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“Opportunity Nox” scores high on year-end German radio charts

Written by Kiwein1 on December 21, 2003 to .

Roxette’s most recent single, “Opportunity Nox,” scored big in Germany. On Sunday, the song came in as #3 on the Jump Radio Charts of the Year. The station is generally considered to be the second largest in Germany.

  Also this weekend, on the biggest radio station of Germany, SWR3, “Opportunity Nox” also showed up as #3 on their year-end chart. It was on the charts for 12 weeks and made it to #1 nine times.


This is ridiculous. The song was a major flop in the German sales-charts. One of Germany’s biggest radio-stations (NDR) decided not play the song because they felt it was way too weak.

[Mind you, I am not questioning what Kiwein1 is telling us. I just think we need to put these things into perspective.]

You’re right Burke! (-:
Though some people still seemed to like at last it wasn’t that big flop on the radio..and NDR has decided wrong..

Many radio stations disliked ON and therefore didn’t play it. That’s why nobody knew the song and in consquence didn’t buy it.

Wow! #1 nine times for a song that didn’t get air play! Don’t know how that was pulled off.

That’s my [our] work..(-;

Believe me, the news IS true!!! It’s for sure!! Try the given link and you will see it..unfortunately you can’t see the SWR3 charts yet, I hope they put them online during this week!

I don’t understand how this can be possible. If ON wasn’t played, how can it be at the third place? T.a.t.u. were more played and are in number 4...

@ Ig_Nasi2

Most radio station refused to play the song but on some (like JUMP or SWR3) it was played very frequently and so it was also well known in that areas and voted by listeners.
That is the explanation for the good results and JUMP and SWR3 are only 2 of more than 80 radiostations in Germany.

Ok. Thank you :D I’m a stupid boy xD

biggest suprise of the year LOL

No big deal for me I love ON so with or without big radio aorplay I love this one...

wow emi must have paid someone off

That had nothing to do with EMI, just with some fans voting for ON pretty often *g*

*edit* BTW, like ATAY last year, ON was the most successfull song in the SWR3 charts, no other song made it to #1 that often...

In Northrhine-Westphalia (Middle-West Germany) live 20% of the inhabitants of the whole country. But ON was NOT played by any radio station there. Even EINSLIVE or WDR2 (the major stations) did not play it. So I think the success on SWR3 or JUMP has to be categorized as a local phenomenon. And remember: It was only in Listener-Vote-Charts - not in the airplay-charts.

Isn’t it a wonder then, that ON made it to #3 without ANY airplay? The people really seemed to have liked the song that didn’t get any chance in the rest of the country! The radio guys who decide what song is good and what is not aren’t always RIGHT, are they?

SWR3 and “local phenomenon”? That must have been a pretty big local phenomenon then given the fact SWR3 has more listeners than any other single station in Germany (= not counting NRW Radio) and a huge “Sendegebiet” (reception area?)!

thank you, that top 100 was interesting. I listened to some sound clips, so many covers!!
and so many songs by Jeanette Biederman! ;)


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