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Roxette mentioned in the UK’s Guardian newspaper

Written by onlywhenidream on May 18, 2004 to .

LONDON - Roxette are featured in an column in this morning’s Guardian newspaper in the UK. In her bylined column, Ellie Levenson writes about why she loves Roxette. It’s mainly a nostalgia piece, with no current detail, but the print version of the newspaper has a nice picture of Marie and Per from the “Have A Nice Day” era.

  “I am too young to really appreciate Abba,” Levenson writes, “…besides, Marie and Per had better hair.

  The Guardian is the UK’s leading media-important national newspaper.


Ou cool - a couple of more Ballad / Pop Hits purchases... ;) And a few more of “Gold- Greatest Hits” ;)

Cool... ;)

excuse my ignorance, but, who is Ellie Levenson?

ktoto: Shes a columnist for the UK newspaper The Guardian.
I think anyways. She’s written lots for it.

hehehe, thats pretty cool :P

Isn’t it pretty ironic how excited we get because they mention Roxette in a newspaper! :-)

Times has really changed! *lol*

finally finally!! news about roxette and not about g.t ( with all my respect of course) - what can i do - i dont understand sweedish ( what”s that word?)anyway.....bbaa

Jajajaja i’ts Cool! :-) ...

Hey, I hope Roxette are on their way back, it’s too early for nostalgia!!!!!!!!

some find out where she lives, we going after that plectrum!

I have that plectrum too. Exactly the same, but unused. I got it from one girl after the CRASH! BOOM! BANG! concert in Prague in 1994 - she had loads of them and was just giving them away. And it’s place is also in a jewel box now :-)


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