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Lundquist produces Loserville album

Written by roxeteer on November 6, 2003 to .

KRISTIANSTAD, SWEDEN - Multi-talented musician and producer Christoffer Lundquist has found himself yet another project. This time he is producing an album for Loserville, a band from Hässleholm, a town in southern Sweden. Lundquist became well-known as a member of the band Brainpool and has since worked with Roxette and co-produced Per’s “Mazarin” album.

  The Loserville album Lundquist has been working on is the band’s second and will be released in December. “I can’t remember exactly how we got into contact with each other,” Lundquist told Kristianstadsbladet. “I suppose someone knew someone… that’s how it usually works. Anyway, there was an email and a demo. So, I read and listened. And liked it. They sound real and strong. They are not stereotyped and they have joy in their performance.”

  Lundquist doesn’t like the way the music business works these days. “I’ve been in this business for 10-11 years now and I must say that we’re in an all time low right now. The record companies don’t sign new bands. Instead, they are signing concepts and think about advertising campaigns that may suit in some sort of quartal capitalism. It’s sick.”

  Lundquist is still working with the guys from Brainpool. They have been composing a “rock opera” for years and it’s finally nearing completion. “There hasn’t been a real rock opera since The Who made ’Tommy’. We though it’s about time,” says Lundquist. “It’ll be a stage show and an album. The director will be Anna Novovich, a Swedish woman who has mostly worked in Copenhagen. It still takes some time to get the stage show ready, but because the songs have already been recorded, I believe the album will be in the shops next spring.”

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wow, i am really curious of Brainpool’s opera rock :) They’re great!

A whole article about Christoffer Lundquist... assume! Go herr Lundquist!!
He deserves to be in the spotlight.

Loserville...looks like he found a place to stay

Oh, very interesting.. erm, maybe.

it looks like the site will be up next week.. *curious*

lol we really need to change the title of this webpage to everything but roxette :)

don´t worry! The next news will be about Vicki Benckert´s family and her new house close to the lake...


EDITORIAL: The Daily Roxette is a web-based newspaper that covers items that are in some way connected to Roxette. While occasionally this connection is loose, like when we write about the Swedish music industry... in this case there is a direct connection. Christoffer Lundquist has not only been involved with Roxette’s music as a band member and collaborator, he’s also often willing to help others with their projects. Here at TDR, we think very highly of Christoffer. He’s a gifted musician with a kind and gentle personality. We wish him well in these new projects.

and then nobody asks you to read all the articles ;)

this one states in the headline clearly it is about Christoffer + Loserville... *nanana* :P

I agree with you Lars-Erik.
If the article was about Clarence Öfwerman I guess no-one had “complained”, even though both have produced Roxette and related albums. You can’t compare Vicki Benckert with Christoffer Lundquist...

Christoffer rulez!!!!! He is a great musician AND person

Christoffer is cool! Thanx TDR for this kind of news too! The swedish music scene is indeed very interesting!

I didn´t compare Christofer with Vicky...

And if it is a news “christofer´s album” I think it´s funny to read about the new Vicki´s house in the lake...She also worked with Roxette...

sigh.. but u can’t compare the imporance of being Ernest.. erh Christoffer ;) to Vicky! SHe was just the backing vocals singer (and guitar + tambourine sometimes)... while Christoffer IS producer and INFLUENCES in Rox + Per music (besides playing bass + many other instruments)...

NOthing against Vicky, just that the comparison can’t be made in the same level ..

Anyway, as I said before, if you don’t like such articles, don’t read ;)

There are others, like me, who appreciate it a lot because we love Swedish music.. I am a Brainpool fan, so getting to know about the new album was great!!! :D:D

No one meant any harm by comparing Vicky and Christoffer. Guys, don’t get so angry so quickly!!

Great to hear about Christoffer (man, that name is hard to write), hope that Loserville will be successful!!

I´m sorry for that, so sorry...

anyway I didn´t read this news, but was impossible don´t see the title, that´s why I supposed that it was about Christofer...

It was a joke about Vicki, but now I know that is better to be more serious in my next this way many people will not feel angry...

I have noticed how tempers flare around here!!! hehehehe Cool it people, take a chill pill!!! hehehehehehehehe

I wanna hear more about ROXETTE, how is Marie doing??? What is Per up to???


Heheheheheheh sorry guys, just feelin a little passionate at the moment!! hehehehe

I love that tattoo of him that girl got! :)

Hello every one

I do agree with you bigroxfan !!!!

WE WANT YOU ROXETTE, and I also wish that the new DVD will bring something new (no dream about it, at all, I know everything is already decided and that’s a pitty)

Anyway, Lundquist is so kind, and he also is a good musician, (otherwise why would Per trust him ?), I remember when he came to Brussels, he had sth that the band needed. I mean, he brought Roxette sth new, really evoluted Roxette music (of course it’s already the top) but with him there is sth pecular ...

I anyway wish you the best (there is) to every Roxette fans... HAVE A NICE WEEK END, peace among you.

Roxette makes me boogie, makes me do anything, ... taking the wheel, the bigger the better waiting to catch the big ONE.


have a nice week end

we want you we want you as a new recrue ...
we want you, we want Roxette to make a new album , pleeeaaasse !!!


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