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Per’s grand piano to be sold in an auction

Written by roxeteer on June 3, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - A grand piano currently owned by Per Gessle is going to be auctioned later this month by Lilla Bukowskis Auctions. The instrument is manufactured by Steinway in 1896-97. Per bought it seven years ago.

  “Since then it has been in my studio in Stockholm and been the mother to all the material I’ve written between 1997 and 2004,” writes Per in a letter attached in the auction.

  The starting bid is 50,000 SEK (€5,470). It is believed that the price will go higher than that.


Nooooooooo!!! why is he selling it!

ah see now I know what to do with my saved money :P

“he doesn’t need it anymore, finally has his ukulele...”

anybody here who wants to buy it for me? *fg*

**rushes out to buy lots of lottery tickets**

“And what will you buy when you win the lottery”?

Oh ermmmmmmm A PIANO!!!

£3,632.48 at today exchange rate...

Okay place your bets.. how much do we think it will go for...

I am guessing @ £22,000 / 302,850.00 SEK

Ok, but I don’t understand two things :)

1) Why he is selling it?
2) The money will go to Per or to charity organizations?

hahahah good one Ally! :P

Why NOT sell it? Sheeeet.
Surely it’s up to him!?


I want that piano :D

Don’t we all...

Here you can see the full-size image:

and the comments from Per are:

Jag köpte denna sällsynt vackra 1800-tals Steinway &
Sons-flygel 1997. En minutiös renovering gjordes
direkt av den fantastike Greger Hallin.
Sedan dess har den stått i min studio uppe i
Stockholm och varit mamma till nästan allt material
jag skrivit mellan åren 1997-2004.

Några exampel: “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och
samma gång)” och “Tycker om när du tar på mej”
hamnade på Mazarin-plattan.
“Wish I could fly”, “Milk and toast and honey”,
“Centre of the hear” och “A thing about you”
spelades in och blev hits med Roxette.
“Jag borde förstås vetat bättre” och “72” finns med
på det nya Gyllene Tider-albumet “Finn5Fel!”.

Per Gessle, Stockholm

And since when does Leif have arms? :-P

I think that’s more of a floor horizon. :)

I went to Bukowskis during lunch to have a look at the piano and it looks very nice.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough space in my apartment for this piano, otherwise I would love to buy it! (the only problem is that it is too expensive...)

Bukowskis have a catalogue for the upcoming auction but unfortunately there is no picture of the piano included. The catalogue only cost 40 SEK so I bought it anyway because it includes the listing of Per’s piano :)

he sells it because it’s 450 m long and doesn’t fit in the studio (anymore).. so “what should I do with it?” he said...

Robban you freak, you can’t even play the piano!! :D

@ Thomas, he could learn... :)

Ummm, knowing Robert I’d say NO! Muahahahaha!
And by the way, I know why Per is selling it. There are no more hits left in it...

What do you mean Thomas? Of course I expect Per to teach me play the piano :=)

I know there are more hits left in the piano because I had a good feeling it when I touched it ;)

Its ok.i need that piano at home...

And it’s SOOOLD for 52000 SEK. The buyer is Swedish.

52000 kr is much money..................


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