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Dark clouds over Roxette, claims Aftonbladet

Written by tevensso on August 17, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to Aftonbladet, Per Gessle says he doesn’t have the fire that’s needed to keep Roxette running.

  Although Per doesn’t specifically say that Roxette is over, he gives very little to hang your hope on.

  “I don’t feel the urge to go out in the world anymore, back then it was an enormous force to make it abroad,” says Per. Even if Marie Fredriksson gets well enough to continue, Per is doubtful.

  andersb contibuted to this article.


wow....... not so shocking i guess but still not nice to see it *cries*

So true, we do not want to get on this wagon just yet.

@anonymous - it was basically a direct translation from the headline on aftonbladet anyway :P but the “dark clouds” way makes it sound much... hmmmm... better? less dramatic?! i dunno....

Undoubtedly an ominous message.

While it’s certainly no ’proof’ roxette is no more, any future release will surely be a low-key affair.

I hate Gessle. I hate him with all my heart. I know I’m selfish, I know I’m a bad guy. But I truly hate him.

How ’bout signing in?? It’s really a shame that most post under “anonymous”.

I am quite sure they don’t have to “go out in the world” anymore! They can do it Sweden-based - if they want! And as far as I remember they were doing it for themselves - and for the people who enjoy listening to them!

Hello...He’s just “tired” like he said...I tend to say things I might regret when I am stressed and tired of everything...

Ok... now this is all over the Pop News here in Finland...

Hmm, I don’t know if this Aftonbladet article really carries any news. It’s clear that Per is tired right now. He wants to have a year off. And he has never made any promises for the years to come. But if Marie wants to continue with Roxette some day, I’m sure Per will as well. Maybe no worldwide promotion or tours – just to make new music!

Ig_Nasi2, do you really think we care about your opinion about mr Gessle? You really think Per should do something with Roxette if he doesen’t have heart with it? Why? The only reason to make album with out “fire” is money. And you want Roxette to make album for money? So sad you think so.

@ TDR: It would be nice not to shorten the original article so drastically! I think the swedish original gives us a better chance to interprete the whole thing: What is guessing and what’s really Per’s statement... Thanx!

I have my memories... if they wanna call it a day, I won’t love them any less. :)

This is a BAD dream. Please wake me up.

“Can Roxette keep on existing - But only here in Sweden?
  - No. If we continue we´ll do it world wide. Although I really don´t know how.”

This is the part that I find the most interesting...

I think basically neither per or marie feel like it just now....the effort that comes with making a roxette album and promoting it. Who can blame them really, as their circumstances have changed so much since the early days. They both have young families...Per has solo success in his native Sweden that he never had before, and then of course there is Marie’s illness. The thing is, I think all of us know that Roxette reached their peak a long time ago. It is highly doubtful that anything they ever record again will ever reach the success they had in the 90’s...I’m not saying they couldn’t have that success again, but they would have to basically devote all their time to promoting any new project, and neither of them want to do that.
Having said all that...maybe in a couple of years time, both of them will want to work together again in some way, after all they do have a special working relationship.
And i think its great that Per and Marie can now get together socially as friends, and not have to discuss work...remember Marie saying in the Really Roxette Doc, that that was one of the things she missed the most.

it’s not the first time aftonbladet has made up a whole story with 2-3 sentences from Per... so before running into conclusions we prefer to get some more first hand info... just hang on :) We are trying our best!

My heart broked when I read the article!!!! But befor the GT tour Gessle said that he is alredy working on the next ROX album, so I think, and really hope, that its just because he’s exhausted from the GT tour!!!! What should we do without ROX!?!?!

well, I have to say I was shocked to read the story, but not surprised. I mean, Roxette have been about for ages now, and waining popularity in the US, UK etc has probably meant that Per (despite him saying he does it for himself) has had his World Domination(!) confidence knocked.

Marie - well we all know about poor Marie.

Even if this is Aftonbladet getting it wrong, well, it probably won’t be too long before we are reading the true story.

Whatever, we all joined the joyride and had some fun! Well, I know that I did!

ciao x

Even if they say it on the radio, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

“before the GT tour Gessle said that he is already working on the next ROX album”
few days ago we read that

“Next year Per Gessle will disappear from the limelight. “
now we read that he don’t want to do promotion at all .. maybe (if GT tour was longer)after another month of everyday concert he wouldn’t want even to listen music at all..
it’s understandable..
but conecting the last concert of GT with the end of Roxette... there no point at all..
it’s even rude!!!
There no sence to talk about it 1 day before last GT concert ..
leave GT to enjoy it.

“Han kan redan ha gjort samma sak med Roxette.
Utan att veta det.”
Utan att veta det?
Utan att veta det?
Utan att veta det?

Promotion don’t make the band BIG==it’s just a good song..
and Per know how to do it..

Anyone has a meet&greet at the Halmstad gig and wants to ask him personally? I’m sure it’s far less dramatic than it seems now.

are they even doing M&Gs tomorrow night? i wouldnt wanna ask him.... i think its pretty rude to be gabbing about roxette at a GT thing personally.

Nope, no more M&Gs tomorrow! I wouldn’t ask too, btw!

I would if I could and there’s a bit time and peace. I mean Roxette is 50% Per, so it shouldn’t be too offtopic. It’s not like asking Anders or MP about it.

yes it’s rude..
but everyone will ask them....
cos that’s on the radio already..
one wrong headline goes to the radio.and so on and so on.. it’s a news now!!
but look carefully in the article–did Per say–“it’s over”..
do you think that he will choose exactly that day to say that????
so to be aks about it on the concert of GT??
so nobody pay attention to the concert and to be concentrate upon the rumors??

yellow papers are yellow papers everywhere..

Ill believe Roxette is over when I read a statement from EMI. But if they do split, I would be VERY sad. At the same time, I would understand Per and Marie. To be in a band like Roxette must be VERY hard work. And they have already given us so much music that we can have forever!

W.Navarro ( who prays Roxette will make a comeback one day)

When Marie got sick Per said somewhere that Roxette will never split, it is just a question if we can work or not. so it feel strange that he should just say it like it ment nothing. I think Per sound a little bit to negative to be him in that article. I remember 1994 when Aftonbladet had a serie of articles about Roxette splitting up, and we all know that wasn´t true. Let´s just hope Marie will be able to keep on, if that is what she wants. I miss her so much

does anyone remember this around the C!B!B! period too - Per told us that it was some Finnish journalist who spread the rumours.

In a UK publication there was also talk that Per would recruit ’another’ Marie if she was to leave Roxette.

It could all be rubbish - who knows.

Just remember what Per once wrote: it’ over when it’s over.

Oj oj oj...

I wouldn’t make such comments to a tabloid if I were Per... not after an exhausting tour.

This man first needs some holiday!!!!!!!!
than...Marie needs to get healthy again...and than...much much much later I think, they can start to think about what they want again.
Not now and not tomorrow!
In the end it’s right unfortunatley: what else to achieve with Roxette....??? Sniff..

Have a nice last gig tomorrow Per and the guys than go home and take a deeeep breath and rest
for a while!!

CR15 (celebrating 15-years-fan-jubileum-SKÅL)

why svenska dagbladet or DN have not made an interview about it?? we always have to read about roxette from those 2 gossip swedish news papper... i think roxette deserves a good journalist making a normal interview in a normal news papper...

There may be dark clouds over Roxette, there may be dark clouds over anybody. You may consider it to mean it’s over... BUT Gyllene Tider “don’t exist” anymore too, do they? Everybody had to wait for their new album and tour for eight years... and they came! And came with amazing success. By the way, what means that group does not exist, when the members are alive still and like each other? :-)

Per said, he prepared some materials for Roxette already, so let’s wait a little for Marie to get well enough - it takes time. Then we’ll see, whether it’s really over or not. Great things must come in the right time to be that great. I hope, Per and Marie will make Roxette come back. It may take some years... But then it could be as great as “Gyllene sommar” this year.

Let’s hope, they come back as Gyllene Tider did and stop wasting time with speculations they closed their business forever. You never know... :-)

I think in my own head I have expected this since the day Marie took sick, so it comes as no surprise to me...

But alas remember it’s only a tabloid, and what’s the big deal if it is over, I have plenty of memories to last me till I am old and grey....


per is to focused on being a big band. why not just make albums and maybe a few years later do a tour like a lot of artist do.
or not tour just make albums.
per needs a break but he can’t stop making albums he’s a workaholic.

i guess
“marie wont be ok and per says that so marie wont be needed to talk to the press”

I think that PG is just dead tired after these two big tours and really needs a break. Let’s talk to him again in a year or two, then that all should sound quite different.

Besides, I cannot really imagine him sitting on his sofa learning to knit instead of writing songs. He will always be working with music. And I am sure the first new songs for Roxette are already in his drawer.

As for Roxette, they can still give out studio albums “only” and just leave the touring (which is very stressful, I am sure about that). Or just play Sweden summer, we’ll be coming in any case to see them. ;)

Don’t get too excited about this piece of news now, who knows how much of the article is true, made up or just exaggerated.

I don’t think Per has a problem with the name ’Roxette’.

Don’t worry. Not long ago Per said it’d be fun to record a new Roxette album one day. Let’s just wait for that day to come. I’m sure it’ll come.

I think Per said that because the things he’s living right now. All that success with Mazarin and GT, and the few success Roxette had with last albums, might make him think that it’s time to leave Rox in the past. But I think it’s just a face, I’m sure after a while he’ll give it a second thought and when Marie gets well they’ll be ready for a comeback.

I already suffered because of Roxette’s ending, but it really haven’t happened yet, so I rather be right here hoping.

Don’t they have to record one more album ?
I remember that after CBB they signed a contract for 5 more albums with EMI.

5..... ?

...I do see things positive! When Per & Marie are strong, fit and healthy they will go on work, they will never stop!!!

I just want a comeback so much, I have to see things like that.


It’s the worst nightmare, I’m crying now.I’m so so bad.I love and I need roxette so much.

Well you know how the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”. You just have to look at what Roxette have achieved and given to their fans over the last 18 years.

There is no doubt that they are going to be missed.

I’m just luckly that my dream come true in 2001 when I meet them in Innsbruck during the Room Service Tour.

TDR: Please be careful. When you say “it’s over”, it’s very shocking for your readers. We are all Roxette fans and we don’t want the band to be over. ROXETTE IS NOT OVER!!!!!!!

Per: If you are really thinking about this, please think twice. I know you are tired and Marie is still under treatment, but if you both were doing it for your fans, well, you have very loyal fans who are still waiting for your next album. Are we selfish? Maybe, but only because it is a pleasure for us to listen to Roxette. As your most beautiful song says, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART! I’m sure you are very intelligent and you really don’t want it.

It’s not official yet, this is just a stupid tabloid that took a few words from Per and made it into something big. But I would not be so surprised if Roxette were over, since Marie got sick things have been different.

I think it’s too early to give up on Roxette yet, Per is just tired from all the touring the last 2 years and we all know what a workaholic he is. He’ll be back before we have time to miss him!! Marie is a different story of course, but I think once she is completely recovered she will want to return to singing. After a long break I think they will miss Roxette!! And even if they do split, I’m sure we’ll still have solo albums and GT for many more years.

We at TDR are pleased with the nature and quality of most of the comments posted here... but PLEASE take the time to LOG IN. That’s not too much to ask...

Having said that, most of you know that The Daily Roxette has become the prime source of reliable news about the band. We’ll have more on this in due time... you can count on that.

I’m sure it will not happen.
First aftonbladet is not a trustful newspaper and we didn’t know if he really said it.
I’m sure after a big vacation he will be back together Marie to make us much more happy :D

I love you Marie and Per!!!!

Fernanda - Brazil

Maybe I have some kind of negation when I read things like that. It’s so logical that Per are very tired right now, Mazarin > Promotion > Press > Tour, Finn 5 Fel > Promotion > Press > Tour. It’s too much!! I’m sure that Aftonbladet has distort or take out of context what he said.
It’s for sure that Per doesn’t have encourage to take Roxette, the same with Marie. Let him take his deserved vacation, and let Marie get 100% recovered, and then we’ll have a full Roxette back!!

i can’t believe what i’m reading!!!
It’s really sad for me read something like this.After read the Sommartider’s words,i feel with a little hope inside my heart,but it’s only fan’s hope,the actual situation is clear.i can’t go on writting,sorry.

You know strangely enough this news didn’t really affect me like I thought it would.

I know that in 1992 when a DJ here in Sydney said Roxette were over cause Marie wanted to have a family I was completely devestated! But I have grown up a lot since then and I realise that things change and people change and you move on I know that Roxette were never gonna last forever. I think ever since Marie fell ill I kind of new it would be a long time if at all that we would be hearing a new Roxette album.

Personally I don’t think the article has much truth. Per is very tired right now and the last thing he wants to think about is a roxette come-back and when you’ve had enough you say things you don’t mean. Wait until Per is rested and Marie is doing much better and then they can say for sure if they have the passion to continue now is not a good time to make a decision on Roxette and I don’t think they have.

For me my biggest concern is Marie’s health and that comes first. More than a roxette album I would love to see Marie making a solo come-back cause if she is doing that it would mean she is well enough to think about the music again...I wait for that day!

Per have your rest :)

Lars-Erik_Olson — “The Daily Roxette has become the prime source of reliable news “
yes thanks for that!!!we will wait.
maybe becouse of that last night so many people try to login here ....but at least I and few other people coudn’t login last night :-( no matter how hard we try...

This morning I woke up really happily: last GYLLENE TIDER’s condert. Of course, I’m not happy that tour is over. That is I’m really proud of what GYLLENE TIDER achieved this summer. But now this day doesn’t look so great.Though I saw this article yesterday, I didn’t understand it. Now I’m really really sad. I ROXETTE so much, from all my heart... I even decided to study Scandinavian langauges at university just because of ROXETTE... As many of you I hope it’s just a bad day and tiredness.
PS Unfortunately, many people won’t enjoy GYLLENE TIDER’s last concert that much...

@Hotblooded: Well spoken. My English isn’t that good, I totally agree with you (but couldn’t find the words myself). Thanks!

Dunno why i was posted anonymous... just want to add:
Marie! Per! You are more than life for me. I am your fan and your friend forever. Let me send you all my gratitude, delight and faith to support you in these hard and glorious times. You are beautiful, and strong, and so young, and the whole life is still ahead of you.
Your fan,

You are so selfish guys.
( Not everyone, but lot of you.)

It´s Per´s life, he has righ to decide what does he want to do with it.
The most important thing is that he is happy.

I ´d miss Roxette too, of course, but if Per doesn´t want to make more Roxette albums then we have no righ to be angry with him for it.

Ok guys - not a rumour that we wanted to hear, but remember at the moment that it is only a rumour!! I’ll only believe that Roxette is over when i hear it from Marie and Per themselves!

Now is not the time for a Roxette come-back. Per must be exhausted and we all know the situation with Marie, her health is the most important thing to all of us!

Lets pray that in the not too distant future we will hear the amazing duo with a newer, fresher, healthier lease of life - i’m sure that after a much deserved break Roxette will return!!!! In the meantime Have A Nice Day :-) xxxx

When I wrote thos morning, I forgot to say that when I read this article, heavy rain started in Lithuania. And I think of something. Maybe people who are going to attend concert of GYLENE TIDER this evening can posters “We want ROXETTE!!!”

Loki and others–When your are writing long post it takes time and you are log out ..that’s why you posted it’s happend to me before and sometimes you can’t evem motice that this happend..
so better way to write it first and than to click on “Add your comment “

yoona –most of the people here aren’t selfish,they are just ’hit’ by this so called “news”

AURYTE -its not good things to do,although we all want some good news..
maybe that was the purpose of Aftobladet.. to ruin even the GT concert with some drama..

@ Anonymous 8/18/2004 12:10

“Per himself has helped contribute to this drama. Dont put all the blame on the tabloid. He did speak those words”.

REALLY... how do you know where you stood next to him at the time?

we all read what he’s not very positive but it’s understandable. What ever he said he don’t put this title on article.This “JOURNALIST” must keep some ethic norms!!

Stop harsh comments.the GT concert soon will start .
even if you can’t be in halmstad right now..put Gyllen tider Cd on and forget about newspapers..
Just enjoy the music.!!

Just do this:

Only read the quotations from Per and forget the text Aftonbladet wrote around it.
In the end Per only says that he doesn’t know what will happen with Roxette and that it won’t be the same. He doesn’t say that it’s over at all!

Than I wonder when this interview was made. Maybe it was done at the same day as Aftonbladet published the thing about Per being tired (right before the tour started).
Per says that he met Marie for was in June...he also met her in Göteborg didn’t he...??

I don’t wanna go on dreaming or try to say that Aftonbladet is lying...I’m just trying to find out how these tabloids are woking and this kind of interview really fits to make a big wave before the end of a very very successful tour. But who knows when Per said these words...I guess it was not 2 days ago...or how often does Aftonbladet go on their nerves?? And than just printing this short interview??? Media sux tonz

In the end...I think it was not clever that Per made these comments. He can have them in mind...but saying them to a tabloid?? I always thought he is more clever and is used to handle the press...
(Hej Dimman..time to give him a little rebuke) >:)

Let’s wait and see...but it will get boring the next time. I got used to this circus every year now. ;)
Or every second year almost...since..äähm...1997 ..always been on the road...hehe...
97 Per solo Promotour
99 Roxette Promotour
2000 Marie Tour
2001 Roxette tour
2003 Mazarin-tour
2004 GT 25 will it be without them...don’t wanna think about it....

Not very surprising, I think.

I was waiting for this news since the bad news about Maries healthproblems before the Nokia Night of the Proms-Tour. It was just a matter of time.

Me for myself do not like Pers soloprojects or even Maries. The mixture of both is what keeps me happy.

But I have beautiful memories of 4 amazing concerts. I have met many fans or either friends on this concerts.
But I think it is enough. I am no teenie anymore and so I understand that every good thing must end at anytime.

I want to thank Per and Marie for everything they have done to me. Their music brought a little light into my heart.


I would not have been the woman I am without your music.

Thank you so much!

ah well..just drive out of town, sit on a stone in a forest by a lake and enjoy life ... it’s nice :)

LOL, nice to see the soh is still there! ;)

@Judith:..yeah..great..thanx..I will have a try!! :)

Finally the dark cloud is on us.... ooooohhh voices cracking the nights- voices that cut like a knife, voices ; hear them singing ; ooooh oooh oooh... can’t see the sun on my walls...

@paco: i guess calling gessle a bucks-hunter pretty much sux.

Please will someone dump the anon feature....

well at least some people sign with their names :P

i dont know ehat to say... everything has been said... lets hope roxette back in the future, if GT have back, why not Roxette?? i think the main problem here is that Marie still very sick and Per preferes to tall about holidays...and im sure if Marie get well again, she wony back, after that sickness im pretty sure she wants to be at home with her family and rest for several years...

hey Per, Marie,


there are just two years remaining before your 20th anniversary ... And what about “part 3” of the job (i mean you said in 1995 that the best of “dont bore us” was just to see the work of “part one”. And as i supposed, that the albums after this best of was part 2 of the job, I can just suppose there is a part 3. No seriously, I know what about Marie’s health problems, I do understand

What about to release, endly, for all the fans an integrale of Roxette, with 3 or 4 new singles, including the Unplugged Show of 1993 (according to the problems you’ve had with this show).

it would be, into my opinion, a great way to thank all the fans during this all years, if you really want to end up with Roxette. (provided it’s sad for us all).

Please think about it ....

to “from one ...” yes you’re right at least we’ll keep good memories ... as we had when Abba (for other reasons) had to end up (but this is an other story).

Even good things have an end. Hope anyway, this is just a bad dream and that we hear about Roxette soon.

to criz: yes you’re also right when you say they were all the time on the road, it’s understandable that they both need a rest.

@Criz: Bingo! There’s what was said (Per’s quotations, assuming they aren’t completely fabricated...) and then there’s Aftonbladet’s interpretation of his comments (starting with that ridiculous headline)... two VERY different things, very good of you to point that out.

You are right! “I don’t know what will happen” doesn’t mean “Roxette is over”!!!!! It’s very difficult now, with Marie’s health problems and Per’s band, to record again and come back with a good new CD.


Perhaps some people keep forgetting one simple word.... ermm CANCER! Hello has everyone’s brains dried up or something, anyone thought that if what he is saying his in his own head, or could be so that when we do get some kind of announement that is official it would take some of the pressure off Marie.

Come how many fans really thought Roxette would still be making albums, touring bla bla bla when they heard back in 2002 that Marie got sick! :(

ally77: I’m one of those fans. At the moment I heard about Marie’s tumour, I said “Ok, that’s all. Roxette won’t play or record again”. But when I learned that Marie’s doing better, I said “Hey! There’s still a light of hope! That’s NOT it! They WILL come back!”

You said the word CANCER and that’s not a nice word. It’s still a very complicated disease, but luckily, it doesn’t mean “death” anymore.

Per won’t sue the newspaper? How can you be so sure?

Per won’t sue.

If Per had to sue every paper and magazine that has written a ’Roxette are splitting up’ kind of story he’d be even richer than he is now ;)

This is insane!

We should give Per and Marie our support, not harsh words over a rumour (or misguided statement) in a tabloid.

Per says he is tired and some people think he is going to give up Roxette, well think about your own life. How many times have you felt like giving up on a job, promise or school? Everyone has. Per has been busy and needs a break, but like any great artist, he will continue with his craft one way or another, and Marie needs to continue to heal.

To those who have posted very negative comments:
How would you feel if you read some of the statements posted here about your career. We know Per and Marie have checked this site out in the past. If their fans have begun to give up on them, why should they use so much energy up producing an album that their fans aren’t behind. Its clear: any new Roxette album will be for their fans and not for the money.

As its been said, Per and Marie are in charge of their lives, not their fans. If Roxette is done, its done. The songs can continue to live on. If there is another album and tour, I’m there :)

Last thought: Isn’t 2006 a big Roxette anniversary? :)

and this is the reactions to four sentences coming from a tabloid, I wonder what would have been if it would have been official :O

What a yawn... if Per ever stooped to reading all this crap he’d probably say “bugger the fans,” and retire to a small farm and grow pumpkins...

I totally agree with bobi. We, as ROXETTE fans should support THEM. How would feel yourselves, when nobody believes in you and states that nothing will change if you are gone. To Judith: yes, it is just tabloid. And I just wonder if it were an official release, how would try to fight for ROXETTE...

not the best news to hear, but i’ll just wait until i here something official. If it does turn out to be true i’ll still be quite happy listening to all the great music they have given us over the years :-)

check the latest article... just crap from Aftonbladet! (as expected ;))

Oh yeah. How silly I feel now.

Totally agree with you Zargo! I really hope Per doesn’t read some of these comments from his ’fans’. Its really embarrassing.

First of all, I apologyze for saying all that in my message. I’m sorry.

I think that everyone (and realize that is only a thought of mine, I don’t know even if its real) who has said something disgusting about all this topic has said it because they’re sad, angry, for loosing one of the best bands of all time. They haven’t said it in order to offense all the fans and Per but to show their pain. It wasn’t my wish to create all this controversy.

Of course we have our own opinions (and I respect them all) and different ways of expressinng our feelings. But sometimes it’s really wothwhile to think before writing something really disgusting.


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