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“Marie feels OK” Per says

Written by tevensso on May 19, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - In today’s edition of Swedish tabloid Expressen Per reveals that he’s already looking forward to record another Roxette album. “I have written new songs in English for Roxette,” Per tells Expressen’s Anders Nunstedt. “But it all depends on how Marie feels about it,” Per continues.

  On being asked how Marie really is, Per replies that she’s OK, that he spoke to her the other day. “I don’t know if she thinks it’s worth it, a new take at Roxette will take a lot of strength and time.”

  Gyllene Tider spent most of yesterday giving interviews, after which Per left for Halmstad for the weekend, where he will see Marie, among other things.

  Pelle_Pop contributed to this article.


Good! I think Roxette should take another year off and just keep writing good material. No hurry. As long as Marie is rested and healthy...that’s all that matters.

Happy to hear that Marie is ’okay’ (it’s better than nothing I guess), but admittedly it would have been nice if he’d used a stronger word like “excellent” or even “great”... oh well. Hopefully she’ll be back to form soon (and feeling like Roxette is “worth it” (-: ).

Thanx Per for being honest to us, I am sure Roxette fans around the world will truly appreciate it...

@ Anon, why not just post behind your real name... say what you mean...

“Why always something hidden behind the words? “Feels ok” means really nothing.”

Because he’s not her doctor in case you haven’t noticed.

Finally news about Marie and Roxette! I think this shows a realistic picture about Roxette’s situation. At least Per is still hungry to do it. Let’s hope the best for Marie!

I’m very very glad for read it !!!

The very few Norwegian newspapers that aren’t on strike also promides the news that Roxette are ready for comeback:

This is fantastic news!I wait for this!

we are are waiting this so long!!!!! We are very happy, let’s to writing to them and saying - ” you’re the best. We love you much more.....”
I hoppe that the next album will be the better than “HAND” and “Joyride” together... Roxers c’mon


I don’t see Roxette hanging up the guitar strings just yet. They are just getting so much better with each new album. A richer and fuller sound. Just like wine, Per and Marie keeping getting sweeter with age.

I know my hopes of them ever returning to the U.S. will never be fulfilled (even if I think we are ready for a change of tune here - they would be a smash!). But every friend I share my new Roxette tunes with just loves them! And I want to hear them play again.

Per and Marie - I promise to catch the first plane to Europe if Roxette produces a new album and goes on tour.

And I am ever so anxious to hear what Marie has been cooking up in her studio – when’s her rumored new album in English going to reach the light???

-Michaela (die hard rox fan since ’88)
San Francisco

I’m totally agree with Ferdan!
I hope Marie is really ok,but not sure about it.
My best wishes to her!!!

if its over, its over. Remember all the fun you had. It has to end sometime.

I’m happy we finally hear something about Roxette and Marie, but I don’t think these are exactly good news, I feel a little pessimist tone in Per’s words. After this I feel a little uncertain about the future of Roxette. I don’t care if we must wait one or two years, but I want to be sure that Roxette will come back one day.

“I don’t know if she thinks it’s worth it, a new take at Roxette will take a lot of strength and time.”

Worth it? How can this be?

Marie, take all the time you need!!!

We will make sure that it’s worth it!!!

endly some news about Roxette ... A new album to be recorded ? oh yesss !!! What about a Joyride 2 ? –)))


TO SPEEDO: I agree with you: Marie has to take time ...

We all love Marie. We all pray for her, and hope the best for her.

The fact of the matter is that Marie has almost 20 months post-operative recovery behind her. I have had family and friends with cancer, some very serious cases, who have bounced back much faster. In the couple of cases where they were still not back to 95% after two years, they didn’t last long. The “lengthy recovery” is usually an indicator of failing health. Every case is differerent; we should not lose hope or think that we may lose Marie. But I think as individual people, we should admit to ourselves that there is a chance another Roxette album may never be made. If Marie comes back next year and belts out some fantastic Per-penned tunes, I will be ecstatic. By the same token, if all we have is what has been released, we’re all blessed for what they’ve given us.

(This is all just my opinion, for what it’s worth. My dad is a doctor, and his first wife died at age 26 during ongoing treatment for breast cancer. He has much to say on things like these.)

Again, I wish Marie the best!! But to those of you who are sitting there waiting for Marie to shock the world by standing up and being 110% of what she was before... relax and be realistic. Be honest with yourselves, please.


I’m just getting sick if i read that Expressen writes something!

Greetings from!

Marie is fine!

Anonymous: I have a hard time identifying you. What is it that we have censored that you feel were incorrect?


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