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Beda Hallberg beats out Gessle in museum contest

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 1, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Beda Hallberg, the woman who came up with the idea almost a hundred years ago of selling small paper flowers on May Day to raise funds to fight tuburculosis, was declared the ’Halland Resident of All Time’ last night in a contest in which Per Gessle had also been a finalist. The contest, sponsored by the Museum of Halmstad, was designed to draw attention to a special exhibition that opened yesterday.

  This museum is the very same that will mount the Gyllene Tider exhibition this summer.


I agree... To help sick people is better than make music...

per should get a price of best swedish artist instead...

“per should get a price of best swedish artist instead...” >>

that would be going too far I think ;)

why? Per is the best swedish artist....

is he?

“why? Per is the best swedish artist....”

really? i like his music and all that, but it is all about taste. kent, cardigans, ABBA, the ark and others are great musicians too.

per and marie is the only ones in Sweden that had 4 US # 1’s....

so the only one to compete with them is ABBA....

well getting number ones in the US doesn’t mean you are the best.. erh.. take a look at the other number ones and you will see why :P

And repeating Vix: is he? ;)

it’s only 4 swedes that have been no. 1 in the Us, and that’s the biggest thing you can do in the music buissiness...

The only two who can fight about the title best swedish artist is Roxette and ABBA...

And Roxette has done many things that ABBA has not.... Roxette was a lot bigger then ABBA in the US.... So I think Roxette is the winner...

Go daniel_alv !!!

Having a US #1 single makes you the best Swedish artist ;) LOL
For once Mr Gessle didn’t win something and ppls wanna give him something else ;)

I’m sure Per is happy with it, he was flattered to even be nominated.

He can’t win everything ;) and I’m sure he will win plenty more to make up for it ;P

I don’t know enough about Swedish music to comment on that.

I don’t think that you can say somebody is best at music - it’s all about taste! Even if you’re popular it doesn’t mean you’re good/best it just means that a lot of people like the music, and it doesn’t even have to be good to be popular (in my opinion). :P

Per is a man of the world .... not only Halland!

*gg* well, isn’t a tragedy... ((-;


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