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Per receives two awards on televised show

Written by tevensso on November 9, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle received the Guldapa (Golden Monkey) at the Swedish Hit Music Awards tonight. “This is my first Golden Monkey as a matter of fact,” Per commented when receiving the prize. The prize is Radio Rix’s special award for the most played artist during the year. Per once again wore all black, with a Clockwork Orange T-shirt.

  Per also won a Guldälg (Golden Moose) award for best Swedish song with “Här kommer alla känslorna.” “It’s me again,” Per said with a smile when he came back on stage. “I think ’När vi två blir en’ should have won,” he continued. Miio was also nominated in the category with their cover of Per’s Gyllene Tider song.

  Per performed “Känslorna” on the show, playback.

  The Rasmus, a group selected as the warm-up act for Roxette’s “Room Service” tour in Scandinavia, won the award for best foreign song with “In the Shadows”.


yay! go per and your golden monkey :P

heheh! i want a golden monkey! :D

at last... he looks really good in his hair-do

miio? was he sarcastic or?

Yes I think so! You know Per and his sarcastic humour..;)

Per is a King!

ooooh, lookin good! ;)

Ooooh, the man look goooooood. *Drool*
Congrats n’all like. ;)

peris looking really well - well done mr!

Per är KUNG AV POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is he really a fan of “clockwork orange” ?
Good! I like that film.

why did he sing in playback ? :-(((
unless im happy he won the Golden Monkey

A little insensitive not to cut the head of Gert Fylking. Ewww.

Is it possible to see this somewhere online??? Did he perform TONDTPM there???


Looks like he’s 30 again! :)

I want to see it!!! Help me! Did anyone record it?!

now that my excitement has cooled down “enough” to write a comment in here I will say: GESSLE IS GORGEOUS!!! In case you get bored with your elk Per, give it to me, it will be my 57th...not golden though haha :)

Bunny, u made it!!! *HUG* And I’m sooo proud of you being ma star! ;) Got your handwriting on ma car sayin “En mazarin älskling?”. So cool!

Wow...a golden monkey and a golden moose.....what a nice lovely zoo!
@gyllene_tjej...fist you have to fight with me about the moose my dear honey-sis... ;) ;)..56...really??
I haven’t count my sweeties for a long clue how many I have ...:)
Do I need to know a “Clockwork Orange” T-shirt???
Congrats to Per!!!!!!!!!!!

Per du är så jälvla KUUUUUL!!!!! :))

About that “clockwork orange” Tee... there’s a serious portion of sex and violence in that film as well....

Good movie though... I like Kubrik!

Per is great!

I love the hair-do!! He’s really cute in this picture!! Congrats on winning the awards!!!

He´s looking so great!!! :)
Congratulations to Per, he deserves it!!!

what’s this “clockwork orange”??

It’s a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick ->

and a book by A. Burgess - a must for all English literature students :D

he does look really really good!!! congratulations for the awards!

he does look really, really GREAT!!!!!
congratulations for the moose and the monkey!

...yes, I said it twice

Hmm...well...does he mean the movie or just the online-shop........

Now I know where he got all his flower-shirts from! >:D

well done honey-mouse :) another mystery solved! *puss* :o)

No plastic surgery.

@criz: and he got this tshirt as a present for being a good customer? :P

@Judith: I have no Idea ;) Maybe he also owns shirts from companies like Ericsson, ICA, Ferrari, Mercedes, TransArt, Konsum, Systembolaget (?):))) ...and whatever else too....ROFL...

@gyllene_tjej-sis-darrling...hmm..I’m still confused..the movie seems to use the same font...

@Ellen: Nope never asked him, but I’ve met him and I can see that he hasn’t. :) Naturally he wears a lot of make up on a TV show.
@Criz: He means the movie.

I’m sure it’s because of the cold north and the “E”’s in the food....*evilgrin*


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