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Gessle performs for children

Written by tevensso on November 5, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle is one of the artists to perform on the “Världens Barn” Gala (World’s Children), which will be broadcast by SVT on November 7 between 18:15-19:00 and 20:00-21:00 CET.

  This event is organized by Radiohjälpen’s Världens Barn and SVT and will be hosted by Kattis Ahlström and Hans Rosenfeldt. Many personalities are to perform during the gala, like artists Pernilla Wahlgren, Charlotte Nilsson, Robert Wells, Per Gessle and Tomas Ledin. The goal for 2003 is to raise 130 million kronor ($16 million) for the children of the world.

  In addition, Per will also perform, alone this time - the last time was with Roxette, on TV4’s “Faddergalan” (Sponsor a Child Gala) that will be broadcast on November 28.


Wich song?

Life is beautiful! :) Thanks Per! :)

Uuh, what? Daily Roxette sux? May I ask why? Because there is no news about Marie? Well, it’s litte bit hard to tell about Marie, cos her life is so secret nowadays. But maybe you have news anonymous. Why don’t you share it?

Haha, it’s the easiest to be an armchair critic and stay anonymous :) TDR rules, I say, i mean what do you want guys to write about, other than the latest news? As Mari said, there’s nothing to add about Marie right now and patient is all we should be.

per has reformed in faddergalan before back in 99 when Roxette prefomed Salvation. but as tdr says this will be the first time he will di it as a soloartist

nov 9 is Swedish Hit Music Awards with Per, on ZTV live :)

this is a GESSLE YEAR!

Right on.

jippie!! this is a great year to be a gessle fan!! :D :D :D
tours and performings and interviews on tv and more performings and new articels amd even more performings. I love this :D

I love it too, see the smile on my face? My heart is brimming over with happines, Gessle rules! :)

Because it’s the Faddergala of 2002 on the site. I don’t know why.

This is wonderful!!! The year of 2003 is is the for Gessle!! But I hope that everyone that love Roxette give Marie a thought. She is a part of that to. And she is a very good singer. I hope her CD will come out soon..

Faddergalan is the 28th of november according to Plan.

Is it sure that Per perform on Friday, not Saturday? As far as I know, there will be also gala on Saturday.

i’d kill to see that performance of salvation they did so little promotion for that song :(

Will he play live?? I hope he does... I mean, they have toured this summer and could easely do it live!

I hope so too...

TV tonight then. :)

playback =(

Nice jacket :)

mmm...hej sexy man in black!!! :) now waiting for Sunday :)

Is there a videoclip of Per’s performance available anywhere???

Why waiting for Sunday? It will be on internet available?! :) I want to see it!!! :)

Hope so that somone load it up! :) Can´t wait to see it!

with waiting for sunday i meant ZTV music awards.:)

Joyride: Jaså! And will anyone record it?! I am not from Sweden, so I haven’t got a chance to see it live.


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