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Gessle on Nyhetsmorgon on TV4

Written by tevensso on November 15, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle visited the morning show “Nyhetsmorgon” (News Morning) on Swedish TV4 today. They started with showing a full song (Sommartider) from “Sommar-Mazarin” just to show the frenzy at the gigs. The clip was in widescreen so that bodes well for the upcoming DVD. TV4 will air about one hour of goodies from the Gothenburg show on January 1.

  Per’s interview revealed not so much new. Roxette will not do anything actively during 2004, they’ll wait to see how Marie feels. Gyllene Tider’s possible tour will be decided during December. “What speaks against a tour is that ’Återtåget’ still is the biggest tour in Sweden ever, so it’s a big fall for us…” Per smiled. He added that he very much would like to tour with his old friends, There will at any rate not be another solo tour next year.

  Otherwise, Per is in the process of writing new material. And he has also painted a painting for Art Against AIDS, as previously reported.

  Per Andren, Daniel Alvedahl and Dominik Rzepka contributed to this article.


Grrrr....I’m checking the TV-Text of Nyhetsmorgon EVERY morning...but of course not in the weekends...than I’m happy to sleep longer....:(

and I can’t escape from the thought that Marie is still not feeling better at all....

Uh, I’d hoped that Roxette would start recording again next year. :-(

Marie didn’t have a simple cold! Ask anybody who has had cancer and you will see... it doesn’t take 1 year to come and say “yooohooo now I feel perfect”.. she is recording songs, so this should tell us she is fine, but not perfect... I am sure the album will be out soon.. and that the songs will be the best ever! :)

It’s a pity that TDR did not inform in advance that Per would be in Nyhetsmorgon...
Did it start with Sommartider?
I started to watch in the middle of Sommartider and thought that I probably missed some part of interview that was before that.
Oh, they also showed Spegelboll at the end of Nyhetsmorgon.

yeah, my mother was the one to tell me he would be on nyhetsmorgon...

Yes, Sommartider was first. And I stopped watching after the interview so I missed Spegelboll...

They will show the concert on TV? why????

I wasnt awake but my mum recorded it
so I misses spegelboll too
was it live in the studio or was it from a show ?

Once again, nothing but moaniy groanies!!! I am happy to have the piccie of Per!!!

Sure it is sad to hear that Roxette will still take it easy, but what is important here is MARIE’S WELLBEING and I take this chance tosend her all my love and prayers for a successful recovery!!!

When ROXETTE is ready, i believe we wil be in for a lovely and BIG surprise, just like with MAZARIN!!!! God Bless you all!!!

@Judith...of course I know that cancer is not just a cold. I’m not stupid. I didn’t expect a new album next year. Won’t fit in here to explain my thoughts.

Lovely picture!! :o) And always nice to hear news!

Guys, remember, no news is good news!! :o)

spegelboll was from gbg gig

i just wanna say wide screen sucks :)

Widescreen sucks for those that don’t have widescreen tv’s. :(
But as long as Mr G stays within the viewing capabilities of my pishpoor 14” mono tv, I don’t much care. ;)

widescreen :(
oh well, anyway Sony isn’t into tubescreen TV anymore... so maybe the standard is gonna change soon. Widescreen plasma tv for all!

It is, I already posted the link in the thread in Smalltalk, but here it is again...

rtsp:// (copy & paste into RealPlayer, StreamboxVCR or whatever you prefer)

Widescreen is the way to go, in the nest 10 years all Screens will be widescreen.

Full frame Sucks.


at 17:00

read the article about the DVD, it sais that

Hej and Hello
that only I can say is I LOVE PER GESSLE soooo

I miss that=(..enyone who has it?


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