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“En Mazarin älskling?” DVD gets a November release

Written by tevensso on November 13, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle’s live DVD, “En Mazarin, älskling?”, recorded during this summer’s “Mazarin” tour, has a definite release date now: Wednesday November 26. Per will sign his new DVD exclusively at Åhlens City in Stockholm at 5 pm that same day.

  The DVD will contain the following goodies:

01: Kung av sand

02: Vilket håll du än går

03: Gungar

04: Inte tillsammans, inte isär

05: (Hon vill ha) Puls

06: På promenad genom stan

07: Timmar av iver

08: Segla på ett moln

09: Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång

10: Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet

11: Småstad

12: Smakar på ett regn

13: Tända en sticka till

14: Bandpresentation

15: Här kommer alla känslorna

16: Födelsedag

17: Spegelboll

18: Juni, juli, augusti

19: Gå & fiska!

20: Om du bara vill

21: Tycker om när du tar på mej

22: Det är över nu

23: Sommartider

24: Billy

25: Ta en kaka till! - Mazarindokumentär

26: En Mazarin blir till - 33 minuter verklighet filmad av Per & hans vänner

27: Mazarin Back Stage - Följ med Per, band & Crew bakom scenen

28: Produktion - Vem har gjort vad

  The DVD (7243-5990409) features Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, 16x9 anamorphic widescreen picture, and is in PAL system, region 0.

  Update Nov 13: “En Mazarin älskling?” will also be available on VHS.

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yes, yes, yes!!! What a great autumn... ;-))

Great news! I am so waiting for it...

YAY! I just gotta hope I can afford it now! WOOHOOOOOOOOO! *Dances round room*

Can´t wait to see it! :)

Hej Hej
Ge mej din hunger, ge mej din hand
Ge mej allt du vill och allt du kan
Hej Hej


^^^^^ that was me... so excited forgot to sign in!

And WICH concert we will definitely see ??

Gothenburg was the only concert taped. Some fills were shot in Stockholm, but Gothenburg is mainly the concert on the DVD.

Great News!!!!! :D

WOOHOO! My mum is finally understanding my love of rox/per... I mentioned the Per DVD to her... and she’s going to get it for me for christmas! WOO! Well, I’ll get it, but she’ll pay. ;) HAPPY!!!!

Yeah! :) Bunny for president! :) Thanks for this great gift, it will surely make the autumn depression less painful:) Sooo many summer memories will be alive again! :D

Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :) This is my present to Christmas!

Äntligen .... *sing* finally a date! Sooo great, Gessle är kung :D

I promise you there will aslo be audience clips from Eskilstuna mixed with the Gothenburg clips - because I saw myself during Hkak - and I didn’t even attend the Gothenburg concert...

Fantastiskt! :-))) My nameday-present :-)))

@PerAndren ... Who says that this clip will be on the DVD ??

I love this date!!! *ROFL*...dumdidumdidum ;) ;)....don’t change it please Per/’s perfect! Thanx *biggrininmyface*

and..Oscars Birthday by the way...double perfect date....yippieh...


I think they recorded two shows because Per sings wrong... both in Skövde and Sthlm he sang wrong a couple of times...

Hasn’t Marie’s son birthday on that day as well? Maybe a nice present to him as well :))

Oooops... CRIZ, just noticed you mentioned that one already :s

Because they obviously needed more footage of the audience - they mixed during several songs on the documentary... - this is my guess - we’ll se how it turns out

This is a great year to be a fan, atleast here in Sweden

Ahhhhhh I need this dvd!!!!!

Fernanda- Brasil

some millonaire who lives in sweden and want to give me a wordeful chrismas present?????

Cannot wait to order it!

Oh still so much days to wait ... :’(

Take an educated guess? Was Mazarin released worldwide? Did Per tour worldwide? My guess is NO, the DVD won’t be released worldwide.

Do you think they’ll subtitle it? Tomas Ledins DVD was subtitled to the scandinavian languages and englsih, and isn’t there a biggerpoint in subtitling Per then Tomas?

yeah I was surprised Tomas DVD was subtitled in many languages, but then I also read somewhere he is knowin the the states and Japan and somewhere else (for his tour with ABBA or sth) ???? and for his albums in English.. he even released a single in Spain :S

ok... but Per has to be bigger outside sweden then tomas is? or am I wrong?

I accually think they should use the cover that TDR made... that would be cool....

Yeah I also like the cover that TDR did! **wondering if we will get a live CD in the DVD like Marie’s release! - that would be good** cannot wait for the extra details!!

GREAT COVER! So now I know what I’m gonna do that day *weeei* Have to go to Sthlm City...

Oh so tempted.. can I afford a trip!

I meant Ledin solo and Per solo? I really don’t have a clue.

Anyway, nice cover! :)

Great idea, Ally! ...think I might do the same - the flights are sooo cheap ...get my DVD and a couple of days away from smelly London!! :D

WOW 2 DVD’s in one month!

Really tasty cover, the angel smile and sexy legs that make me melt ;) :)

ohhhhhhhhhhhh *dreamsawaybecauseofthecover*


What a day! I got a job and got to know that DVD is coming very soon! And what a picture for the cover! Summer memories are coming back!

Per - C U in Åhlens City! Love you!


Can it be ordered outside sweden (for example via the fanclub??)

You can order from the fanclub... And inside EU you can order at

That’s why we are here! ;-)

Tjoho!!!!!!!!!!!! I will finally be able to go to a signing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if they let me have a day off at work, AND THEY WILL)

Finally I’ll get to meet Per, for the FIRST time in my life!!!


nah it can never be better than Marie ;)

I’m thinking this will be the crown of my DVD-collection. :)

will he sign in other cities than sthlm?

[email protected] its a awfull cover

i love emi’s prioties....i think this kinda proves once and for all that roxette has always been second in mind when it comes to per and maries solo success

how sad

I love the cover! :D and... *shocked by Judith* LOL It’s personal preference, eh? ;)

Does anyone know when the signing will take place in Stockholm....?? **still thinking of going**!!


Marie rulez and always will! :D

Per comes very very down in the preferences list ;)

I don’t know the time, but Åhlens’ signings are usually at 2 or 5 o’clock.

that sucks.... I start working at 4 in Danderyd...2, hmm, maybe... I would have one hour to get the autograph....

So this dvd can only be bought at stores in sweden and signed by per in sweden eh?? Would this be available for purchase online just like mazarin?? Get Per to sign them ;).

I think there will be. Thats what I will be waiting for. I’m hoping too that that DVD does contain his TWATG videos. (which I don’t know if they ship abroad) sells the DVD signed. I’m sure will pick it up. Maybe even Amazon. CDon (which you can get to by clicking the link to the left here) will definitely sell it, but then only within the EU.

No, I’ve double checked this with Capitol and, the DVD is out the 26th and Per signs it the 26th.

tevensso >>> Do you know what time he will sign? Or isn’t that decided yet?

Sorry, I don’t know yet.

by the DVD on:, I by all my CD:s on that site!!

It´s so pity that he ´ll sign the dvd on a wednesday afternoon.

Only schoolkids and unemployed people can be there at that time.

An adult working person can ´t get day off to go and sign a dvd.

It´s so unfair. :(

I don’t remember anymore, but he sang wrong in atleast one more song...


Can´t wait, but what happened to the videos Do You Wanna Be My Baby, Kix and I Want You To Know?

mmm sooo many goodies! I AM happy! :) Everyone: for once, enjoy what you get, itr’s definitely worth it! :)

yay....swedish subtitles would be okay för mig!! I’m really really curious already!!

pre-ordered it at the fanclub... (((-; Can’t wait till I get it into my hands...

Ermmmm could be as he has an apartment there! give him a break he has just done a summer tour!

You can get the DVD signed via Ginza, Ted. Yes I know it’s you.

No Live CD included? BUHHHHHH!

Just got the info that the DVD release is *very likely* to be delayed 1 week.

A real pity the videos from TWATG are not included!

I guess with the popularity Per won with Mazarin, he wouldn’t like to have old stuff in English in his brand new DVD ... but if so, WHEN?!

Some people are never satisfied... DVD includes lot’s of stuff so why complaining? Why always so negative?

Ooh, I’m longing for 26/11, I’m going to be there. :D

The “Mazarin” DVD was only released in 7-9,000 copies. Hopefully this DVD will sell more than that, I also think the videos should’ve been there, but if they aren’t they aren’t.

Yupiii on Monday I will order it and my friend pay it by credit card! (I haven’t got any credit card) :) It will be the best Xmas!

“And now - NO his English videos! This DVD was a great chance to release oficially those videos. And who knows when/IF another DVD will appear at all! Doesn’t Per feel sorry for a lot of job that was put in making them with still NO official releases?”

LOL. But isn’t this Capitol’s intention? That way they can re-release the ’Mazarin’ DVD next year INCLUDING his ’TWATG’ videos! Just like they did with ’All Videos Ever Made & More’! Smart thinking, eh? That way the fans can get ripped off twice! ;)

@TheRain1981: that’s it! Somebody finally got it ;)

Surely there will be a “Per all videos ever made” dvd released in some years with some missing videos + some stuff we already have..

judith :-)))))

Ohhhhhhhh can’t wait, already pre-ordered mine and a friends from CDON... hopefully will get pretty soon, my last order only took 4 days....

Probably get it 4 days after release... as is usual. I don’t think they’ll send it out before release date... but could be pleasantly surprised!

@TheRain1981 and Judith: I just can´t stop laughing... yep, maybe you´re right cos Per really loves updates...

I didn´t like at all the “Hur en Mazarin blir till”documentary will be included... I mean, if this was meant to be on the “Mazarin” album, it should stay only on the “Mazarin” album! I spent a lot of money importing that CD/DVD!!! :PP
Anyway, I´m happy for all the people who hadn´t the chance to get this documentary before. :)

I also think it´s a pitty the “TWATG” videos won´t be included... but, honestly, they don´t fit with “Mazarin” stuff at all...

Well, just can´t wait to be with this DVD in my hands.. I´m sure it will be my fave all-time DVD, together with Marie´s marvellous “Antligen sommarturne” ;)

Skivhugget... here we go again!

Where can I get the VHS version I can’t find it?

@ally77: How did you manage to order the DVD from CDOn, there doesn’t seem to be a Buy-Button (yet)...

Just looked myself... no buy button indeed. Bizarre.

it wasnt me...... stop blame me for everything

i think they won’t let us order until 26th.. Ally?

I hope not! But I know I was able to order PPGS before it was released, so it’s hopefully just a matter of days..

BTW, I happend to see that Mannen med gitarr by Monia will be released as a single - on 31/12/2049, at least according to CDOn *LOL*

LOL then we have to wait long :P

Starrox: That means that they still don’t know when it will be released....
So it’s not funny at all...

strest: :O:O really????? ;)

“Starrox: That means that they still don’t know when it will be released....”

Wow, who would have thought that... *sigh*

Shit that was me.... forgot to log in!! ^^^^^^^^

Where is Marie i Växeln??

maybe they took away marie iväxeln cause mats ronander sang so bad

They didn’t perform Marie i växeln that early on the tour, they played Billy instead. I have no idea why they switched. And I wasn’t in Gothenburg so if they played both I’m sorry and I will shut up.

Well, they did play it in Malmö and that was the day before... ;-)

I am very sure that they played marie i växlen in gbg, atleast my mailfriend said that in a sms after the concert...

Seems like they really played both songs:

“Sista timmen är rena uppvisningen. Då rockar det verkligen så som Per Gessle fantiserar om när han sitter lutad över sina gamla garage-singlar. Det är hitparad med Juni, juli, augusti, Går och fiskar, Det är över nu, Sommartid och sist av allt Billy och Marie i växeln.”

widh Speedo, regn was included too

*sigh* Once again: they only played Speedo and Regn in Halmstad! After that, the playlist was changed to what you see on the tracklist for the DVD - except for Billy and Marie i växeln, that is, of course...

no, i read somewhere that they played regn on more shows then h-stad...

OK, you’re right, they did play Regn in Jönköping - I must have overlooked it when I checked the thread in Smalltalk this afternoon...

The point is though, they DIDN’T play them at the concerts shot for the DVD, so it will be close to impossible to include them now. Oh, and I forgot, the DVD itself is already printed, that makes it even harder... :D

Marie i växeln was on the GBG concert!

I meant Regn and Speedo.

ok... but I still think thet regn was included there... but I’m not sure....

dpes anyone know if it will come in a paper or plastic sleeve?

Signed DVD lying before me.
I’ve met Per! :D

WOOHOO! Linda over at R2R has posted this screen shot.
It’s my friend Klair(UK flag t-shirt)( and our very own mod-man tevensso! WOO GO YOU! :D


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