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Congratulations and thanks to Gyllene Tider for 25 years of fun!

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 24, 2004 to .

There are exceptions, of course, but most of the international fan base for Gyllene Tider is a result of Roxette fans discovering Per Gessle’s previous involvement with this group. The Daily Roxette takes great pleasure therefore in congratulating GT, on behalf of our readers, on 25 years of making great music - and great memories - for all of us!

  With sold-out concert dates already on the calendar, the members of Gyllene Tider have already had reason to celebrate, but the “official” start of the 25th Anniversary celebration is today. There’s a release party this afternoon, in Stockholm, for the GT25 Greatest Hits album. TDR will have a reporter in place to bring you the inside scoop.

  Interested readers should check back for updates to that story once it’s published. Look for a possible announcement of additional tour dates, along with other exclusive content.


Congratulations indeed! All the best future success and good health to the boys, from Rich

Additional tour dates? not as if it makes much difference to people OUTSIDE Sweden who can’t get tickets! It’s not exciting anymore! :(

...working in a “TDR” magazine
Yes, I want to see how is Marie looking now. And what´s new with her new album. I want to know date...
It´s funny to see GT members photos from 1980 and 2004.

Grattis grabbar!! :D

What do you mean “can’t get tickets”?
There are plenty of tickets left.

Also, I am sure getting through Ticnet’s
phonesystem is as hard from Sweden as it is
from abroad.


The others are right. This was discussed a lot in the forum, so why say it over and over again? It is not true!
It is a popular tour, so it is difficult for everyone to get tickets.
I’m sure, that there are people living in Halland, who have to buy there Halmstad-tix for the double-price on tradera.
You can order tickets for the non-sold-out dates without a problem...

Congratulera GT!

Yes, have a nice birthday guys. Great news of the NEW Cd! I´m so glad I´ve got tickets for the premiere in HALMSTAD!!!

I shall make whatever comments I wish... but personally ticnet sucks! it is a simple as that! and I am sure there are a lot of people that would agree...

@ally77: The point is that it sux for ALL... not just people from out of sweden. As said before. The phone lines are just as busy, nomatter where you call from. And if it is soooo impossible for people abroad to get tix... then how come quite a few already have gotten tix? And as also said before... there are plenty of tix left for the non sold out dates.

Congratulation GT, thank you for the music! ;-)

I give up.... you ain’t listening! I am just addressing the fact how difficult it is for people outside of Sweden to get tickets... those that don’t have contacts to call and collect tickets... not only is it hard to call... we can’t order online.... and we get charged HUGE rates for bank charges... Yes I appreciate it is hard for people in Sweden as well... but at least you have options to get tickets and just the ONE option of phoning!!!!

btw... I did get a ticket and not through ticnet! ;)

Congratulation Gyllene Tider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation Gyllene Tider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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