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Per paints for AIDS charity

Written by ATLTK on December 2, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle will be among the celebrities donating artwork to an auction that will be held on December 1, International AIDS Awareness Day, at Folkoperan in Stockholm.

  Per, along with such other Swedish celebrities as Carolina Klüft, Ainbusk Singers, and the painter Ardy Strüwer will donate paintings. The theme of their paintings is safety.

The money raised will go to the AIDS programs at the Red Cross. Prior to the auction, the paintings can be viewed at Art Gallery on Hornsgatan in Stockholm.

  Update: Tuesday, December 2, the bidding closed. The final bid on Per’s painting was 30,000 SEK ($4,000). Click the image of the painting to see it bigger


The King of Heart...

@Nox1983: That’s incorrect ... He’s the King of PROMOTION;-)

promotion...., do you think so?

I think he wants to help them!

and that is great!

yes, he wants to help, that´s all...

He is really famous in Sweden right now, is great to see people like Per helping to get a better world...

do you reckon we’re gonna see any flowers from him?!

Why do you think promotion? The tour is over, the album is almost half a year old and he got already all awards.

Mein Gott...

That’s a JOKE ... okej ??

Per never did anything like this before, at least not so open and often.. cuz he said that this was something he wanted to do privately.. so yeah.. I think promotion is behind it, not ALL of the reasons.. but one of them.. remember the DVD is out soon ;)

Now flame me :P

In any case, GREAT that he FINALLY does stuff like this.. as some people including me have been “asking” him to. I don’t doubt he is a nice and warm-hearted person, but I think that artists should contribute to such organisations and donations and so on (for promotion reasons or for belief reasons) because they are an example for many people.. and this makes other people contribute to such campaigns too, so he should do it more often!

Why do you think they get famous people for programs like Faddergalan and fund raising for this or that illness or NGOrg? Cuz people tend to think “oh, he does it, me too”...


wow!! I just have to by one of his paintings...

I’ve always known you’re a noble young man, Gessle :) That’s one of the reasons I admire you so much. hope the proceeds that will go to charity will be substantial! Hats off to you Per!

Very cute painting. :)

Is the current bid for the painting available on the website somewhere? Would be interesting to know how it is “rated” at the moment...

wonder if we can bid online

What a cute little picture he’s painted!!! I love it!!!

it’s disappointing how people regard everything per does as a promotional opportunity thank god he’s not american god knows wha you peopel would say

It’s pretty similar to the flowers on the cover of PPGS, right?

It’s pretty childish. Very much like some of Per’s songs. I like it. I can’t buy the painting but I have it as my computer wallpaper already! :)

Aaw, I got to go and see it while it’s up in the gallery. Would love to have something like that on my wall. But dreaming about it is what I’ll have to do. :P

print it out and frame it

But my printer isn’t that good, and besides it would be much nicer to have the original. :P

Beside where does it say that it reached 15.000 SEK?
On I couldn’t find any bid-page...

Just scroll down. /tevensso

So the design on the tour was not from Gabriel’s hand apparantly??!!! *grins*

just like to point out, I was right about the flowers... :P lol

Very simple drawing Per :). Haven’t improved since grade 2 eh? Haha

I am glad he is doing this. It’s for a good cause and when it comes to AIDS, what cause better than that? Although I have never lost any family or friend, I believe I lost a dear inspiration, Freddie Mercury, to AIDS. When I hear AIDS, I remember him and all the kids and innocent people dying of the disease. Not that Freddie died of innocence oh no no!! But yeah good for you Per.

Aaah DaminehGessle... I also LOVE Freddie... I even named my cat after him....

Thank you Per :)

I must say that is a GOOD painting!

yeah, I like it. a nice style, and very colourful. just like his music :) very Gesslish

Liesebieke: Oh yeah Freddie is my hero. Per is my love. very different haha. Freddie’s been an inspiration to me. Anyways... today is 12 years since he is gone. May his soul rest in peace.

The last bid is sek 25 000 , but it´s worth more!

If I was a millionaire I will buy it for more money :))))

what a cute painting!!! I love the flowers!!!

He’s an ARTIST :)

I love it, I want it... wonder where you can buy a good copy!!!

Yay! Everyone mail Art Against Aids! Posters! We want posters! :D

Great idea about the posters ...

Who is Erland Cullberg? His painting was bought for 70000kr, Per’ for 30000!

Erland is a real artist, I guess that’s why.

the fanclub has also moved in this direction already some days ago, but the problem is the rights on the picture. We will see what happens :)

Hej alla! I was the “kille i Argentina” who emailed the art gallery. Is there any news on this?

hello suzanne well hears these in msn or it does not stop darte songs and we give of roxette


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