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Written by tevensso on December 29, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per answers some questions about 2003 from Aftonbladet’s Per Bjurman:

Best CD: The Cardigans “Long Gone Before Daylight”. Should’ve been number 1 all over the world… why wasn’t it?

Best song: Outkast “Hey Ya!” Although one’s getting tired of it now….

Best concert: The Stones at the Cirkus. Can anyone beat this?

Best retro: Polanski on DVD. Plus the fact that the 60s more and more seem like, believe it or not, UNDERESTIMATED….. art… literature… music… film….design…. cars…. clothes…. etc., etc., etc.!!!

Worst: The Britney-Madonna-single will probably not be historic. But if you mean something that isn’t really a “musical” experience one can mention that one gets terrified of that Michael Jackson district attorney…!

Best pastry: Muffins are nice too.


good taste. cardigans and outkast...
if you like outkast, go here:

Certainly a year to remember... for me 2004! will be better! ;)

I noticed they categorized Per as a solo artist only, not a member of Roxette... hmmm. It´s the end. :((((

Yeah. He´s right. That Britney-Madonna single was a flop. And boring as hell. Happy 2004 everyone with tons of good Roxette stuff. Marc

I agree with the Britney/Madonna thing. That song is awful! I’d rather spend a day without food than listen to it (if you know me well, then you’d know that me without food is rather extreme :P).

@stormkeeper: They said “solo artist, also a member of different constellations”. (GT, Rox)

I don’t know how to break it to you but “per” does NOT mean “hair” in romanian....

Bleuurgh. I HATE Outkast. >:P

Per is absolutely right with his choice of Outkast. well, actually there is no wrong or right with this list, because after all they’re matter of taste. But “hey ya” definitely is a great song. it’s not my number one of the year, but it would make it into my top 20. since I work for radio station and as a critic I know what I’m talking about. it’s always very difficult to make those best of lists. first of all how do you know if one song is better than an other? doens’t it totally depend on your mood? is there even a linearity in which music can be rated? what makes a song better than another one? I always have big trouble making those lists (thought it can be fun at the same time and I like reading them) because I have problems with this two dimensional way of thinking. better and worse, there’s more than that to music.

and yes, Outkast can be considered rap. but there’s nothing wrong with rap.

I know it’s all up to Per if he likes Outkast or not. I just don’t share his oppinion. And it’s pretty easy knowing which songs are good/bad according to yourself, the songs you like you want to hear again - the others are bad. Simple as that. :P

“Long Gone Before Daylight” is only the second best album of the year, Per! Have you forgotten about your mazarin already? (-;

yes...yet about Outkast and ’Hey Ya’...I couldn’t forget ’Gangstas Paradise’, Coolio’s song...very good, indeed...


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