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Gessle nominated for Radio NRJ awards

Written by daniel_alv on December 16, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - On January 25 2004 Radio NRJ have their annual NRJ Radio Awards where they give prices to the best artists of the year. The Awards gala is held at Johanneshov (Hovet) stadium in Stockholm. Tickets are available via TicNet.

  Per Gessle is nominated as Best Swedish Male Artist and Best Nordic Artist, and “Här kommer alla känslorna” also got double nominations - Best Swedish/Nordic Song.

  Per, Evanescence and rapper 50 Cent all got four nominations. Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé and Black Eyed Peas are each nominated in three categories.

  Tickets are 275 SEK ($36). The show starts at 19:00 CET. It will be televised, live, on Kanal5. Confirmed artists performing at the show are Kylie Minogue, Blue, Dido and Sugababes.

  Update Dec. 16: Per Gessle and Lisa Miskovsky confirmed today that they will attend the gala. They will “of course perform live” according to Radio NRJ.


Ohhhhh will he perform!!!

No, he won’t perform since it says in the article that Kylie Minogue, Blue, Dido and Sugababes will. Per is “only” nominated.

Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! :) Per is the best! Everyone must knows it! :)

it sais that more artists is gonna be added to list of of performers soon... so there is still a chance that per will perform... we’ll see...

I hope he will perform because then, at first, I’m gonna concider going to this show... if he’s not, then I stay home... I think.

Mi of Halmstad, are you still going to this??

Marie and Per Please your material like, dvd’s, cd’s + ep’s, and others materials not enter in my country ARGENTINA. why?

thanks for all and Goodbye to you.
Per and Marie The best of my life. they are my inspiration. bye.

i want to see Per too..........
but I won’t see him. again. :(((
he is going to win for sure anyway

they can’t list per as an artist if he wont perform....


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