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Roxette found guilty of tax evasion; plans to appeal

Written by mattias on March 11, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Roxette is sentenced to pay 3.6 million kronor (€400,000) in taxes after a tour in Germany.

  “We will appeal,” says Per Gessle.
Per is among the top tax payers in Sweden, with
taxes around 10-15 million kronor each year. “He could avoid a lot of it, but that’s not the way he wants it,” says Per’s financial advisor Mats Nilemar.

  The county administrative court sentenced Per and Marie to pay about 3.6 million kronor in unpaid taxes.
“They have to pay taxes for what they have not declared,” says
Bo Ryding, who has been handling this errand at the IRS.

  This issue has its ground in the German part of the
Crash!Boom!Bang! tour in the mid ’90s. Altogether, Roxette
did 19 gigs in Germany (a country known for their harsh
tax laws).
“The artist tax was not very advantageous,” says Bo Ryding.
By acknowledging themselves as employees of EMA Telstar,
Per and Marie were able to avoid the tax and get their
salary directly from the company.

  They would then get 640,000 SEK each for all the German concerts. This unproportionately low wage made German tax officials suspicious. “They found the amount unrealistic,” says Bo Ryding.

  The alarm from Germany led the Swedish IRS to start an investigation. The investigation showed that the wages have not been paid. Instead, compensation had been sent directly to Per’s and Marie’s company, Roxette Productions.
This income, says the Swedish IRS, has not been declared.

  Per and Marie’s lawyer has appealed against this.
He claims that an employment could not be proven, and that
the money therefore not could be taxed as income from a
service. The process has been going on since the end of the ’90s.

  But Per and Marie have not given up.
“We still claim that we’re right, and we will appeal,” says
Per Gessle.


that’s pocketmoney for per and marie!

Indeed. What’s $487.000 for Roxette? Peanuts.

@sundance_kid and Pascal
What are you implying? I don’t think that this
is just about money. If they have done the right
thing, they shouldn’t have to pay a single dime.

@ Mattias: You are totally right. No wrong deed, no penallity.

I understand what you guys are saying but believe me, i don’t think many of us would be glad if someone were trying to take away from you $487,000 (almost half a million dollars). With that money i could buy a couple of nice houses here in the US.

Take care.
Carlos E., New York.

It’s also a matter of breaking the law or not. Who wants to be guilty?

austrian hitradio ö3 has an article on their website too:

That´s the way it is here in Germany. The tax officials are running after you for years and years,
but it doesn´t seem to matter that the big companies like Volkswagen always find a way to avoid paying taxes. Often they say it helps to stop unemployment, but I think it only helps the managers to buy another house on the Canary Ilands.

I heard about it in a german TV magazin a few minutes ago.
They NEVER talk about Roxette but when happens something like this the reporters have a big story.

Volkswagen doesn´t pay taxes? never heard that before. Be lucky that there is such a employer like VW here in Germany.

of course they pay taxez, but atleast here in Sweden there are legal ways to “taxplan”.... so you make your profit 0 every year and then you don’t pay taxes...

As far as I know Daimler didn’t pay taxes for years in Germany! (legally!)

Well, if Roxette didn’t pay enough they should be punished, why not. Every Tom, Dick or Harry is forced to pay taxes, no matter how poor. Anyway, I hope this will have a good ending and doesn’t prevent them from coming back on tour to good old Germnay :-)

These are puzzling comments, folks. If Marie and Per indeed are guilty of tax evasion then it’s ver6y much okay that they pay the money. Laws have to be obeyed, simple as that.

the good news is that they’ll quickly record a new album to pay the german taxes !!!! $$$$$$

Yes, it was on MTV News last nite..... ;oP I hope they win just so that MTV can put a foot in it.

Peanuts, peanuts, ... Peanuts !!! euh, if they have to pay so much it means that in such a way they received much more !! Life ot artists is a misery !!!

Certainly this amount is “peanuts” for Marie and Per, but I cannot agree with the ones who want to take off them this money. That isn’t a honest attitude.

Hm, so an honest attitude would be agreeing to breaking laws?

What is IRS?

Another day, another dollar!


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