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Gessle takes a time out

Written by tevensso on August 14, 2004 to .

SUNDSVALL - Next year Per Gessle will disappear from the limelight. “It’s a promise I’ve given my wife, Åsa. That’s all there is to it,” Per states in Expressen. He will be gone at least a year, during which he will be doing “absolutely nothing.” This is not due to Per being worn out, he claims. “Last year I did my solo tour and I was everywhere. This summer has been absolutely crazy with Gyllene. I can feel a fear that people might get sick of Per Gessle. Hence it’s better to stop and step off for a while.”

  One thing he’s planned for the leave though… he wants to see Madonna’s European tour, either in London or in Paris. “She’s a great performer!” Per says to Expressen.


so no promo for the dvd and no grammi-pick up? :P

good on you Per! you deserve a break, but i can’t wait for your return hopefully alongside Marie with a comeback for roxette!!!?!

Well, well, well. It’s not the first time when MR. PER GESSLE says that HE is having a break. And I think all the GUYS from GYLLENE TIDER will be at the Grammy Awards.
PS I’m not tired oh PER, though.

*doubts she’d be tired of him*

But can’t speak for the rest of the world... and I don’t wanna

How can we be tired of Mr Gessle?!

Anyway, way to go Per, you deserve it!!!

I think I’ll never be tired of Per :)
And he’s not a kind of person who can be doing “absolutely nothing” during the whole year.

So, Per, have a good rest and return with something great!

*applauds mr.G in everything he’s done and wishes him all the best*

*starts clapping*

We’ll miss ya bro!
Have a nice year.

Per, have a nice rest meanwhile marie gives us new music.. and I’m looking forward for a new Roxette album in 2006 :D

hmm will rox ever come back “pessimistic”

Just chiiiilllin’. Chillin’ goooooood. :thumbs up:

Anon, article says great performer, not best. ;)

Way to go Per, take a break chill catch some sun!

You deserve a break,Per!!!Well done.While Marie is going to release her brand new album!!je,je,je
It always works in this way,while one of them take a break,the other takes the control.

I don´t know if you ever noticed, but smart artist get out of the spotlight on purpose, and not because the market made them too.
Why would anyone want to grow people tired of your name, etc

Have a nice rest! :)

One question:

So he will be absent for a year starting from now or for all 2005?:)

I have already read such things in the past and some time after a new album was out - don’t you remember the time between “Tourism” and “Crash! Boom! Bang! ” ?

so do we have to expect a new album ? at least for Roxette ? any way i do understand that Per need a rest for a while, so take time and have a good rest, Per. Wish also the best to Marie and all the members of the staff.

I absolutaly agree with you, patolucas!!!:)

GOOD!!!...take a break...maybe now it can be MARIE’s time to shine....goodness knows we need it!!!
N-joy Madonna!!!!

Tired... Per... NEVER.
I hope a new cd of Roxette will come!!!
Take a nice break Per....., Famlie is verry important!!!!!!

Loats of love,

Dream on!!!

no it’s not, it’s a respectable thing to say
and true

I think anonymous people shouldn’t judge other people’s statements at all! ;-P

So I wonder if Per is going to see Madonna cause she plays London this month and Paris in September...

A year off is just the ticket for some constructive rest and restoration. Let’s hope Per and family make it to an all-inclusive resort on Cozumel for a week or two, where (if he doesn’t wear rock star clothes) they will be completely anonymous. Per can start refilling the well, subconciously creating great new tunes and (contrary to what his older brother said) superb lyrics. Time off is meant to be spent doing something completely different from your usual routine. Per can rest, lift some weights, include regular aerobics, eat healthy food, sit by the swimming pool and read (he should try “Lonesome Dove” by Larry McMurtry, a fine story). (I still don’t know where Brother gets off, criticizing Per’s lyrics. If they’re THAT simple, let’s see what sort of hit song Brother can write for us!)

have a nice time out Per!!!

Thank you very much for the last 2 summers!


to anonymous: why do you say farewell to Per and welcome to Marie ???? don’t ever forget that Roxette is Marie and Per, Per and Marie. this is thanks to both of them that Roxette is ... Roxette !!!

Does anyone else think this anon is one person....

Du gör rätt i att ta time-out, och du förtjänar det! Hoppas du finns med på Grammisgalan, bara. Tack för spelningen på Eyravallen 4/8, helt fantastiskt! Puss och kram /Sara i Örebro

Get sick of Per Gessle??? Never!!!!
I love you Per ...

Hi Pily... i noticed about your post... hehehe it really made laugh!!! and yes!!! welcome marie!!! we miss you, we love you, we need you, we want you back and we wish you all the best...

Per: thanks for mazarin album, mazarin turne, and thank you for giving the chance to GT fans to enjoy the new album and tour, although im not a GT fan i liked 2 FFF´s songs... and thats a lot for me :D Hope you enjoy your family during your time out...but please!!!! if marie feel ok.. if you are writing new roxette songs, please back to Roxette as soon as possible... there are lots of fans around the world waiting for you and marie and we would be so happy if Roxette back...

lets hope daily roxette will be full of marie news next year :D

I don’t know how but Anonymous people shouldn’t be allowed to write here.

@auryte: I really agree with you! :)

Have I missed something??? What’s that story about fly. I think I need to ventilate my brain from all the news about ROXETTE.

haha, how funny isn’t this this to read when you know what he really did..


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