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“Tycker om när du tar på mej” third single off “Mazarin”

Written by tevensso on November 24, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The next single off “Mazarin”, as previously reported, will be “Tycker om när du tar på mej”. Confirmed release date is Dec 10. Enjoy the tracklist:

1) Tycker om när du tar på mej - 3:25

2) Mannen med gitarr (demo 20 november 2002) - 3:15

Previously recorded by female Swedish singer Monia Sjöström.

3) Viskar (demo 30 augusti 2002) - 3:29

“Viskar” is taken from the 1986 album “Scener”.

4) Kyss från en främling (demo 18 oktober 1999) - 3:03

Recorded as “Kiss From a Stranger” by Gyllene Tider in 1984 (but not released until 1990), and also recorded by Swedish dance band Blue Light in 1985 as “Kyss från en främling”.

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Great!!!!!!!!!I want it now!!!!!!!

Great tracklist. 4 songs including serveral unreleased demos. I am already looking forward to the release.

Will there also be a 2-track release?


Hej alla!

Great tracklisting and great choice for a single out of Mazarin! Definately one of my favs from the album. This time the single will have 3 unreleased songs, very much like the “I want you to know” single, right?

1) Tycker om när du tar på mej - 3:25
Is it the album version? Here my computer says the album version is 3:29. I still think it’s gonna be the same.

2) Mannen med gitarr (demo 20 november 2002) - 3:15
Great song already recorded by the artist Monia Sjöström and included in her 2003 album “Söderns hjärtas ros”. The songs starts with a guitar playing quite the same intro of “Om du bara vill”. It’ll be interesting listening to this demo of Per, to check if this guitar was originally on the demo or became an “incredible coincidence” ;)

3) Viskar (demo 30 augusti 2002) - 3:29
Yet another remake of a song from “Scener” that joins the B-side of “På promenad genom stan”: the wondeful acoustic version of “Inte Tillsammans, Inte Isär”, without Marie Fredriksson this time. Why was Per re-recording these songs? What was he thinking of? Was it just for fun or he really intended to include some of these into “Mazarin”? Hope this remake becomes as good as “Inte ...”.

4) Kyss från en främling (demo 18 oktober 1999) - 3:03
This song was already recorded by the group “Blue Light”, as stated in “The Look for Roxette”. No further information available. When translated, the title means “Kiss from a stranger”, just like Gyllene Tider’s song from “The Heartland Café”. Maybe it’s the same song with re-written lyrics in Swedish.

It’ll be nice to know from Per himself about these details. It’ll be great if anybody attending the DVD-release could ask him to reveal these “secrets”.

WOW! this is the greatest tracklist that I ever got! Per is the Kung :)
loves from Argentina

WOW...*speechless* If i didn’t have tp swot i’d be partying the whole weekend to celebrate the release! Not only is it the BEST song on the whole Mazarin but also it’s packed with so many demos! :) So unbelievably great!

Thanks Gorgeous Gessle, give us the releasedate to count the days! :o) Can’t wait to see the cover either! :)

great tracklist!!!!!!
I want to hear these songs right now!!

how nice! =)))) thanx a lot to everyone who made it all possible!

Viskar!!!!! one of my favourite ever!!

great :D:D

Well, this single seems to be great!!
But I really hope the “new” demo of “Viskar” sound so good as the original from “Scener”... cos this song is amazing... but with Marie´s voice together.

At least it´ll be finally a 4-track Per´s single, and not just 2 tracks... and from my fave song off “Mazarin”. :)

Now thats what I call a Single.


Yes. Kyss från en främling, is in english “Kiss from a stranger” and is from the beginning a Roxette song.

This is a real single! Goood Work per! Lovley!


Yes, Kyss från en främling is indeed Gyllene Tider’s Kiss From A Stranger. The lyrics are very similar.

Well, I agree with most of the people about the tracklist; wonderful choice of songs and this is finally a complete maxi-CD after some time - containing 4 tracks. I can’t wait to hear the demos! BTW, where can I get hold of Blue Light’s version of “Kyss Fran En Främling”?

Very interesting tracklist.

The big question is why did Per make a new demo of Kyss från en främling (Kiss from a stranger) in 1999 and Viskar in 2002?

This is going to be a HUGE single in sweden... Mazarin is back on most-selling list in december!

Well, what can I say: Tack Gessle! :D

Hello everyone,

and one more time, it’s a pitty there’s just sth for Sweden and nothing for Belgium or for other countries ...

wish some day that swedish Roxette’ album will be exported wordwilde (yess, i know there is already sth for the Marie’s one - according to one article I read on TDR)

have a nice we !!!

Just found the TONDTPM single on CDON. The releasedate was “2049-12-31” Don´t think thats the right one. Do you? ;-)

I want “Om du bara Vill” to be the next single after “Tycker om när du på mej” because it’s the best song from “Mazarin”... A demo would be fun, too!

that’s CDON’s indication of that the date is not set yet.. look at the lists and u will see that it’s listed as coming

om du bara vill is to slow... SPEGELBOLL, vilket håll du än går or födelsedag has to be no 4

“Just found the TONDTPM single on CDON. The releasedate was “2049-12-31” Don´t think thats the right one. Do you? ;-)”

Considering how EMI/Capitol operates, don’t rule it out!

that’s CDON’s indication of that the date is not set yet.. look at the lists and u will see that it’s listed as coming

När det känns som första gången du stulit en kyss från en främling…

not as nice as PPGS cover

I thinks it’ s too dark.

A little to black, but quite nice.

i think the picture is very nice...i think he had 5 in art in school =)

I didn´t like the cover at all... but what does really matter is the music ;)

I’m wondering if it’s Gabriel’s handshape. The size of a five year old should fit! ;-)

Jag Tycker om när du tar på mej in the darkness:-))

Ummmmmmmm I do love the cover!! ;)

The best cover I’ve seen for a long time!!

It’s Funky!

wow!! what a cool sleeve!!!! and the tracklist is even better!! *happy*

It is super sleeve :) And a nice hand :)

Hey Teve! ;) Nice you added those comments to every song. Hope my previous comments did help! ;)

“Steve”? Yes, I liked your comments. Thank you.

on radio they just mentioned the art thing, and a art specialist had looked at the painting and said that pers was bet.. but he also said that it aswell vould be his soon that had painted it...


Oh, I love the cover, but I think Födelsedag should be the next single, it’s the best. :D

It´s a nice and strange cover, I think. Though it looks too much black it´s really cool :) it´s another master piece of Mr Gessle :)
loves always

10 dec.... that so close

Marie and Per Please your material like, dvd’s, cd’s + ep’s, and others materials not enter in my country ARGENTINA. why?
es lamentable que un fan como Y TANTOS OTROS, PORQUE HAY QUE RECONOCER QUE ROXETTE ES DE aRGENTINA y yo no pueda tener las oportunidades de poder conseguir material del duo mas famoso de la historia en todo el mundo.
Los cd’s de Marie no estan en las gondolas de las disquerias más famosas, ni los de Per Gessle.
Les cuento que fuí victima de una catastrofe Hídrica (The Wather down in my city) aca en Santa Fe provincia de Argentina y he perdido casi todo mi material desde 1989.
Porfavor que alguien traduzca este mensaje porque estoy cansado de que no me tengan en cuenta.

thanks for all and Goodbye to you.
Per and Marie The best of my life. they are my inspiration. bye.


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