!!!!!! and by the way, his acoustic album will be called “Stripped”..........hehehe,which is the title of the new album of Christina Aguilera.

So no attack on Roxette. And by the way:

“Not only is the title Roxette-ish, but the album itself is like Roxette’s “Tourism” – songs recorded in hotel rooms and such”

He didn’t release a real album since 6 years, and with all his touring, he realised that this is the only to do it. So no copying there too :)

Comment removed by author

Don’t be so strict, lawyer.



OK, I’m waiting for more ROXETTE news.

He released the best of me in 2000 too, it was a collection album.

Spirit CD is a soundtrack with 6songs and music composed by Hanz Zwimmer. so it’s not a true BAD album ;)

So his last Bryan Adams (the band) album was “On a day like today”.

Trust me, this is something i know :)

But I like Bulls!
Oh wait, you weren’t talking about bulls, were you?
Sorry, this topic just reminded me of the word ’bull’ for some reason!

However, recently I’ve heard on the radio ” The new album of Bryan Adams - “Room Service”. And immediately I assume it with ROXETTE.

What’s the big deal with albums being named the same as other albums. It’s not like that the songs are the same.

Here in Australia we had 2 albums called Room Service, well 1 was called Room Service and the other was Room Service 2, which contain different artist.

If every body thought about it, I bet that they could come up with at least 3, 4 or maybe more singers/bands that have the same album name as each other.


Oh my god.... WHat the hell is wrong here?!!
There are the same name of the album and the same problem... What’s going on here?

Bryan-You plagiator!!!!!!!
Roxette was worldwide popular, in 1992, year of Tourism, then you must knew something about their activities!!!
Thanks to Per for great tour...

I’m sorry, my english is very poor, I’m 13 years old....

Well, Bryan Adams is my second favourite singer ever, (guess the first :-)) so i expected this album for a long time! i dont’ care so much about the title...!

Copycat!!!!Don‘t get me wrong,I like Bryan Adams
but ROXETTE are the B E S T!!!!!!!!!

Just a bit of the lyrics to EAST SIDE STORY, one of the songs on Bryan Adams “RoomService”. Does it sound like what some guy from Halmstad could come up with in a chorus?

“na na na na na - na na na na na
na na na na na - yeah her spell
na na na na na - na na na na na
na na na na na - yeah”

Lyrics for 6 of Adams’ new songs here:

it seems Bryan Adams is greatly inspired by ROXETTE; now that he has said “i’m sorry Roxette” ,its ok, lets forgive him,
but don’t dare to try it again ok

I know I know............I was browsing...

btw: At least he remembered their names....


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