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Per says he feels “quite tired right now”

Written by Jud on June 27, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - A sold out Ullevi; 120,000 copies sold of “Finn Fem Fel” in 23 days; 412,000 sold tickets to see Gyllene Tider this summer. But success also has a negative side. “My head feels really tired right now,” said Per Gessle to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

  Per confesses that it’s really tiring to write, record an album, go on tour.. and then start the process again. “I don’t think I will do this again,” he said to reporter Ronnie Sandahl. “It is simply too stressful to get involved in such big projects every year,” explained Per. “It was possible to release an album every year and be constantly on tour, but now this doesn’t work anymore.”

  The pressure for Gyllene Tider’s tour is really big as Ullevi is sold out, Stockholm’s stadium will be full twice and 412,000 tickets have already been sold. But the shows won’t be cancelled as Per explains that even if he is very tired right now, he feels a great energy “because it’s very fun to play with Gyllene Tider.”

  Per plans to go on a vacation after the tour and doesn’t think he will get involved in anything else in the near future. “It will take some time till the next project. I have to find time to start to write songs again. I have to give myself time to gather new strength so that what I do has substance,” he said.

  Crashroxer contributed to this article


Don’t blame him... he’s fit, but he’s not a young man anymore!
Quite sad I won’t be seeing the possible, last tour... for a while at least I hope ;)... but he deserves a good long rest. :)
Edited cause I don’t mean last ever!;)

I am sure he can do more great songs after his break :)

Was expecting this.... Per you need a break take it.... spend time with the family and stuff....

mmm seems like well have to wait their 50th birthday for a roxette album...titled...golden age of pop....LOL!

I think he need this break, after a promo tour alone in europe promoting ballads & pop hits, mazarin albun and mazarin tour, GT album and GT tour. Of course he is tired...

But the only strange thing is that i did not expect that he would say that right now when GT is selling so well and they are about to tour Sverige, i dont want to thing Marie won´t back and Per got upset, but if you re-read the article he said he will not get involved in anything else in the near future...and if we remember the next project was going to be Roxette.. :(

Jordi very sad...

That’s a good idea Per, have a rest... a four minute break sounds good! ;)

(just kidding)

I can totally understand where he’s coming from - I couldn’t do everything he does.

I just wish I’d not read the article a few weeks before seeing him in Sweden :(

He certainly deserves a long break.

#Mutley goes away to cry#

go per! you have a great break :)

i’m sure when he comes back it’ll be bigger, better and full of life :D

Per: Take a breakof a year after the tour
(In the mean time Marie is coming with her new album to entertain us)
After that year he is fresh again to continu with roxette!

Well, knowing Per he won’t sit still - I don’t think that man’s got it in him... he’ll get bored whilst Marie’s doing her solo project, write a couple of demos & we’ll have our roxette album in mid 2006! Afterall, how much time can one spend with family & lazing on a couch?

I hope you’re right!

well taking a break doesn’t mean he has to just stop his work totally... as he says he needs time to start writing again, I guess it’s not so easy to sit down and compose when you have all this promo, tours, recording etc going around, and an artist like him without writing/inspiration.. erh.. sorry but is not much worth :P I mean, he needs the writing to kind of survive ;)

(Or spend the next 5-10 years releasing greatest hits + rare “unreleased” demos :D)

Ummm this line puzzles me: “120,000 copies sold of “Finn Fem Fel” in 23 days”

I thought it was earlier reported it sold that many units in 22 HOURS... (??)

maybe they stopped counting in the next 22 days ;)


I agree with you. Per does deserve a break but i don’t think it will be a long break. I don’t think we should be worrying just yet. ;)

I’m quite tired right now and I’ve done much less than Per. Take a break Per, write the best trax ever and we’ll be here when you get back! Rich

Per is getting old! Actually, he looks sooo tired on the picture I took of him at the GT-signing at Åhlens, STHLM.

But I guess he’s well worth a break anyway! .... as long as you come back some day!!

You know, I think my bank balance needs a break as well, so I’m not too concerned!!!

Most bands/artists take breaks, Per has taken breaks before so I don’t see it as anything to worry about, I expected it.

He’s write. He does it like me: Why don’t you take the rest of the day of, you do deserve a break.Ejoying the other siede of life you forgaot to memorize...I am singin’ right now. But still not happy... :-(

Hey anonymous, burned out that’s the way I feel in hospital, too. like sven hannawald! but she (my psychologist) does not believe...:(. never mind, get up now like SAVOY said!

I know that’s seems to be very private, but isn’t better do do this before you become a star, that everyone can see how weak you really are...

He’s right not write. in this case it should have been written. Bla,bla,bla...

Go Per!! Take a couple of years off, let Marie take the spotlight for a while.

About time! Give Marie some time in the spotlight j/k ;)

Seriously he really should have taken this year off, especially cause last year was so full on as well. I understand it’s the 25 year thing but 26 years is good too ;) I think he deserves the break now it’s just strange how he would say this right before the tour is about to start, doesn’t make the fans feel so optimistic.

For some reason I’m not to fussed on a new Roxette album, after everything Marie has been through and the rather disappointing last two efforts I wouldn’t want them returning with something just for the sake of it. It’s a pity they didn’t progress after CBB! as they were heading in a strong direction but that’s another topic all together.

Get some rest Per and return only if and when you feel inspired!

In my opinion, most musicians needs to take a year off or something. You know, they must get new energy. I can give 99 percent that 2005 will be the year of MARIE and 2006 of ROXETTE. There is no point of being sad:)

A well-earned rest, I say. Take some time off. You deserve it, Per. :)

come on, why should Per not feel tired? First Mazarin and now the 25th aniversary of GT... He’s not 20 anymore!

Give him time to rest after the concert-summer. I’m quite sure that he still writes songs but he doesn’t want to release them too soon.

And yes, maybe he gives way for Marie’s new solo album ;-)

per is right, he really needs a great vacation :)

It was so logic, everybody knows that Per is addicted to his work, but now it was so much preassure. Hi needs to take a time and enjoy it with his family.
Per, take all the time that you need, you deserve it, we’ll be here waiting for you!!

Ok, Per can rest, but Judith...don’t give him any idea of resting 5-10 years!!!
Anyway, knowing him, it won’t be more than a year off, and we’ll have Marie in the mean time :)

Lets just hope he won’t have a break-down... it’s very dangerous to play with tiredness.

Per you’re a great writer and i think evryone agrees with me, you deserve a break, enjoy your time with your family- they definately wouldnt mind you around more

Yeah, Per needs a break...You can hear it in his last songs. They are nice, but not as brilliant as the old ones.

I think it’s good, that he wants to spend more time with his family. Time goes by so fast and kids grow very fast..

Happy holiday, Per!

Maybe he should listen to one of the songs he wrote....’Why don’t you leave your desk for a short while/you do deserve some time/enjoying the other side of life you forgot to memorize/ Stay in the sun, reach for the moon, make a little love in the afternoon’ (C) PG > It takes you no time to get here :-)
CU in the summer!!

I read somewhere, i think per said it, that maries album will be out this autumn...

If Per needs a break and he’s gonna take it good for him. If Roxette never comes back, I’m gonna be very unhappy. But those are his and Marie’s decisions, and nothing we can say will change that.

What surprises me is everybody here agrees with Per taking a break and giving him all time he needs. Then I think we won’t see those topics like: Roxette comes back in year XX, Roxette new album, We want Roxette back, How is going to be the new album, etc., etc., etc.................

I hate people who say this, but this is such a clear message by per: roxette is over. they had to reach this point some time. who expected them to go on forever? they’re really not twenty anymore.
and now with marie’s illness, there has been a clear cut in their lives. probably the only chance for them to stop in a graceful way.
i hope i’m wrong, though.

@ Anonymus: It’s a different thing when the world is watching what you’re doing.

Travelling for interviews, signings & concerts + being away from your family is more tiring than working a normal job every day. I think Per wanted to state that we shouldn’t expect an album / tour from him next year. I suspect that if at some point Marie is ready for some more Roxette then Per won’t say no. So I don’t think this statement in itself particularly signals the end of Roxette. Rich

I don’t think we should make too much of this article. Of course Per should take a break - nobody expected he would be as productive these last few years as he was, it’s definitely time for a rest! But I really think that the only thing that’s going on here is that the press caught Per on a bad day... when I’m having a bad day, I might snap at some of my friends but it doesn’t make the headlines. It’s different for Per, everything he says or does makes the news, it’s not surprising that they’d catch him on a bad day once in awhile.


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